Some Quick Bits and Bobs Before Bedtime

15 Jun

Iker continued his “Hangin’ with the First Ladies of South America” tour as he met with Chile’s Cecilia Morel. He presented her with a pair of gloves that he wore in the 2010 World Cup. She gave him…a t-shirt with the logo of a program she sponsors that encourages healthy habits. It reminded me of one of my fave movies (Say Anything) when cinematic perfect man Lloyd Dobler says “I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Oh Lloyd, Diane Court wasn’t right for you! I was! ::sob::  Ahem. Anyways…

Marcelo was left off the Brazilian National Team supposedly over a game that he didn’t play back in March. He maintains it was due to injury, but some people said he just didn’t want to play in the match. Real Madrid issued a formal statement backing Marcelo.

Marcelo did not play in the Scotland-Brazil match due to injury

He suffered a blow in the league match against Atletico Madrid that caused a disinsertion of the abdominal oblique right muscle of the 12th rib

From / Translation by Michael J. O’Donnell

Marcelo’s exclusion from Brazil’s squad list for the Copa America has given ground to certain information asserting the reason behind it may be in the fact he missed the Scotland-Brazil match held in London on 27 March. According to said information, Marcelo didn’t want to play the game and said he had injured his back. Real Madrid CF wishes to clarify that Marcelo did not take part in the match because he was injured, fact proved by the medical examinations the player was subjected to at the time.

Marcelo suffered a blow to the right of his rib cage in the league match against Atletico Madrid and joined the Brazil team camp on 24 March to prepare for the friendly against Scotland. Due to persistent pain, Marcelo was unable to participate in the match, fact certified by the Brazilian Football Confederation on 26 March in an announcement stating the player suffered a “blow to the ribs” in a 25 March training session and that ensuing tests confirmed the existence of a “muscle contusion that rendered him unable to face Scotland.”

Marcelo returned to the Spanish capital and on 28 March, due to persistent pain, the Santias-Real Madrid Medical Services decided to explore the injury with a magnetic resonance following consultation with Brazil national team Head of Medical Services Dr. Runco. The magnetic resonance determined Marcelo suffered from “a disinsertion of the abdominal oblique right muscle of the 12th rib” and that he would miss “two weeks.”

This is the reason behind the player’s absence from the squad list for Real Madrid’s 2 April league match against Sporting Gijon. The Brazilian reappeared on 5 April to face Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League.

Real Madrid CF finds regrettable that the player’s will to play for his country has been questioned due to the version of his absence from the Copa America that has transcended.

Speaking of Marcelo, you still have time to get an entry into the Support Box for Marcelo! The lovely winkiss has extended the deadlines as follows:  EMAIL SUBMISSIONS can be sent until Sunday, June 19. Please take a moment to check out the link for this wonderful project and send a quick little email. I think it would be so nice for him to see how many people love and support him.

And Day of Sadness for the Premier League – here’s the list of  all 123 released players.  Rockin’ the free agent lifestyle is recent naked in the sea Drool alum Daniël de Ridder. Hope he finds another team soon so we can continue to gaze at him. Best of luck to all the guys as they look for new situations.

And finally, if you need a fantastic laugh, head over to Dirty Tackle and check out Carter Daly’s chronicles of Landon Donovan’s Gold Cup Adventure of Epic Broportions (Part I and Part II). I was howling with laughter. So many classic lines. I can’t wait to read more.

Nighty night, kiddies! Let’s hope tomorrow brings us more vacation snaps, outrageous transfer rumors (The Ramos to Arsenal was a doozy, wasn’t it?) and general footy related mayhem. Sleep tight. xoxo, Lozil

2 Responses to “Some Quick Bits and Bobs Before Bedtime”

  1. Laryssa June 16, 2011 at 5:45 pm #

    Call me a traitor, but I am Brazilian and I’m not a bit upset by Marcelo has not been called for the national team. I mean, I’m really sorry for him because I know he would like to defend the NT, but I – selfish as I am – prefer that he has a full summer of rest and joy and come back with renewed energy than pass a entire month of competition for a Cup that we already won thousands of time. And IF he actually faked an injury (and I’m not sure about that yet), I can understand his side. The preparation for those 18 days of madness was more important than a random friendly. Now I care infinitely more for Real Madrid than with the NT. I’m still not recovered from Dunga’s trauma and every single day a new dirt drama about our confederation is discovered. So, I’m on vacation on NT supporting…

    I wished Pipita, Angelito and Ezequiel could stay at home too. I really hate see them on their national kit – despite the fact that Pipita looks like a sexy beast in the Argentina uniform – because that means I will be forced to cheer against them and honestly I don’t think I will be able to.

    * Iker’s hair situation breaks my heart. I can’t believe he is getting balding. I think it’s a curse and I’m the guilty one. My daddy is bald and I remember I said a thousand years ago that I will never date a bald guy. Two balding boyfriends later, now I have to see Iker (the platonic love of my life) passing for the same drama… Come on, Karma, leave me alone!

    PS: Thanks for still posting everyday. I hate the summer time because I miss the boys immensely, but your blog makes the abstinence more bearable. 🙂

    • headbandsandheartbreak June 16, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

      Hey Laryssa – It’s so interesting to get a Brazilian perspective on this! I love a good bald man: Zizou, Timmy Howard, Raul Meireles, etc. so I’m hoping once it gets more…obvious that he’ll just have the strength to shave it off. No Rooney style transplant please, Iker!

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m going through withdrawal as well. At the very least, I’ll get a Daily Drool up each day, but we’re working on a bunch of other stuff to keep us all busy during the hiatus! 🙂

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