As The DLD Turns…

5 Jan

Oh boy, has the plot ever thickened! Remember how the DLD started out as a triangle? Then it became a love square as Khedergio evolved? Well, a new dimension was added with the return of Cris’s one true wuv, Kaka. The Jesus-loving Brazilian bombshell returned to active duty vs. Getafe on Monday. Poor Mesut. His hero worshiping love affair is about to get…real (or should that be Real?) Is it a love pentagon now?

Yeah, Kaka’s been watching the games from the palco all along, but it’s not the same as having him on the field romping along merrily next to his beloved Cris. This is going to require some readjustment on my Fun Size German’s part. Not only is he going to have to share Cris with Kaka, but also a starting position in the midfield. Competition on so many levels…

Sami & Kaka

The First Wives Club

Sure, Kaka is smiling because he knows he’s gonna play (the field in oh so many ways) eventually. Poor Sami looks absolutely thrilled to be sitting on the bench while Lass is out there fumbling around. Thankfully, Sami came on later and kicked some serious arse. Apparently a bit too much, according to the ref.

WTF, Ref?

"Foul him? I hardly even know him!"

In happier news, my baby boo Mesut scored a lovely goal  and Cristiano scored a brace as well. Final score: Real Madrid 3 – Getafe 2

Mesut scores

Sergio gives Mesut a little post-goal sugar

However, from the intense look on Cris’s face as he embraces Sese, it seems like he finally realizes that he’s going to have to balance his old and new bromances. Tricky, tricky!

I am so screwed

"Seriously, Sergio, what the hell have I gotten myself into?"

Real Madrid’s news section informed us today that Casillas, Diarra, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Albiol, Di Maria and Ozil will be not be called up for the game against Levante and Cristiano is out with the flu. However, Sami, Sergio and Kaka will be playing.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the match goes. Hopefully, we’ll have a nice bit of Khedergio action to look forward to and Villareal is at the weekend – 3 games in a week! Great for us, not so fun for the boys, but I am glad that some of our players will get a well deserved rest and others will get some much needed playing time. Hala Madrid!

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