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Thursday Training And A Little Bit Of Hand Egg

1 Aug

Satellite (18)The boys completed their training at Eastern Michigan University, under the watchful eye of the Mister. Continue reading

Another CR7/Weezy Collaboration

31 Jul

Well, maybe Weezy’s company isn’t managing Cris in the US as originally reported, but they are collaborating in another way. They made a video for Lil’ Wayne’s YouTube channel. Description after the jump. Continue reading

Arrival In Ann Arbor, Baby’s On The Way & Cris Solo

31 Jul

The team arrived in Ann Arbor last night with the exception of Fabio who hightailed it back to Madrid as the birth of Baby Coentrao is imminentContinue reading

Another Loss, Another Visitor, Another Training & Another Group Of Fans Behaving Like Complete Arseholes

30 Jul

Satellite (5)So much going on, most of it annoying. Let’s start with something positive though. Cristiano trained alone at the Cotton Bowl yesterday. It’s always good to see him on the pitch. Hoping he’ll be back to 100% soon. Continue reading

Sing Along With Big Flow

30 Jul

I swear that Big Flow knows when I’m having a crap day. The link to this just popped into my inbox and suddenly I’m cackling with glee.  It’s the European remix of Dile by La Nueva Escuela Featuring Big Flow. Continue reading

Calling Amazing Women and Fans!

30 Jul

who-wins-the-womens-soccer-world-cup-21530055A request from mygypsyspirit:

I’m beginning work on a photo project involving awesome female fans and players of our beautiful game. My intention is to show the diversity and passion of females through the sport. I know we often feel neglected as fans. I’ve personally felt my loyalties, knowledge, and passion have been questioned. I’ve witnessed it with plenty of other other women (including a few of you). Continue reading


30 Jul

Cristiano isn’t the only one getting his model on lately. Ezequiel “Pocho” Lavezzi of PSG is doing a campaign for Hombres. Continue reading

Cristiano In Men’s Health Part I

29 Jul

Here’s the Behind The Scenes video of Cristiano for Men’s Health. Pictures and interview to follow.

- Lozil

Presenting The Pirate

29 Jul

10320388_834635503213269_931248992851992407_nEsteban, looking for all the world in that picture like he was just asked to listen to Matchbox 20 b-sides, was presented today at Anoeta. Continue reading

Updated: I Guess I Should Just Be Grateful That He Didn’t Give It A Thumbs Up?

29 Jul

Sergio went to visit the site of JFK’s assassination and posed with a huge ass grin. You know, as you do at the site of a murder. SMDH. Continue reading


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