Spain Wins, Germany Loses, France Draws

29 Mar

This is going to be, oh so very brief, because I’m tired and kinda grumpy. Now, I know, that’s not very bloggerly of me but it is what it is.

Spain managed to deal with the less than impeccable pitch to beat Lithuania 3-1.  Xavi started the scoring out at 19′ and Marius Stankevicius surprised the hell out of everyone by beating Iker with a 30 yard shot to tie up the score at 57′. Marius plays for Valencia in La Liga, so he definitely has an idea of how Spain plays. Juan Mata came on for Santi Cazorla at 67′ and two minutes later, his cross was (unfortunately for the home side) knocked in by Lithuania’s Tadas Kijanskas. Juan Mata tied the game up at 83′ with a sweet little goal. Final score: 3-1

Villa bitchfaced his way off the field so Silva could play.

Iniesta didn’t play, Sergio came on for 3 minutes at the end and Nando warmed the bench for the whole game, killing our hope that he might end his goal drought. Oh well.

Karim looked hot at training on Monday. He was subbed midway through today’s 0-0 tie with Croatia when he felt a pinch in his thigh. HE HAD BETTER NOT BE INJURED!  I think my head would explode if we only had one healthy forward for Real Madrid. ARGH. Anyhow, France debuted their fantastic Jean Paul Gaultier designed kits today and they looked fabulous!

Jogi Loew decided to field a more experimental side today for Die Mannschaft’s game against Australia and it resulted in their first loss since the World Cup semi-final.

Mario Gomez started out the scoring at 28′ but in the second half, the Socceroos fought back hard, scoring at 61′ (David Charney) and 64′ (Luke Wilkshire).  Final score: 3-1 Poldi’s thighs looked super good though!

Loss aside, Germany had the most creative photographer – check these fun training shots out:

Thomas Mueller picks on Christian Traesch

Thomas and Christian win the award for dorkiest jitterbug

Poldi Poldi hallelujah, indeed!

2 Responses to “Spain Wins, Germany Loses, France Draws”

  1. Jenny March 30, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Adorable. Flicking ears is an adorable Mannschaft habit!

    As for the loss – with neither Mesut nor Sami on the pitch, it’s hard to give a damn about a Friendly – even for a hard-core national team fan like me. I’m not thrilled about the Australian fans, who are being pretty nauseating about the whole thing – though to be fair, if we thrashed them at rugby or cricket, we’d be pretty nauseating about it too – gloat, gloat, gloat).

    Anyway, enjoy it my darlings! It’ll be a footnote to the Mannschaft’s win in 2014. The answer to the Trivial Pursuit Question: “What was the last team Germany lost to before winning the World Cup in 2014 after an astounding run of 51+ wins and a European Championship to boot?”

    A girl can dream!

    • headbandsandheartbreak March 30, 2011 at 10:52 am #

      I missed them, that’s for sure. Germany was playing so well in the last game. I do commend Jogi for trying out some new player combinations though. It’s good that others get a chance to play, but it kinda points out what a well oiled machine the regular first team has become.

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