Atleti, Ole!

17 Jan

Real Madrid met Atletico Madrid on Thursday in the Copa Del Rey competition.  The meeting of hometown teams  is always a heated occasion and this was no exception.  Diego Forlan and his headband drew first blood 7 minutes into the match.

Diego Forlan scores

Forlan manages to get ball, Ramos into the net

Diego is one handsome muthaf***a but I find his beauty rather…disturbing. He looks like a cross between Dudley Do Right and a hawk.


Am I the only one who sees it?

The Ramos equalized at 14 minutes with a lovely header. He stormed the barricades with Sami in hot pursuit to make sure that his man didn’t fall on his super fine perfect arse.

Sergio Sami barracades

"Sergio, you come down from there and stop teasing me with your tramp stamp!"

Sergio dedicated his goal to his sick grandmother and sent her besos. How sweet is he? I meet tons of little old ladies who are always trying to fix me up with their grandsons. Why aren’t they ever Sergio’s granny? (Well, for one reason, Maisougio would KILL me.)

sergio beso3

(Grand)Mama's Boy

Score at the half: 1-1

Crispy rocked it out with a goal at 61 minutes, thankfully! That was all fine and dandy but it was still a bit too close for comfort  – mostly due to the excellent goal keeping of Atleti’s David DeGea. If it wasn’t for him, the score probably would have been 10-1. The kid was amazing.

Mesut saved the day slotting in a beauty at the 90 minute mark. He celebrated Crozil-style with Cris and we got a shot eerily reminiscent of Cris and Kaka from the Villareal game.

Cris Mesut Atleti

Cris needs to learn some new moves

On Twitter, someone asked Cristiano how he liked the above picture of him and Mesut. His rather succinct and telling reply?

Crozil tweet

Daddy "like", indeed.

Final score: Real Madrid 3 – Atleti 1  We meet Atleti at the Vincent Calderon for the second leg on January 20.

The other big news this week was Sami’s great interview in Sportbild. He said he hasn’t had time to take in a bullfight yet (is that what the kids are calling it these days?!) but he wants to. I just wonder who will be his date to that? Could it be…DUN DUN DUN…noted bullfight enthusiast Sergio Ramos? Khedergio lives, people!

Sami torero

"When I told Sergio I'd do whatever he wanted if he scored, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind"

Time to play torero and bull! WA-TISH! OLE!  And now we’re onwards to Almeria and the end of the first half of the season.

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