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Off To The Ancestral Land Of The Xabis (And Illaras)

5 Apr

Someone’s not that happy about Illara’s homecoming!

The team flew to Gipuzkoa today and it looks like they landed at Loiu Airport in Bilbao. I was just there 7 days ago! WAH!! Continue reading

THE MATCH: Real Sociedad – Real Madrid La Liga Preview

5 Apr

- Lozil

ICC Manchester United vs. Real Madrid Date FINALLY Confirmed

4 Apr


FINALLY. I was about to give up on this match ever being confirmed and today it finally was. *HAPPY DANCE* The boys are headed to Ann Arbor on August 2nd!

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Blowin’ BVB Away at the Bernabeu

4 Apr

*Can you feel the loveeee tonight?* G-MONEY CAN.

Hell, I feel the love too and I hope our boys keep kicking ass so I can KEEP feeling it! I knew we had the goals in us, but I wasn’t exactly expecting a clean sheet, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Our San Iker led defense rocked it out, prevented Dortmund from getting any precious away goals, and this first leg clean sheet is going to help us greatly when we travel next week. We are making our way and shit is getting exciting!

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Reigning Men Against Rayo

31 Mar

Well, if THAT doesn’t inspire you to score, score, score, I don’t know what will! It kind of inspires me to get back to those squats, because there is literally NO jiggle on the end of that booty smack. Mmmhmm. Watish!

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Sunday Training & Checking Up On Sami!

30 Mar


Nothing like a 5-0 win to put everyone in the best of spirits, right? Let’s see some of that goal power against Dortmund! Yep, there’s no pause for these guys, they launched straight into preparations for the CL action this week. No rest for the wickedly talented.

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Would you like a side of drama to go with that training session?

28 Mar


These two were missed in Sevilla, but they’ll be back in action tomorrow. The final training session before Rayo was held today and everyone but our injured boys, plus Modric who is out with the flu, was at Ancelotti’s disposal.

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Thursday Feels Like Monday

27 Mar


Well, yesterday was a bust and I’m not really in the mood to be hopeful yet….though Arbeloa is desperately trying to get us there with his motivational quotes. Then again, I’m never too down in the dumps to NOT open a post with a booty shot. Thanks Isco.

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Arrival in Sevilla

26 Mar


After a short, one hour flight, the boys have made their way to Sergio-land. They were met by more than 150 supportive fans when they reached the Sevilla airport.

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THE MATCH: Sevilla-Real Madrid La Liga Preview

25 Mar



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