More Updates

3 Jun

Sergio tweeted this picture of himself in a hat on his way to practice. Someone who is actually at the training told a watishista that Sernando are glued at the hip. NICE! I hope there are a lot of pictures to be had later tonight. I’m taking my laptop with me on the trip, so I hope to upload all my pix when I get back from the game tomorrow night or on the trip home Sunday morning. Hopefully, some other folks are doing the same thing.

Iker posted this shot of the fans outside the Westin in Providence and also a shot of the boys hanging out. They all look adorable.

Here’s a few more pictures starting with this one from yesterday that I can’t believe that I forgot to post. It’s just classic! Love Vdb!

Other bits and bobs: Robin van Persie said he never said those things about Chelsea and Barca. Shame that. Sigh.

Thanks for making me feel really guilty about being insanely excited over tomorrow’s match, Sid Lowe.

A really great story – take a minute to go like the Freddy Fund on Facebook and donate if you can.

Congrats to Die Mannschaft for their 2-1 result over Austria and France for their 1-1 tie with Belarus.

Sese’s back Tweeting! Hopefully, we’ll finally get those damn Sernando pictures flowing now!

Here comes the fanfiction!

More as it happens!


2 Responses to “More Updates”

  1. Caitlin June 3, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

    I demand Sernando pictures via Sergio’s Twitter.

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