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Sergio Ramos Scroll Down Fug

2 Sep

tumblr_nb9x65eJJY1qftb6ko1_1280Reporting for national team duty or digging for clams? Could go either way. However, I see he’s got himself a new clutch murse. (Yes, I know it’s in fashion but…) And what is that pattern on the shirt cuffs? Could it be animal footprints? That would be very Ramos-tastic.

Sigh. It could be worse, though. So much worse.

(Photo via GFSports)


Fuck Your “In Principle” And Leave Me Alone To Cry

28 Aug

Alonso_IMA_240614.variant524x295Bayern Munich have announced that they have an agreement with Xabi “in principle” Fuck principles. I can’t even be calm or polite about this.  Continue reading

Updated: Algerian Football Suspended

25 Aug

Following a special meeting held yesterday, the Algerian Football Federation (AFF) has suspended all football following the death of forward Albert Ebossé. The Federation had already closed JS Kabylie’s stadium, and the closure instructions were extended to all football teams for the upcoming weekend. Continue reading

Training, An Expected Goodbye And Sami Stays Put

24 Aug
Looking good Karim! No fat camp for you this year.

Looking good, Karim! No fat camp for you this year.

It was a bittersweet day in RM-land. We got confirmation that Angel is headed to Manchester United (as expected). I will miss him terribly but I wish him luck. He’s a wonderful player and seems like a really good guy. And Fabio has sprained his left knee. That’s the bad stuff.  But the good news is that Sami is staying put.  Continue reading

RIP Albert Ebossé

24 Aug

Albert-EbosseI was shocked to hear about the death of Cameroon and JS Kabylie striker Albert Ebossé last night. Ebossé was struck in the head by an object thrown from the stands at the end of the JS Kabylie vs USM Alger game on Saturday. He was rushed to the hospital but he passed away from the injury shortly after.

To recap: an object thrown from the stands caused a player to sustain a non-recoverable head injury. Continue reading

Another Bloody Nose

17 Aug


So this happened. After the Bastia vs PSG match Saturday, Bastia forward Brandao decided to wait around in the tunnel and headbutt PSG midfielder Thiago Motta. Then he ran away like a coward to the Bastia dressing room, with a bloody and fractured-nosed Motta in quick pursuit. Continue reading

And The Hair Angels Wept*

16 Aug

Guillermo-OchoaNot only are we bidding adieu to another headband, we’re saying goodbye to one of the most luscious heads of hair in all of football. I, for one, am inconsolable. (*Sorry I traumatized some of you! I amended the title for better clarity.) Continue reading


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