Euro 2012 Qualifier: Germany vs. Kazakhstan

26 Mar

Our intrepid goal scorers and men of the match

I personally thought this was a thoroughly enjoyable game and I liked it oodles more than the Spain game yesterday. Germany was firing on all cylinders and we saw some beautiful performances, especially from Klose, Mueller, Ozil, Aogo, Lahm and Schweinsteiger. 18 year old Mario Goetze only played 12 minutes, but made a great impression – it will be interesting to see how he develops. I also have to compliment Kazakhstan goalie David Loria. He made some great saves and without his strong play, the scoring could have been much worse. His team was just in over their heads and Germany was like a freight train – impossible to stop.

Miro kicked things off by scoring at 4′ on an assist from Bastian Schweinsteiger. I think they probably heard me yelling half way down the street! It didn’t take much longer until Mueller scored his first via a header at 25′ with an assist from Mesut Ozil (my boo was on fire!).

Mueller scored again at 44′ with another assist from Ozil and the first half ended with Germany up by 3.

Zhambyl Kukeyev came oh so close to scoring at 71′ but it hit the post. That was the closest that Kazakhstan would get a goal all night. Speaking of coming close to scoring, Sami almost got one in at 82′ which would have been fantastic. However, he ended up giving the assist to Klose on his 88th minute goal. It was Miro’s 60th international goal and puts him within 7 goals of Gerd Mueller’s record.

Final score: 4-0. Germany now has a 4 point lead atop Group A.  They also have a perfect record in Euro qualifiers.

Neuer looking relaxed & happy with Miro

Jogi looking Euro-spiffy

Is he winking or did he poke his eye out with his…(well, you’ve seen the picture!)

Bonus: Cutest Schweinski picture EVAH!

2 Responses to “Euro 2012 Qualifier: Germany vs. Kazakhstan”

  1. Maisoun March 27, 2011 at 3:50 am #

    😦 I wish I had been able to catch this game! I missed MFG’s!

    …in that second pic is the goalie’s head between Klose’s legs? It just looks like some rough WWE action going on, ouch!

    And speaking of Mr.Jogi Loew have you seen this vid?? I die laughing every time I watch it!

    • headbandsandheartbreak March 28, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

      I hadn’t seen that – it’s hilarious. I love Jogi’s Euro fashion sense. Mou has it too. Silly men who don’t know how a good cashmere sweater and an artfully tied scarf can turn on the ladies!

      The goalie’s head isn’t between Miro’s legs – optical illusion – but a great moment caught by the photog. Miro is jumping. Awesome shot, isn’t it?

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