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The Athletic Beauty Project

23 Jul

Cris is currently in Japan doing some promotional work for MTG’s “Athletic Beauty Project”. He is their new brand ambassador and will feature in their latest ad campaign. As part of his duties, he participated in a press conference yesterday to launch the Project. Now I understand (sort of) the Hannibal Lecter look he posted earlier this week. Continue reading

He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

19 Jul

10560966_797211746986199_147552608_nWell, except for the hair. But other than that, it’s easy to identify Karim Benzema. He’s even got a wild hued/patterned shirt on.  (It starts early, apparently) Too fabulous. Let’s hope Melia gets Chloe’s brows, though.

Mami, Papi & baby were in Ibiza on vacation this week. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group D: Smalling for President

25 Jun

Can you see the difference?

So, what do England defender Chris Smalling and US President Barack Obama have in common? Both are handsome men. Both have stern, take-no-guff looks about them. Both have all their own hair. Oh, and both now share an English team tea mug.

What? Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – The Wake Up Call & Even Weirder Beat Up Xabi Photoshoot

13 Jun

Adidas launched their Wake Up Call campaign starring (as usual) Messi along with Dani Alves, Basti Schweinsteiger, Luis Suarez,  Xavi, Jordi Alba, Mesut Ozil,  Robin Van Persie and David Villa along with many of their national teammates. It’s supposed to be dreamlike but the photo shoot after the jump is more the stuff of nightmares. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Bits & Bobs: Ads, Anthems & More

13 Jun

Ah, I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and write a post! It’s been a hectic day. I saw this great ad that Visa with Nobel Laureates and just had to share. Continue reading

An Itty Bitty Burrito Baby And What Hath Karim Wrought?

8 Jun

10453903_588076894641490_984663095_nMarta captured Calleti and baby India napping on their vacation. She’s so tiny! (and four days younger than My Littler Pony) I love it when wee bebes are all wrapped up burrito-style. So sweet!

What’s not so sweet is Karim’s influence on the younger members of Les Bleus. Continue reading

Your Life Choices, Sergio: Examine Them

10 Mar

tumblr_n26qp2K2fN1qftb6ko1_500Yes, we won and kept a clean sheet yesterday, but everyone seemed laser focused on Sergio’s newest hairdo during the match. ::shaking my head::  Sigh. He will do what he will do. I’m also side eyeing the additions to his tattoo. It’s getting more challenging by the second. As long as he doesn’t touch his chest, I’ll tolerate it.  I still haven’t forgiven DAgger for defacing his fabulous chesticles. Continue reading

Thursday Training & Racist Arsehole Fans Strike Again

6 Feb

370-898-_VCM8765Thumb,22Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for the entire day. Work stuff and then medical tests. Also, I seriously was too pissed off to post anything earlier. Continue reading

This Is Gonna Take Some Getting Used To…

26 Jan

David Moyes: “My week is starting to look up!”

It’s amazing how things change on a dime, isn’t it? I’m just flashing back to the end of the last transfer window when my heart was crushed into a million pieces. I’m a neutral in this case, but it still makes me so incredibly sad. Mata loved, and was loved by, Chelsea. Continue reading

Tuesday Training, Junkgate

7 Jan
Beard training

Is he the new beard trainer that Xabi hired out of desperation?

Because I’m not sure how much longer we can deal with Karim’s Amish beard. ::shudder::  Well, people, I’m a Lozil-sicle today. When I left the house, it was 6F with a windchill of -19F.  We all look like Randy in A Christmas Story here. This ‘polar vortex’ can piss off back to Santa Land where it belongs, thank you very much. Stay warm! Continue reading


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