Bits & Bobs: Sami & Marcelo/Mesut & Sergio Play The Match Game

6 Jul

I was just about to hit the sack when Maisougio sent me some pix from SpasticRamos to post. Here’s Lena and Sami looking gorgeous! From what they’re wearing, it may be from the same night as these snaps. They are just a stunning couple!

Also up? Marcelo on vacation shots! Hooray!

Is that Enzo he’s pouring water on in the first shot? If so, wow! He’s getting so big! I love to see pictures of him with his son. Also, because I miss him so badly, here’s some goofy video of Marcelo mocking out Cristiano (as usual). I have no clue what the announcers are saying but they seem to be enjoying themselves.

And finally, remember how was I was joking around in this post about Mesut potentially shopping with neighbor Sergio Ramos for his screeching yellow trunks? Well, peeps, they have matching ones! Thanks to @Isabelx3JB over on Twitter who found this photo at Egyptian Nina’s tumblr.

3 Responses to “Bits & Bobs: Sami & Marcelo/Mesut & Sergio Play The Match Game”

  1. Gillian July 7, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    I am so pleased to have found this blog. Loving all the yummy pics!


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