UPDATED: Homeless World Cup: Upcoming Book Launch, Documentary, Donate

6 Jul

For those of you who don’t know, the Homeless World Cup is a competition that started back in 2003 and today reaches 30,000 homeless in 64 countries. Their slogan is A Ball Can Change The World and 70% of their participants experience significant life changes. You can read more over at the Homeless World Cup website.  The reason I bring this up is two-fold, there’s a new book about the Homeless World Cup coming out (with a signing in Brooklyn next week) and they are in the midst of fundraising to bring the Cambodia, Kenya, Malawi (first ever all women’s team!), Palestine and  Paraguay squads to Paris.  If you have never seen it, I highly recommend the fantastic documentary, Kicking It, which follows the lives of 6 players: Najib (Afghanistan), Alex (Kenya), Damien and Simon (Ireland), Craig (USA), Jesus (Madrid, Spain) and Slava (Russia) as they compete in the 2006 Homeless World Cup in South Africa. It’s available in the US for instant play via Netflix and so worth it! I was so into it – I cheered, I cried and I was on the edge of my seat during the matches. Click through to watch the trailer and to hear more about the book launch/signing…

It’s such a great documentary. As a fan of footy, you really owe it to yourself to see it. Just fantastic and it makes you realize what power the game has to transform people and lives.

Canadian musician/journalist Dave Bidini is the author of Home and Away: One Writer’s Inspiring Experience at the Homeless World Cup of Soccer. The book chronicles his experiences with Team Canada at the 2008 HWC in Australia. He’s launching the US edition of the book and doing a signing on Thursday, July 14th here in Brooklyn. It will take place from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM at the bar Woodwork which is located at 583 Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Members of the US Homeless National Team will be on hand to support the book launch and it we can cheer them on before they head off to Paris. Special thanks to my beloved watishista! NJOD for letting me know about this event. We’ll both be there and will attempt to drag the happily betrothed couple Shiggers and ginboonmiller with us as well. If anyone is thinking of coming, please let me know, it would be wonderful to meet you and to have a pint together!

And now, back to the donating bit.  The Homeless World Cup organizers are asking for donations to help bring the teams from some of the more economically disadvantaged countries to Paris to play. If you go to this link, it has places to donate for each of the teams (Cambodia, Kenya, Malawi, Palestine and  Paraguay) as well as a place for a general donation to HWC. For as little as 5 Euros (which is about $7.16 US – to find your currency’s rate, go here), you can help support a team. They only 39 day left to raise 10,000 Euros for the teams (2,000 each) and most of the teams only have about 150 Euros each donated to the cause.  It breaks my heart to think that they might not have a chance to participate in this life changing experience (watch the documentary, you’ll be turning out your pockets in no time, trust me) and I made a small donation to each team and one to HWC. But if we all spread the word, via Twitter, LJ or Facebook, perhaps we could help them get closer to their goal. Anything you can do to help would surely be appreciated whether it is a donation, spreading the word or both.

UPDATED: I have just been wrestling with evil LJ for almost 2 hours trying to post this info on ONTD_Football. LJ hates me. I manage to get the vids embedded and then all the text drops about 50 spaces. Any LJ whizzes out there who could put this up for me? I’d be happy to provide amended text, embed codes, etc I would really appreciate it!

UPDATE 2:  Finally got the dang thing up on LJ!  In the process, I found that you can watch the documentary online here.

6 Responses to “UPDATED: Homeless World Cup: Upcoming Book Launch, Documentary, Donate”

  1. GinaM July 6, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    Such a great organization, brought a tear to my eye while reading about it and watching the trailer to the movie. I wish it was available on Netflix Canada Ill have to go rent it from the video store! I am going to donate as soon as I get home from work! Also Ill tweet and facebook it and see if some of my friends will follow me too. Thanks for this post!!! I had no idea the homeless world cup even existed.

  2. notoriousjk July 6, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    One of my friend’s ex-boyfriend’s was a ref for the last homeless World Cup, and he said it was pretty amazing. I will definitely be checking this out!

    • headbandsandheartbreak July 6, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

      The neat thing is they had mixed gender teams up through 2007. In the 2008 HWC, they started a Homeless Womens World Cup which is played at the same time. That must have been an amazing experience for him.


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