Mesut ÖMFG!

6 Mar

Seriously, boo? Seriously?! You brought me to my knees today, Özil. You were an absolute and utter thing of beauty on that pitch! I adore you!  Your assists? Everyone at the pub was like “DAMN” and turned to look at me in my Özil jersey. I just nodded sagely. What could I say? You were utter perfection.  And Jorge Valdano agrees with me. He said “Ozil is going to set the standard for the next decade at Real Madrid. He is the kind of player that Madridismo loves. He even makes his opponents have fun.”

More love within…

Ray Hudson has an even bigger thang for Mesut than I do. He called him “Avatar Eyes” (not for the first time, either) and he came up with these gems, courtesy of the LiveRayHudson Twitter.

HT review. Özil’s play in first half “trickier than a monkey up a Monkey Tree.”

Oezil free kick goes awry: “Well, that’s obviously a defective ball.”

More Oezil worship. “He seldom ever plays plays a card out of his hand that isn’t the right one. He’s gotta be a hell of a poker player.”

“He’s very much like Lionel Messi; he’s just like the little boy that everybody loves to have as a next-door neighbour.”

“What were they thinking only asking 15M Euros for this wonderful little genius called Mesut Oezil?”

0-2, Benzema, Oezil assist. “It’s visionary football by the ex-Schalke man, the ex-Werder man.”

0-1. “Adebayor puts the cherry on the cake, but the sundae was created by the German international, Oezil.”

Ray also referred to Xabi Alonso as the “cerebral dictator” in regards to setting up Manu’s goal and I giggled for about 15 minutes afterward. Love you, Ray!

This moment? DENIED. Damn it!  Oh, um, erm, some other guys played too. I guess I should talk about them, eh? Right. Onward then…

I really liked the Granero/Alonso partnership – they did some fine first half work together. Is that enough of an excuse for an El Pirata picture?

Manu did well for himself (except for that wretched missed penalty kick) and opened the scoring at 24′ with some help from Xabi, Benz & Ozi.

Mesut used his extraordinary vision again and sent a wicked through pass to Benzema who smacked it in at 27′ – GORGEOUS.

The second half wasn’t as strong as the first and Kennedy (Huh? Weird name for La Liga, right? And apparently, he’s Swedish. The plot thickens) got one past Iker at 70′ (Emo time at the Casillas household tonight. Listen for the strains of Morrissey and weeping.) However, just 5 minutes later, Fideo supplied Benz with another great pass and boom, in it went. We’re going to pretend that Manu’s penalty shot never happened. A completely douchey moment? Santander fans shining lasers in Iker’s eyes. Booo! Final score: 3-1

Other exciting news: Muppet Baby Week Alum Alex Fernandez came on for Mesut Ozil in minute 89. It was his first team debut. He got to play 4 minutes with the big boys. Congrats, Alex.

Aw, they grow up so quick! At the end of the game, Pepe ran over and gave Alex a huge hug. It was so sweet! I hope una has a screencap of it tomorrow. Mou had this to say about why he played Alex and left Pedro Leon on the bench: “Pedro Leon stayed on the bench. I think playing for four minutes was of great value for Alex, just like it would have been for Casado. But for Pedro it wouldn’t have been significant. I wanted to make Alex happy. He had a marvelous night.” You’re a sweetie, Mou. It must have meant the world to Alex. Other subs: Albiol in for Granero, Canales in for Benzema. Put on your Game Face, Mou:

I love his face. He is always so expressive.  Sergio Ramos played a decidedly better game tonight but got his 14th yellow card in 16 games. Oh honey, no.

Speaking of The Ramos, could there be a little Sergzil going on? Because he’s clutching Mesut here in the goal celebration…

And he tweeted a picture of them post-game as well! Who is Mesut on the phone with? Rocky’s puppy sitter? Inquiring minds want to know… (Nice to know that awkward angle makes even buff Sergio Ramos look huge. )

In all fairness, everyone seems to want to get their hands on Mesut (not just the fangirls), Pepe’s giving him a little arse pat here while Xabi suavely slips an arm around him.

Some German midfielders have all the luck. I wonder if Sami and Crispy are sitting home pouting, eating Haagen Daz and watching all the bromancing happening without them? Get well soon, boys and bring Pipita back with you.


10 Responses to “Mesut ÖMFG!”

  1. shiggers March 7, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    Thank god we won. Do you think it’s because I stayed away? The very idea is enough to make me grumpy. Sounds like it was a fabulous game.

  2. headbandsandheartbreak March 7, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    No, of course not! We would have won by 20 if you were actually there, I’m sure of it.

  3. GinaM March 7, 2011 at 12:23 pm #

    I wore my OZIL jersey with a big smile on my face yesterday!!!

    He is on fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!~!!

    And might I add he looked mighty fine! lol

    • headbandsandheartbreak March 7, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

      We could wear our jerseys with pride yesterday, that’s for sure. It was interesting to see them play without Crissy. They all really stepped up to the plate and did a great job. I wonder if in some ways they defer to him on the field since he’s such a brilliant player? We saw a lot of creativity come out when they didn’t have him to bounce off of. That’s a good thing, IMHO. It shows we can make it through without him. We’re getting more cohesive as a team.

  4. Jenny March 7, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    I transcribed a whole bunch of stuff for O_Ozil from Hudson but missed a lot of it. I come here and you had almost all the missing stuff!

    I love this place. It has all the right priorities.

    And yes – Sexio has been trying to get Mesut’s attention for some time now. That has always been obvious to me! He’s been wooing our little German away from Sami since around November. Mesut is holding out bravely though – but it is difficult to resist the charms of such a gorgeous fellow!

    • headbandsandheartbreak March 7, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

      Gasp! Sergio is two-timing Sami! What of the Khedergio, I ask you? For awhile it was hot and heavy. They were always having “thigh strains” at the same time. Our hopes were high. Everyone is trying to woo Mesut: Pipita, Cris, Karim, and now Sergio. It’s just screwing our whole world view. Did you ever watch The L Word? They used to have a chart of all the hook ups. If we did that for Real Madrid, Ozil would be our bromantic Shane. 😉 The mind boggles. I think if anyone is going to get Mesut, it’s Cris. In fact, we built a whole site around that premise!

      I’ll have to check out your stuff at O_Ozil. I’m up to my arse in work-work and school-work, so I just had enough time to get the recap up. Our boy was so spectacular yesterday. I’m sure there are write ups everywhere! Definitely follow liverayhudson on Twitter – they’re amazing.

      I’m glad you love this place – we love having you here!

  5. Andrea March 7, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Great game. They definitely looked like a cohesive unit, which was wonderful to see. I certainly missed Cristiano and I love him…but I love this team more. Bambi was on fire, Benz looked confident, El Pirata kept up with Xabi in the midfield (and looked so handsome doing it, I’m kind of in love with his new look). It took them some time to build up to the goal scoring, but they completely controlled the game, so I was never worried. I think this will be a real confidence booster for everyone.

    Hala Madrid!

    • headbandsandheartbreak March 8, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

      I think Benz really needed that brace. And you’re right – team needs to know that no one player is bigger than the whole. They really came together so well. I was as proud as a mama! I love me some Crispy as well, but this was really important for them to do on their own.

  6. Cherrycake March 8, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    Thanks again for that beautiful blog, girls! I am totally with you. I can’t get over how wunderful a player Mesut is. He is such a joy to watch. And I enjoy reading all the enthusiastic press reports about him so much. Sigh.

    • headbandsandheartbreak March 8, 2011 at 11:43 am #

      You are most welcome. I love writing about him. It’s no secret that he’s my favorite player (I can’t even claim to be impartial) but when he has games like Sunday, it’s like the entire world is one huge Ozil fangirl and that’s fine with me. 🙂

      Can you imagine what he’s going to be like as he matures? He’s already unreal. I can’t wait. – Lozil

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