OMG, I KNEW I Forgot Something!

22 Apr

What a day! In the midst of a grueling post-celebratory hangover, work, fandom drama, coming home to do schoolwork and answering your many super sweet supportive comments, I just realized that I forgot to actually write up the game recap! ARGH!

That’s going to have to wait until tomorrow (well, today…). But in the mean time, please accept some links to some other articles that caught my eye today. I may not agree with all the viewpoints, but definitely interesting reads:

The line between art and results in football blurred a long time ago

For Madrid, Winning Ugly Is Still Winning

The Velvet Underground and Raul

Daily Drool Alum Benny Feilhaber is coming to MLS!

Hey Napoli! Sexist Much?

Sami is definitely injured  Thanks to Mais for finding this story!

Mourinho Makes Cup History (meant to post this earlier)

Cesc, looking cute, but making highly controversial comments in Don Balon

The boys returned to practice this morning (seriously?! I feel their pain). The session was closed to the press probably so no one could see their hung over arses and so that Sese the Cup Slayer didn’t have to endure taunts from the press every time he picked up a water bottle, snood, cell phone, etc. (“Watch out! He’s gonna drop that phone and someone’s going to drive a bus over it! Aiiiiieeeeee!”) I’m sure he took enough crap about it from his teammates. Poor bebe! The game vs. Valencia is Saturday at noon Eastern time in the US. Will we (the fans) survive April? I’m starting to wonder…

And I will leave you with a lovely picture of my boo, enjoying what I hope is the first of many titles with Real Madrid:

3 Responses to “OMG, I KNEW I Forgot Something!”

  1. Maisoun April 22, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    Poor Sergio is going to be hearing copa jokes for a LONGGGG time! Someone tweeted that if he ever has children he wont be allowed to hold them 😦 funny but wrong lol ..of course I’ll allow him to hold his children 😛

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