Lotsa Bits and Bobs…

13 Jun

Lots of little bits and bobs to share today. The Real Madrid photographers worked their “magic” again. It looks like they’re interviewing Crispy in some sort of subterranean cave. But it gets worse, oh yes, it does…

Yeah,um, that’s some flattering lighting there. What’s he going to do next? Put a flashlight under his chin and tell the canteranos scary stories about the EPL?  “There was this biiiiig monster who looked like an ogre and his name was Wayne…”  Cris had plenty to say about Manu, Kun, Fabio, Nuri & Hamit among other things. He also said that he would sign for another 10 years and happily retire at RM.

Iker went one step further saying “I’ve only ever supported Real Madrid and that is where I’d like to die”  While I can appreciate the sentiment, let’s not die anytime soon, okay, hon?  I think it’s interesting that Real Madrid didn’t include the quotes about his relationship with Cristiano where he said that they were teammates and friends but also enemies because they “argue alot.” Probably shouldn’t have brought that up to the press considering how they love to gossip about the two of you, Iker.

Xabi Alonso continued traipsing around New York City with gorgeous wife Nagore. Yeats over on Livejournal had the shock of her life when she turned around on the escalator at a New York Yankees game last night and spied the beautiful couple walking around the stadium completely unmolested. As Yeats pointed out in her post, her sighting and the one at Morimoto puts to rest the rumors that were running rampant in England yesterday that Xabi was there meeting with Liverpool about a return.  She has pictures of them as well. However, the post is locked unless you are a member of the ONTD_Football community.

More on Xabi (along with Arbeloa and Silva): I read this article earlier today and watishista! mumblo also sent it in. We both squealed over Xabi’s suggestion that he is more than open to playing  in the MLS when his European career is done. He thinks it would be a good for his family and he would like the experience of living here. Well, then! I feel quite confident that if he did come to the MLS, it would be the New York Red Bulls. Xabi is a New York kinda guy. He can feel free to buy a nice brownstone out here in Park Slope and c’mon over to mine to borrow a cup of organic high end sugar any old time he wants. The article also sees Arbeloa discussing his love of Game of Thrones and Silva putting to rest the rumor that he has Asian lineage (he doesn’t). It’s definitely a good read: A meeting with Spain: Alonso, Arbeloa and Silva get candid

Cuban soccer player Yosniel Mesa defected during the Gold Cup. This isn’t the first time this happened: two Cuban players defected during the Gold Cup in 2007.

A hearty mazel tov to Didier Drogba and his missus, Lalla Diakite, who remarried this weekend in Monaco. Lalla and Didier have been together since 1999. They had a tiny wedding back when they were still struggling as Didier tried to establish himself. So he wanted to give her the “wedding of her dreams” now that they could afford it (awwwww!) Their three children were a big part of the ceremony. Teammates Salomon Kalou & Florent Malouda were groomsmen. Even though the happy couple could have splashed out (like some ‘baller weddings), they kept it simple, just including their closest friends (I wonder if Mou was there?) and family.  Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich officiated (!!). No word  if Kitier Katba and Katou were the ringbearer/flower girl.  Congratulations!

And finally, witness the sheer horror of Wayne Rooney butchering the Beatles at karaoke while on vacation in Barbados.  I guess we can only be grateful that Andy Carroll decided to stay back at the hotel that night.

6 Responses to “Lotsa Bits and Bobs…”

  1. Jenny June 13, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

    Didier – I love him so much!

    If Mou was there he probably cried (and then blamed the pollen).

    Iker, honey – just don’t say it. If it’s about Cris – don’t say it.

    Poor Cris – what are they doing with him?

    Yeats deserves to run into Xabi – of all the people I know over at LJ, she may not deserve it THE MOST, but she’s definitely in the top 1.

    Wow – killer roundup!

  2. Ciotog June 14, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    Saw this video on youtube and had to share Javi speaking a little English- Beyond Cute!!!

    He speaks English @ 3:45 and again at the end;-) 🙂
    They ask Fernando as well 3:40 but his English lessons must not be as advanced as Javi’s so he passes it on. If a little extra tutoring is required-call me!!!


  1. SoccerMust.com - June 14, 2011

    Cuban Yosniel Mesa shares details of defection…

    Cuban soccer player Yosniel Mesa is starting to tell the tale of his defection following the national team’s Gold Cup loss to Mexico in Charlotte on June 9. According to The Charlotte Observer, Mesa ……

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