Hot Damn!

15 May

Crispy, you beast of a man! Mazel tov on tying the records set by Telmo Zarra and Hugo Sanchez: 38 goals in one season in La Liga.  And there’s still one game left!
That’s a hell of a season haul by anyone’s standard. Crispy’s personal goal tally is more than that of six teams in La Liga
(Almeria, Hercules, Zaragoza, Deportivo, Mallorca and Sporting Gijon) Wowsa!  He’s scored 52 goals across all competitions.

The game kicked into gear and we had a hell of a scare at 7′  when Iker went free range (ARGH!) and Pepe failed to clear the ball. Marco Ruben put the ball in the net, but he had started from an offside position, so it was disallowed. Phew!  At 16′, Kaka made a gorgeous pass to Marcelo who popped it right over Lopez’s head. GORGEOUS! Check this out. It’s even more fun when you see all of Marcelo’s celebrations (first handspring/flip combo and then dancing with Pepe and Manu). I especially enjoyed the shot of the “ladies” at about :57. Shiggers and I had a good giggle over that.

How much fun is that? There’s some great still shots as well. You could almost make a flip book out of the celebration photos. You can actually see some of the “ladies” from the video in the background of the first celebration shot below. C’mon girls, give subtlety a try, you might like it! (Two of them look like they’re cheering, the last one looks like she’s checking to make sure her rack didn’t pop out when she jumped up to celebrate. I think that’s a valid concern in her case, don’t you?)

These guys are so sweet! I love that they ran over to Manu on the sidelines so he could join in their dance.  Manu always seems so lighthearted and happy with the Madrid players. It’s a world of difference from the sullen and unhappy guy at Man City. If/when he leaves, I think he’s going to be really bummed (at this point, I think it’s more of a ‘when’).

We didn’t have to wait much longer for more scoring action. Cris scored at 22′ on a free kick from 25 yards out. It was sweet!

Nice to see a little CrispyKarim action this late in the season, isn’t it? That’s sorely been missing. More bromancing please, gentlemen! The first half ended with Real up by 2.

The second kicked off and Villareal started fighting back. Cani got one past Iker at 50′ (cue the Emo Iker Soundtrack of Sadness) with an assist from Mario Gaspar.

There was a really weird moment at 58′ where most of the Villareal team surrounded the linesman and started shouting at him and then Cani reached out and gave him a good shove!  We couldn’t believe it. The linesman, to his credit, didn’t back down and went right up in Cani’s face shouting. When the dust cleared, Cani and Marchena got yellow cards. How Cani didn’t get a red is beyond me. He should have been sent off for that behavior (lord knows, if a Real player had done it, it would have been on the news, an international incident, etc. etc.) but I guess it was his lucky day. I’d love to know what went on. The commentator mentioned something about that particular linesman shouting at a player earlier, so perhaps it had something to do with that. Cris and Marchena had a bit of a scuffle as well, resulting in this fantastic picture. Everyone’s faces are just hilarious.

Sigh. Bitching, pissing and moaning are boring. Play football! Benz went out at 64′ and Norma Desmond – ahem, I mean Angel Di Maria came on.  My boo, Ozil came on for Kaka at 70′ and almost immediately scored. Denied though. Argh! He had a goal disallowed for offside, which completely sucked.

Cris came super close to another goal at 80′ but no joy.  El Chori came on at 88′ for El Pirata. Our foxy pirate was sweaty and gorgeous. He played a good solid game.

There were 4 additional minutes added on and in the 92′ minute, Crispy scored with a gorgeous high shot into the top corner off a free kick, bringing the score to 3-1 and tying the record! Of course, he had to celebrate with his besties, Pepe and Marcelo.

We did, however, have a brief fleeting moment of Crozil and there’s never enough of those two, IMHO! (Please hot sirs, can we have some more?)

Mou was low-profilin’ it on the bench most of the night (with only one mercifully swift shot of the Mouberries), but look how good he looks when he jumped up to give some direction to his boys:

I must say, I love the new hair cut. Very flattering on him.  It was an interesting day (Barcelona – Deportivo Coruno in a 0-0 tie? Seriously?!) and there’s only one more La Liga game to go. We’ll be playing Almeria at home next weekend. If Cris scores at all, he will be the all time La Liga season scoring champion. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. HALA MADRID!

3 Responses to “Hot Damn!”

  1. Mais May 15, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    What a game! Although I must say towards the middle the yawning made an appearance (not just because it was 5am). But man, 2 freekicks in one match! That ought to shut people who said he lost his touch up. And dudes, the Ozil goal was totally legit! They replayed it and even the lame ESPN commentators said it should’ve been allowed! Grrrr.
    Cani SOOO should’ve been sent off! I mean it’s pretty much what Sergio did in the 5-0 match! Okay not that bad, but still! Dude, you shoved a linesman! You might as well have shoved the referee himself! And it wasn’t the first thing he did during the match. I agree Lozil, if it were an RM player, it would’ve made international headlines and the whole team would’ve been banned by UEFA.

    One more match!! What will we do with our lives?!!!!! *pushes painful thoughts to back of mind*

    • maddy May 16, 2011 at 7:24 am #

      the referee and linesman were incredibly poor. decisions went agaisnt both madrid and the submarines. ozil was so onside. cani should have been sent off. mou was red carded for sarcasm, how can a play not be redcarded for shoving an official?

      many decisions went against villareal too. but not as big as the one disallowing ozil’s goal. i was so happy when he scored as he hasnt scored in a while. stupid ref.

  2. IsaBella May 16, 2011 at 6:53 am #

    I personally think the “ladies” in the back are pretty cute. I mean the fangirls will always do anything to attract attention so I pretty much enjoy observing them. They have some nice ideas sometimes.
    I saw the game at work last night, Cristiano’s free kicks were phenomenal and well… Barca’s tie… they have already won the Liga so the don’t need to try very hard, do they?

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