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Ready for Action! LET’S BRING IT!

23 Apr

7Phenomenal scenes outside the Bernabeu where thousands of fans gathered to greet the team’s bus. How can the boys fail to get pumped with this welcome? Continue reading

THE MATCH: Real Madrid-Bayern Munich Champions League Preview

23 Apr


- Lozil


22 Apr

c4The boys went into concentracion today and hopefully they’re getting their rest (and eating their Wheaties tomorrow). We need them ready for action. Continue reading

Final Training Before Bayern & Pressers

22 Apr
I know what you did on Downton Abbey last night!

I know what you did on Downton Abbey last night, you little minx!

Gareth thankfully returned to training today and hopefully, he’s feeling better after his bout with the flu. Today was the last training before the match with Bayern (dun dun DUN!). The international press was out in full force to watch. (Training Video) Continue reading


18 Apr


We….did….IT!!!!! Faq, it feels good to have a trophy again, doesn’t it?? I still don’t think it’s sunk in for me yet. Not that I didn’t think the boys could do it, they just stir up a whirlwind of emotions & it takes time for me to process all the cray! And by cray I mean watching the celebrations, anticipating a Copa accident, and then being slightly disappointed that the thing made it out alive… But shit….now that we have one, let’s go for a fuckin’ clean sweep. The treble, boys, THE TREBLE!

Continue reading

Final Training, Pressers & Arrival In Valencia

15 Apr

2That’s how we like our boys – smiling, happy & relaxed. Especially the day before a cup final. Nothing worse than stressed and tense. Continue reading

We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

13 Apr

Goals and points, baby, goals and points. These guys went up against Almeria knowing that Barca had just slipped up and we had the opportunity to skip right past them….which we did! We’ve one upped them by one point, but hey we’re nearing the end and one point can mean all the difference. Now we just need Atleti to slip up. The more times the better!

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Champions League Semi Draw

11 Apr

2088723_w2UGHHHHHHHH! My worst nightmare came true. We drew Bayern. I can’t even. We need to seriously step our shit up. Big time.

- Lozil

Google+ Hangout with Gareth Bale

10 Apr

Here’s the full Google + hangout with G-Money. It’s a bit slow going because everything is repeated twice (Spanish & English) but Gareth seems like a totally sweet guy.

- Lozil

Champions League Semi-Final Draw

9 Apr

SatelliteOof, now that’s out of the way, joining us in the semi-finals will be Chelsea, Bayern & Atleti. The draw for the semi-finals will take place on Friday.

The boys will be returning to training tomorrow. Hala Madrid!

- Lozil


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