Real Men Aren’t Afraid To Kiss Other Men When They Score

1 Jun

Sorry to bombard you with content today, but there’s so much going on! Scruby from one of our fave sites, Red Card Homophobia posted this piece over on ONTD_Football and I thought it was worth sharing.  It was Google Translated from this article so it may be a bit off (any of our lovely Spanish speakers want to have a go at translating the article?) but the gist of it is as follows…

With a ‘kiss’ Sport Ancash players celebrated victory over University

Assisted by Juan ‘Drogba’ Carrillo and-goal from Fabrizio Lenci . Both players are looking to embrace and kiss. Yes, as you read, the celebration of both players ended with a ‘beak’.

After the triumph of Sport Ancash on University (3-2) by the Intermediate tournament , Argentina’s Fabricio Lenci and Juan Carrillo spoke about the particular celebration and also dared to recreate it.

“Carrillo’s lips are Anchit, very cute,” Lenci said, who noted that the ‘kiss’ is “only with him,” it is an agreement between them.

Carrillo, meanwhile, threatened: “If he gives it to another, I’m like Pichin.”

They are unashamed to repeat their kiss in the post-game presser and Lenci says that only Carillo and no one else can kiss him. Are they not totally adorable? I love guys who are secure in themselves and don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Good for them. Keep up the scoring…and the kissing. Let’s hope that , eventually, all the comments will be on the former and no one will blink an eye over the latter.

BTW, if you want to show your support for Red Card Homophobia, they now have merchandise!  I’ve got my eyes on that tote bag, y’all!

5 Responses to “Real Men Aren’t Afraid To Kiss Other Men When They Score”

  1. Jennifer June 2, 2011 at 5:45 am #

    Heee, this is super-cute and gives me the warm fuzzies! The Google translation isn’t too bad (their algorithms seem to be improving immensely) but a few things (like “beak” – they’re not chickens!) are a little off, so here’s a quick attempt of my own.


    Sport Ancash players celebrated victory over University with a “little kiss”

    Assist from Juan ‘Drogba’ Carrillo, and goal by Fabrizio Lenci. The two players look for each other, to embrace/hug and kiss. Yes, you read that right, the two players’ celebration ended with a peck on the lips.

    After the Sport Ancash victory over University (3-2) in the Torneo Intermedio [a tournament], Argentina’s Fabricio Lenci and [Peruvian] Juan Carrillo talked about their personal celebration and also dared to re-enact it.

    “Carrillo’s lips are really full, they’re very cute[/pretty],” Lenci said, who noted that the kiss is done “only with him,” since it’s an agreement between the two of them.

    Carrillo, meanwhile, threatened: “If he gives [the kiss] to someone else, I get really angry.”


    [Translator’s notes & disclaimer: I speak Peninsular Spanish, so “acuerdo” to me just means agreement, but some consultation with dictionaries suggests that “acordar” is sometimes used in Latin American Spanish to mean “to award”. So the kiss as a prize? It works either way. And the word “pichín” was new to me, but apparently is a Peruvian expression for “angry”. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Also these two really are adorable. That is FACT.]

  2. Jennifer June 2, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    Omg, the video is even more squee-worthily adorable. (That’s right, more adorable!) VERY quick-and-dirty transcript in English. If anyone would like a Spanish version, let me know. (If only so that you don’t have to play “choose your own adventure” with all the options. I’m a very indecisive translator.)


    Interviewer: “He told me the agreement is, if a pass from you results in a goal for him, you get a kiss?”

    Carillo: “Ah, yes, yes, that’s it!”

    Interviewer: “And if Natalio gives him an assist, does he kiss Natal then?”

    Carrillo: “Oh, no, the kiss has to be with me! Please! If he gives the kiss to Natal*, I’ll get really angry!”

    Lenci: “The agreement is like I told you! Los labios de él, ¡es lo más que hay!” [If he actually says this, which I cannot 100% guarantee because 1. Argentine accent and 2. crappy sound quality, it means something like “His lips are the greatest thing!”]

    Interviewer: “Carrillo’s lips?!”

    Lenci: “Nah, they’re really full [anchitos], they’re very pretty!”

    Interviewer: (something unintelligible) “No, a proper kiss!”


    *I am not at all familiar with this team, but it sounds like they’re saying Natal, and the Sport Ancash captain is a forward named Natalio Portillo, which would make sense. I’m actually going to use my research skills to work on my dissertation now, though!

    • Jennifer June 2, 2011 at 6:11 am #

      Er, and I have misspelled Carrillo’s name in the first instance of its use. Sorry!

  3. shiggers June 2, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    Thanks so much for translating that–those two really are totally beyond adorable.

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