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The Best Laid Plans

30 Aug
French guys explaining it all, like  Clarissa.

French guys explaining it all, like Clarissa.

So after 14 hours of travel, I arrived back home at my apartment in Brooklyn. Was that the plan? Hell no. I was supposed to wake up this morning in London. But if I had to wake up somewhere that wasn’t England, it’s always nice to be in one’s own bed. I did get to have a nice lunch in Boston though… Anyhow, I’m off to the airport in an hour to try again. Wish me luck. In the meantime, here’s an update on what has gone down since I last logged in. Continue reading

Torres Off To Milan

30 Aug

TORRES_LARGEBefreckled Fernando Torres has moved on from Chelsea FC to join AC Milan on a two-year loan. All that appears to be left to make it official is a signature on the dotted line. I, for one, am excited he finally pulled the trigger and moved on from such a toxic situation. It can only get better for him with the British media way far off. Continue reading

Team Trains, Cristiano Kisses Armless Severed Torso In Public

29 Aug

SatelliteGod,it’s really hard to write or even care about footy during this mourning period. Ugh. Here’s Marcelo. Even he can’t cheer me up right now. Continue reading

Upcoming Match for Peace

28 Aug

Back in early August Lozil brought you news of the Pope organizing the Interreligious Match for Peace or Partita Per La Pace. The match is scheduled to be played on September 1 at Stadio Olympico in Rome at 8:45pm local time (10:45am EST). Continue reading

Interview with James

28 Aug

Sans-titre-680x366My apologies; I totally spaced on posting this earlier. FIFA interviewed James for its August 22 issue of FIFA Weekly. And it went a little something like this: Continue reading

Fuck Your “In Principle” And Leave Me Alone To Cry

28 Aug

Alonso_IMA_240614.variant524x295Bayern Munich have announced that they have an agreement with Xabi “in principle” Fuck principles. I can’t even be calm or polite about this.  Continue reading

Champions League Draw

28 Aug

BwI-QKEIIAAU5P0There you have it. We’re facing FC Basel (Switzerland), Liverpool and FC Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria).  Somewhere across Manhattan, I hear watishista Mandi cursing a blue streak.

- Lozil


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