Bits and Bobs: Cesc Socializing, Water Wings, Victory, Bad Hair and Transfers

22 Jun

Awkward moments on the town with Cesc Fabregas:“Hey Gio, haven’t seen you since the World Cup Final! Wasn’t that day awesome?! Oh…um, never mind”

Cesc continues to live it up in Jakarta. He tweeted this picture of himself hanging out with Dutch ‘baller Gio van Bronckhorst. He wasn’t the only one enjoying himself today. New pix of the Torres family surfaced as well in the Daily Mail (along with Rio Ferdinand in a pool surrounded by women, but I don’t much care about that). Clickthrough for the ovary exploding cuteness…

Again, Olalla’s body is slammin’! I think she also has the most wonderful smile. They are just so cute together. Hopefully, they’ve got some SPF 70 on those tiny baby booties. Two things about these pictures kill me: Nora’s water wings and Leo playing with his wittle toesies.  Squeal! (Yeah. I have a soft spot for babies. So sue me. Move along, nothing to see here. ::Gruff exterior back in place::)

Congratulations to Spain’s U-21 team who beat Belarus today 3-1 to make it into the Euro U-21 final and gain an Olympic berth for the first time in 12 years!  It was really down to the wire. If you don’t believe me, check out the FT rundown: Spain U21 3 (Adrián 89′ & 103′, Jeffren 114′) – Belarus 1 (Voronkov 38′)  Yikes!

And speaking of U-21 players, wee Bojan may be on his way to Roma. Is it an excuse to show a shirtless shot of him? Yes. Do you have an issue with that? Yeah, didn’t think so. This news prompted this hilarious tweet from La Liga Loca:

Also inspiring hilarity? Dani Alves’ new hair style. I mean, dude, seriously, WTF?

Transfer news: Xabi Alonso’s big brother Mikel has signed to Charlton after his club, Tenerife, was relegated to Spain’s third division.

It’s nice to see an Alonso in England wearing red again, isn’t it? (Sorry, my Liverpudlian friends, you can’t have Xabi back. I love you guys, but I can’t bear to let him go)

More rumors: Apparently, Gervais Martel who is the president of RC Lens announced that Raphael Varane will have his medical at Real Madrid on Monday. Supposed price: 10 million euros. Many people feel this is excessive for an 18 year old especially when we have so many great players on Castilla that could have been promoted. I’m not sure what to think. It bums me out that our canteranos aren’t getting as much of a look in as I would like. I guess it all remains to be seen what Mou’s plan is. In Mou We Trust!

4 Responses to “Bits and Bobs: Cesc Socializing, Water Wings, Victory, Bad Hair and Transfers”

  1. Ciotog June 22, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

    I presume that Xabi’s brother is married ‘cos otherwise forget cloning I just need to get myself to Charlton, charm him, sort out a haircut and I’m set, talk about family resemblance!! My very own ginger beard!!

    What has Cesc done to his hair?- It’s the new gf trying to make him less attractive, it won’t work, if the Ramos has taught us anything, it’s that we know how to look past the ridiculous and see only the hot!!

    And Olalla, thank you for showing everyone how to rock a bikini (wearers of the dreaded monokini take note!!)

    Real Madrid what’s going on you can’t keep stock pilling the young cuties if you aren’t going to share them with us. I fear I will never again see half nekid Jailbait swaping a jersey (well not never but not nearly as regularly as I’d like) 😦

    • mumblo June 22, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

      I’ve never read anything about Mikel being married… is your passport updated? =D

      I love that he’s wearing a sweatshirt from Callete la Boca — that’s where Xabi got his (in)famous egg shirt! (Gotta love Una; she doesn’t scrimp on the details…)

      • Ciotog June 22, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

        Excellent Stuff, passport is o.k. but I wonder when pre-season starts? I’ll just have to get in there ahead of Steven Gerrard, Pretty sure he’ll be my main competition for Xabi mark 2, ahem I mean Mikel 😉

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