Sami for Nike (and Sergio)

2 Jan

Sami Khedira recently did a photo shoot for his new NIKE CTR 360 Maestri II Elite shoes and he looked particularly commanding in the photo. The man looks extra yummy in white! He’s also wearing his headband. A shout out to anyone we know?

Sami for Nike

"Go, Mesut. Go back to your orange boyfriend. I'm done with you!"

Khedergio made an appearance together at Real Madrid’s open training on 12/30/10. It’s good to see Sami & Sergio back on the pitch. I’m sick of them being injured. I see Sergio has picked up the snood fashion that seems to be sweeping through Euro football and it looks good on him (so does the lack of hair gel). Sami always seems to be impervious to the cold. He actually put on gloves for this training, so it must be -30F or something in Madrid.

Khedergio looking hot

Khedergio looking hot on a cold day

2 Responses to “Sami for Nike (and Sergio)”

  1. Jenny January 19, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    Darlings – what a fabulous blog!!

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