Getting Ready For Barca…Again Plus Bits & Bobs

25 Apr

OTP, y’all!

And I swear, kfunk22, I’m not trying to twist your arm at all with these El Pirata/Jailbait! pictures. They just keep presenting themselves and they’re so cute that I can’t help myself.  The boys practiced again behind closed doors as El Clasico #3 is two days away. It was also announced that Mou will give a press conference tomorrow, joined by Marcelo. I can imagine all the questions to Marcelo being something along the lines of “Why are you so freaking cute?” Some other bits and bobs…

More on the upcoming game… Looks like Puyol and Milito are going to be available to play for Barca, but Maxwell will not.  On our side, Manu and Fideo are going to be back, but Sami is still out.   Also to watch out for: Crispy, The Ramos, Albiol & Di Maria are the players who are at risk to be suspended for the next El Clasico if they are booked again. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. You know Barca will try to provoke them (hey, we would do the same). We just have to keep our heads. Kaka believes that Mou is our secret weapon. No doubt!

Here’s a rather disturbing first hand look at Real Madrid fans and the rivalry with Barca written by an outsider. Seems like there are a lot of assholes on our side as well. Not cool. Especially the Shakira thing (don’t get me started on the fascist assholes). I just think that’s bullshit. Today una had a great picture of Shakira slapping Iker five when he went to get the Copa. Maybe she really is a super secret Madridista spy after all!

(Photo courtesy of unamadridista)

Real Madrid has kindly provided us with a handy dandy listing of who is officially using social media. So now you know who is for real. There are links to each person’s website/Facebook/Twitter. Some of these guys need to get crackin’ and join the 21st century. Jailbait! attempts to stun us with his Pretty in this smoky, sultry profile pic on his Facebook page:

Oh and Sir Alex Ferguson reckons that he could have bought Raul this past summer if he wanted to. Yeah, okay, SAF – let’s see how that choice worked for you after tomorrow’s game. Even though I’m stressed as hell about the possibility of a Schalke – Real Madrid final, those are the teams that I’m rooting for.

3 Responses to “Getting Ready For Barca…Again Plus Bits & Bobs”

  1. kfunk22 April 25, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    ha! post away, you won’t hear any complaints from me.

    except perhaps: bbsergio, what’s up with the glamour shot? do you think ozil’s on the sidelines of the photo shoot somewhere, blowing dust at him?

    • headbandsandheartbreak April 25, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

      OMG, probably! And undoubtedly, one of the Real Madrid photogs shot it while moonlighting. 😉

      • emily April 26, 2011 at 3:21 am #

        There’s no way a RM photog was involved. Here’s why:
        1)No thumbs
        2)no weird pose
        3)no mirror
        4)no bad scarves
        5)interesting visual effect

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