Training Continues, Bad Angles, Austrian Man Love And 85 Gives It A Go

24 Mar

Mesut and Sami do a little training jog

Training continues for the national teams and Spain will take the field against the Czech Republic tomorrow. Finally, a game!  France has continued their laugh-a-thon, apparently…

Seriously, it seems like these guys haven’t stopped laughing in 3 days. Are they that happy that they got rid of Domenech? Or did they just see pictures of the wax figures of Iniesta and Villa?

Speaking of Spain, they survived yesterday’s practice game rainstorm (Fernando scored! It is possible!), only to be brutalized by some really crap photographs. First, more rainy day shots:

Poor Raul Albiol! He looks wet and flummoxed.

VDB & Hot Wet Ramos

Iraola & Villa: Bitchface when you’re wet

And now, the attack of the evil photographers. You take two of the world’s most gorgeous men and get THESE shots? Really?!

Nando looking…not so good.

I wasn’t even sure this was Iker at first. Rough night, bebe?

The photographers then redeemed themselves by giving us an Iker profile shot, always the way to go: classic and gorgeous (and thanks for blurring out Xavi there).

In other news, I think I have a new crush on the Austrian National Team. They know how to rock the bromancing!

Meet Umit Korkmaz (top) and Helge Payer. I have no clue as to the other mystery person in their threesome but this is apparently how they train Austrian style. Thumbs up, indeed!

Crispy (and Mou’s) pal Chad Ochocinco is spending the NFL lockout productively. After endlessly talking about his love of footy, he’s doing a try out for Sporting Kansas City in the MLS. He’s on day 2 of a 4 day try out and said he’d even play for free. Early assessments are that his skills are a bit rusty, but he’s fast as hell. So pretty much we expected.

I think this is a good thing. Sporting KC gets some publicity, Chad lives out a childhood dream and maybe some kids who never thought about playing footy before might become interested if they see an NFL player who loves the game so much. Win-win, IMHO. I can think of worse ways that he could spend his down time.

Well that’s it for now! I’m sure I’ll be back with some news later and tomorrow, a game report!

2 Responses to “Training Continues, Bad Angles, Austrian Man Love And 85 Gives It A Go”

  1. suzanne March 24, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    1st to the news closer to home, not sure how i feel about ochocinco (lol). on one hand it is good promotion for the league. on the other, if he managed to get on the team then what would that say to the nonsoccer fans in our country? i think it would denounce the league in their opinion. though he will always and does always profess soccer to be his 1st love, nonfans will think all you need is athletic ability and not trained technical skill. which is absurd. i sure as hell couldn’t go out and kick about a ball.
    sorry – a bit long on that

    hello pretty austrian boys. i need to look into your team a bit it seems.

    i’m at a lose on how you can make such beautiful men so…not even meh…ugly, blasphemous as that is to say. that is the most horrible picture i have ever seen of iker. really photogs, your job is cut out for you. beautiful men should equal beautiful pictures. those guys/girls…no it’s definitely got to be guys (lol) should be fired.
    ozi and sami ❤
    senor bitchface how i love you when you play for la roja (and when you played for valencia…no i am still not over it :sob:)

    i think you're right about the french being glad to be rid of the astrologer…lol! mexi and your mess of a hair, i see you back there.
    sorry so long winded today 🙂

    • headbandsandheartbreak March 24, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

      Feel free to be long winded, we love comments! I don’t think Ochocinco would make the team, by all accounts his ball handling is not world class by any stretch of the imagination. If we know one thing here at HB & HB, it’s that ball handling should be left to the real professionals. (::SNORT:: Sorry, those two sentences, upon reflection, are much pervier than intended, but I’m leaving them).

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who was completely horrified by those photos. Hell, Iniesta and Villa’s wax figures look better than those shots of Nando and Iker.

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