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Ready for Action! LET’S BRING IT!

23 Apr

7Phenomenal scenes outside the Bernabeu where thousands of fans gathered to greet the team’s bus. How can the boys fail to get pumped with this welcome? Continue reading

THE MATCH: Real Madrid-Bayern Munich Champions League Preview

23 Apr


- Lozil

Copa Del Bebe, Part 3 & A Very Joyous First Birthday

22 Apr

a3A very happy birthday to Mia Di Maria who came into this world several months early one year ago today. As many of you may remember, she was super premature and there was complications with the birth. It was a very scary time for Angel & Jorgelina. Continue reading


22 Apr

c4The boys went into concentracion today and hopefully they’re getting their rest (and eating their Wheaties tomorrow). We need them ready for action. Continue reading

Final Training Before Bayern & Pressers

22 Apr
I know what you did on Downton Abbey last night!

I know what you did on Downton Abbey last night, you little minx!

Gareth thankfully returned to training today and hopefully, he’s feeling better after his bout with the flu. Today was the last training before the match with Bayern (dun dun DUN!). The international press was out in full force to watch. (Training Video) Continue reading

Happy Birthday Kaka!

22 Apr
"Hi Shigs! Do you miss me yet?!"

“Hi Shigs! Do you miss me yet?!”

Just because I’m evil and it will annoy Shigs, there’s no way I’m going to forget Kaka’s 32nd birthday! Feliz cumpleaños to our favorite potential serial killer. ;-)

Rainy Days & Mondays (Thankfully) Never Get Them Down

21 Apr
The birthday boy strikes a pose.

The birthday boy strikes a pose.

The team trained in a downpour today (at first I thought it was snow and flipped out a little bit – traumatic winter here). The good news is that Sergio & Cristiano made it through the full 90 minute training. The bad news is that Bale has the flu (or a cold – depending on who is reporting it on the mothership – get your stories coordinated, people!). Continue reading

Happy Birthday Isco!

21 Apr

Isco Joins Real Madrid CFOur soon to be papi (still can’t believe this!) turns 22 today. Feliz cumpleaños!

A Holiday For Some, A Work Day For Others

20 Apr

6Many of you out there are celebrating Easter or Passover (Happy Easter or Chag Sameach!) today and I hope you’re having a wonderful day surrounded by family & friends. Most of the Blancos had the day off but a special training was held for Cristiano, Sergio, Marcelo & Casemiro. (Video) Continue reading

Saturday Training & The ‘Peez Pays A Visit

19 Apr

14Marcelo & Gareth joined the group today along with Cristiano (the latter only for the first part before training on his own). Sergio worked out inside. Arbeloa & Jese continue with their recovery. (Video) Continue reading


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