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Sergio Marries Off His Bro

20 Jul

Sergio’s brother René wed his long time partner Vania Millán today and the whole clan was out in full force, dressed to the nines. Mazel tov to the happy couple! Continue reading

He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

19 Jul

10560966_797211746986199_147552608_nWell, except for the hair. But other than that, it’s easy to identify Karim Benzema. He’s even got a wild hued/patterned shirt on.  (It starts early, apparently) Too fabulous. Let’s hope Melia gets Chloe’s brows, though.

Mami, Papi & baby were in Ibiza on vacation this week. Continue reading

Toni Kroos: Real Madrid Interview & A Few Personal Facts

18 Jul

Kross interviewToni had his first interview with Real Madrid TV (Video with English subtitles) and talked about how it felt to become a Real Madrid player. The mothership had some excerpts. Continue reading

World Cup 2014 Final: Germany 1 – Argentina 0

14 Jul


MyGypsySpirit: What a tournament it has been! I can’t remember a tournament that has been quite as exciting as this. Granted, I have a terrible memory. But the consensus has been pretty outstanding. This was one of the best World Cups in anyone’s memory. Continue reading

Sign Her Up!

10 Jul

Proud papa Stevie G posted this shot of his youngest daughter Lourdes rocking the new Real Madrid kit with the caption “New signing to play with Ronny and Xabi #lovesfootykits” Adorable! I wonder if Tio Xabi sent the kit for her?  

We should totally sign her up for our Real Madrid: The Next Generation squad along with Enzo, Cris Jr., Sergio Jr., Martin, Jon, Ane, Angeli, Zoe, Vitoria, Jese Jr., Ivano, The Albas (Arbeloa & Bale), Melia, Raul, Mia, Baby Isco, Baby Coentrao and  The E’s (Ema, Emily & Emma). What’s one more in all that hustle bustle? (I think we need to start a Real Madrid day care).

Hat tip to watishistas mygypsyspirit & Mandi who shared the picture.

- Lozil

Melia Benzema’s Itty Bitty Face

9 Jul

tumblr_n6p0zjgX9n1todhrbo1_500We caught a wee glimpse of Melia Benzema’s tiny face in L’Equipe’s documentary on Karim (here’s a better view – such cheeks!) Anyhow, a new picture has surfaced on rm_wags. Continue reading

Well, At Least One Person Is Happy He’s Home Early & Iker In GQ España

1 Jul

Even though it was heartbreaking for Spain to go in the group stage, I’m sure that Martin was happy to see his papi and vice versa. As far as I know, San Baby did not go to Brazil and if he did, they kept him very well hidden. (I have to admit, I can’t imagine Iker leaving him behind). But we know how much Iker dotes on his boy, so I’m sure we’ll see many more pictures of Martin this summer. What a beautiful child he is! Continue reading

World Cup 2014 – Group D: Lampard and Lampard

26 Jun

Lampard-Photo 1Little Leandro Lampard was born on the day Chelsea knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League in 2012. Yes, I remember that day well. Booyah! To celebrate that occasion his dad Leandro Tavares Guedes, a long-time Chelsea fan, decided to name his new baby boy after England and Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. Continue reading

An Itty Bitty Burrito Baby And What Hath Karim Wrought?

8 Jun

10453903_588076894641490_984663095_nMarta captured Calleti and baby India napping on their vacation. She’s so tiny! (and four days younger than My Littler Pony) I love it when wee bebes are all wrapped up burrito-style. So sweet!

What’s not so sweet is Karim’s influence on the younger members of Les Bleus. Continue reading

Grandmama’s Boy: A First Glimpse At Sergio Ramos Rubio

5 Jun

tumblr_n6n89lzuzu1tb18sxo7_1280So while papi is in the US, My Littler Pony was out for a constitutional with his mami and abuela Paqui. And FINALLY, we got a quick glimpse of him. Not much, but it’s something that shows us that he’s more than just a bundle of blankets that people gaze lovingly at. Continue reading


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