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16 Apr

BlYguH1CEAANwArGood lord, I felt exactly the same as Edith did right here. Thank all that is holy for Gareth Bale and his extraordinary speed and determination (How many near misses did he have? Five? Sixth time’s the charm and holy crap, what a goal it was!) And also thank you for Angel and his tireless work ethic. My heroes! CAMPEONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PROUD!

- Lozil

El Pirata, He Swims With The Fishes

15 Apr

Man, I am SO FREAKING JEALOUS! El Pirata and teammate Mikel Gonzalez got to swim in the big tank at the San Sebastian Aquarium. As someone who has gone all over the world to swim with the fishes, I would love to have this opportunity. I’ve swum with rays, turtles, sharks, etc. but never any sharks as big as the ones that were cruising around in that tank. What a great experience they must have had! I love how El Pirata seems to just be enjoying the hell out of San Sebastian.

- Lozil

Sergio Ramos For Hugo Boss

15 Apr

tumblr_n432zzYvg01rmsk02o1_r2_1280Well then, do we have a little model competition going on at Real Madrid? Sergio Ramos is the new face of Hugo Boss’ #SuccessBeyondTheGame perfume campaign. The previous spokesmodel was none other than Xabi “GQMF” Alonso. Maybe they’re just adding Sergio to their, ahem, stable of star representatives? Well, if nothing else, we have some spectacular pictures and video to look forward to if they’re anything like what was produced for Xabi’s stint.

- Lozil

Final Training, Pressers & Arrival In Valencia

15 Apr

2That’s how we like our boys – smiling, happy & relaxed. Especially the day before a cup final. Nothing worse than stressed and tense. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Jaba Kankava

15 Apr

Jaba Kankava2Midfielder Jaba plays for FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. He has represented Georgia at the U17, U19, U21 and senior levels. Not only is he a big hot daddy, he’s a lifesaver – literally. In a match on March 30, 2014, Dynamo Kiev captain Oleh Husyev was knocked unconscious and swallowed his tongue. Quick thinking Jaba immediately stuck his hand down his throat and cleared his airways. He got bit for his troubles but he saved Oleh’s life. You can read about/see the dramatic rescue here. Amazing!

A Sad Anniversary

15 Apr

Today marks a somber occasion – the 25th anniversary of the tragedy at Hillsborough. Continue reading

Monday Training & Carlo Interview

14 Apr

1Watishista Elisha referred to this picture on Twitter as “Sergio Ramos dressage” and I couldn’t stop laughing for a half hour. Brilliant! High steppin’ pony action…

Sergio and Marcelo trained on their own today while the rest of the squad (along with Willian José and Llorente of Castilla) worked out together. Cris, Arbeloa & Jese were absent as they worked on their recovery. (Training video) Continue reading

THE MATCH: Real Madrid draw Bayern Munich in the UCL semifinals

13 Apr

- Lozil

Sami’s Back! (And Benz Passes A Milestone)

13 Apr

8Apologies for my absence yesterday, I spent over 8 straight hours watching footy with watishistas P & forzasusan. We haven’t seen each other in ages. And now I’m about to head off to a Brooklyn Nets game with wastishista Baby Girl. A very sportsy weekend, indeed. The happy news today is that Sami returned to training with the group. Marcelo and Sergio trained individually. The starters from yesterday’s match did a recovery session inside. Jese, Arbeloa and Cris were absent. (Video) Continue reading

Friday = Lots of Talking & The Obligatory Manpile

11 Apr

1Don’t know about you but I’m still reeling from that Bayern Munich news. Ugh. Just bloody figures! Anyhow, we’ve got to move ahead. The team had their final training before facing Almeria.(Training Video) Continue reading


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