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Dos Iscos

22 Aug

10570166_324167087760849_719965333_nIsco shared this beautiful photo with his newborn son. Gotta admit, my stone cold heart just melted. It’s exciting to see Isco Jr. right away, isn’t it?

- Lozil

Getting Ready For The Super Copa & Douchey Is As Douchey Does

18 Aug

Satellite (1)Los Good n’ Plenties trained today to get ready for Leg One of the Spanish Super Copa.  The Baby, Cris, Benz & Angel rejoined the group. Continue reading

Welcome To The World, Isco Jr!

17 Aug

its-a-boyVictoria and Isco welcomed a baby boy, who they named Isco Jr. yesterday. Mazel tov to the happy family!  Can’t wait to see the woobins – bet he’s adorable.

- Lozil

Last Training Before Fiorentina, Another Baby On The Way & More

15 Aug

Satellite (22)The team had their final training before facing Fiorentina tomorrow in the last pre-season match. Continue reading

My Littler Pony Takes After His Papi

14 Aug

tumblr_na8kadr1kP1rsazayo2_1280Mami Pilar (rocking, as always, at least one item of animal print – don’t leave home without it!) took Sergio Junior out for a stroll. Continue reading

Celebrating The First Trophy Of The Season

13 Aug

SatelliteWatishista mygypsyspirit is working on a recap of yesterday’s UEFA Super Cup, so I have the honor of pic spamming the hell out of the celebrations. Continue reading

She Likes to Move It, Move It

6 Aug

And here I thought it was James bringing the moves to Madrid. This video clearly shows it’s his little girl Salome who is the real mastermind behind those awesome Colombia goal celebrations. Imagine the cuteness overload if she pulls these moves out during a game to celebrate one of her papi’s goals.



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