International Friendlies: Germany vs. Uruguay

29 May

Mario Gomez, hot as ever

I’ve got to confess, I haven’t had the chance to watch the match yet. I was at a bridal shower in the morning and then went to meet up with Shiggers while she was wedding dress shopping. Today, true love beat out footy. So there will be no match report, but just a few pictures that I managed to scare up.

Mario Gomez got the scoring party started in Germany’s 2-1 victory over Uruguay with a goal at 21′  much to everyone’s delight.

Andre Schürrle scored Germany’s second goal just 15′ minutes at 36′ which saw Die Mannschaft up by 2 going into the half.

Schürrle, Mueller and Kroos

Walter Gargano scored Uruguay’s lone goal at 49′ and I can’t seem to find a picture anywhere of him doing that. So here’s one of him with Schürrle.

And you know who wasn’t pleased at all by the final score? Dudley Hawk Right DeGeneres-McCononaughey (if you don’t know what we’re on about, check out the HB & HB Glossary).

Sorry, Diego. It just wasn’t your day! You know who looked hot as hell (as per usual)?  Jogi Loew. How yum is that man?!

What impressed me most was some of the odd and gravity/logic defying positions that the players got themselves into today.

Miro has great extension!

This is not going to end well


Breakdancing while flipping the bird at the opponent & kicking the ball.
Multitasking at it’s finest!

Uruguay guard their ‘nads in terror from Poldi’s free kick

Germany are much more stoic in the face of a Forlan kick

Gomez Charlie Browns It
(Again, the Glossary!)

However, the most terrifying sight of the day was Diego Maradona, looking for all the world like a gangster from a bad film, sitting in the stands. I am assuming that Don Diego was there to watch Forlan, because Diego is rumored to be heading to Dubai.

Next match for Die Mannschaft is on Friday, June 3rd vs. Austria. Since I’m heading off to see USA vs. Spain the next day, I probably won’t get any match reports up until Monday at the earliest. Hopefully, we’ll get some good shots at the match!

2 Responses to “International Friendlies: Germany vs. Uruguay”

  1. Jenny May 29, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    Poor Maradona! – he had to sit and watch “that kid who crapped on our world cup” for 45 minutes turning in the game’s best individual performance in the first half.

    I feel for him!

    Mesut was brilliant in the first half – quite brilliant. His assist alone was worth the admission.

  2. maddy May 30, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    you didnt miss much.. it was a boring game. i for one am tired with all the experiments. i dont mind loew testing new players once in a while, but at every friendly? its disrespectful to the fans who pay to watch a good game of football. ozil looked and acted like a senior member of the squad, he was actually one of the few experienced ones in the starting line up. if we keep messing with the team, how are we going to be strong enough to beat spain next year? i understand that khedira and schweini are injured and we needed to bring in a few new players. but WHY TONI KROOS???? arrrrgh..

    i want to know, is boateng STILL injured? or is he in the dog house for some reason? i miss him.

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