3 Goals In 9 Minutes? No Problem For CR7.

21 Jul

And fangirl heads around the world exploded...

Ah, lovely! Some Criska to get the day started. If Cris performs this well after handholding with Kaka, they should start every game like this. A new ritual! I’m a bit slow on the uptake this morning because the game didn’t end until about 1:00 AM my time. I know some of you overseas had it much worse than I did, so I’ll stop complaining. Anyhow, coffee in hand, I take on the recap…

Kaka apparently had alot to say to Cris as they lined up. Cris is listening quite intently. (How cute are the kids accompanying them?) As usual, our starting lineup photo looked hideous. Someone’s always looking the wrong way, has their eyes closed, etc. Although Arbeloa looks quite sly, doesn’t he? Karim has his scary smile on again. Kaka looks like he needs a shot of Pepto Bismol. Argh.

This game…hmmmm… Let’s put it this way, it certainly wasn’t out best effort and not as spectacular as Saturday by a long shot.  It was a bit sloppy in the beginning, but to be fair, Chivas didn’t give us alot of room to work. They were all up on top of us.

But that wasn’t really the issue. There were alot of wasted chances and I have to say Benzema did not have a good game. He’s really going to need to step it up. I’m surprised that Mou left him in as long as he did. Ozil had a beautiful game, Coentrao continued to impress and young Varane was a trooper. He had a lovely header from a ball Granero (who also had a pretty good game) put into the box and he also made one hell of a tackle later in the match. He took a knee to the gut, but luckily, he was okay. 

The game got very physical at times. Marcelo was lucky to escape a red card at one point in the first half. Lots of shoving and roughness went on.

It seemed like it was open season on poor Fauxnando. Every time he turned around someone was taking him down or trying to.

He ate a whole lot of turf last night. He played the whole match and started in place of Xabi who was scratched at the last minute due to back pains (what the hell are they doing to these guys in practice?!).  As ever Cristiano took alot of hits too.

But boy oh boy, he gave as good as he got.  He pulled a total boner move around 56′ where he just bodily tossed a Chivas player to the ground which earned him a deserved yellow card. I have to say he was a dick about it too, being sarcastic and clapping. However, it did make for my favorite tweet of the night.

I think Cristiano and the popped collar are going to get a lot of column ink this season. Because let’s face it, popped collar usually equals “douche” in most people’s books. Sometimes, as in this case, it was applicable. It was a friendly game for cripes sake! Be friendly-ish. It’s not time for a pout. That said, Chivas wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy throughout the match, so six of one, half dozen of the other. 

I have to give serious mad props to Chivas goal keeper Luis Michel. He was a rock star for much of the game, making many saves and denying our boys. If he wasn’t in the goal, the game would have been a bloodbath like the Manchester United/Seattle Sounders game (7-0? Ouch!)  He kept the game scoreless until the 74th minute when Cris got his first with an assist from Benzema. I had been shrieking at Mou to take Benz off and of course, that’s when he provides the assist. Still and all, he didn’t have a good game.

Three minutes later, Pepe was on the receiving end of a penalty so Cristiano stepped up and made it 2-0.

Chivas fans kept on cheering their team though and the upper tiers were a mass of streamers and smoke bombs. The stadium was crazy loud last night, wasn’t it?

And in the 83rd minute, Cristiano earned his first hat trick of the season off of a bit of nifty passing from Coentrao to Ozil.

And that was all she wrote. 3 goals in a 9 minute span.  And after a very tired “Hala Madrid!” I conked out.  Here’s a couple of snaps from the arrival in San Diego. Marcelo and Pepe looking fly and Zizou, gorgeous as ever.

I’m curious to see who is going to end up playing on Saturday. Mou had this to say about the various injuries.

“Coentrao is on this team because he can play in many positions. I asked the club to sign a 25 million player that was versatile, not to sign competition for Marcelo. He had never played as a central midfielder before, but I had a feeling he’d do well. Alonso, Granero and Khedira are players who stick to their position, while Fabio covers more ground. He can bring a different dynamic to our game. I initially wanted him to play 45 minutes, but he played the entire match due to Xabi’s niggle.”

“The only injury we sustain is Sahin’s, but we expect him to be recovered by the time we’re in China. Xabi has minor pain on his back and Khedira is also niggled. Pepe and Varane can also play as central midfielders. We have the squad we want to have. Another striker would give us the squad we’ve always wanted. The thought of asking for more is far from my mind.”

Okay, Xabi has minor back pain. Sami apparently has a fractured fifth metatarsal. Mou is calling them both niggles. I wish Sami’s injury was just a niggle!  Wonder if this means that Sergio will be playing on Saturday?  How will the guys (and I!) hold up in the heat in Philly? This is going to be interesting, folks.

8 Responses to “3 Goals In 9 Minutes? No Problem For CR7.”

  1. Suzanne July 21, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    I thought Ozil had a fantastic game. So many beautiful passes and he created so many scoring opportunities! Just exactly what we love him for. 🙂 i was really wishing Benz would have capitalized on them a bit more because I’m always pulling for him too. I just hope Ozil plays in Philly despite playing so many minutes. Otherwise, I’ll be crushed!

    • Jenny July 21, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

      I love this comment. So much Ozil in it!

      I thought he was brilliant. Absolutely, completely, totally brilliant. 4 iron-clad scoring chances created, the pass of the evening for Cris’s goal. That pass had everything – intuition, anticipation, intelligence.

      One of his “would-have-been-an-assist-passes” was so breathtaking – it was for Kaka I believe (the stream was so crappy, I couldn’t tell Cris and Kaka apart sometimes – which should be impossible). He actually stopped for a moment, looked up, considered his options, didn’t panic and picked his pass. Stunning. I’d say that was the pass of the evening if Kaka had finished it.

      • Suzanne July 21, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

        EXACTLY as I saw it too. 🙂

    • headbandsandheartbreak July 21, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

      If Mesut doesn’t play on Saturday, this Lozil will go on a rampage! 😉

  2. Jenny July 21, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    Gorgeous recap. Perfect descriptions of the action. Lovely picures.

    I didn’t like the physicality of this game either – a lot of dangerous play with cleats up and sneaky nipping at player’s Achilles heels on both sides – and Kaka’s dive just made me smile – we have replay darling! God’s not the only one who saw that! But if Mourinho wants to call it “a winning mentality” well then – I will plop my rose-coloured glasses on my nose and leave it at that. Rosy perspectives – they make life so much easier to cope with!

    I loved the bit about you shouting at Mou to take Benzi off – I’m sure you weren’t the only fan watching who was doing that. I definitely was. I mean, I realize he was closely marked but his first touch was terrible – and then that brilliant assist out of nowhere. Talk about salvaging a game. I was so happy for him! He has confidence again, you can just feel it. No sad puppy-dog-eyes when he was switched off either – thank goodness!

    I wonder when Angel and Pipita are coming back. I miss them a great deal! I wonder if Mesut and Sami will get to keep the 10 and 6 – that 10 looks so fine on Mesut. As for Sami – this makes him “sechs”-on-legs – officially at last!

    I’m so glad about the “niggling”. I hope Sami plays in Berlin because National Mannschaft fans will descend on that place. They’d have been so disappointed if he wasn’t there. Please God and thank you!

    • headbandsandheartbreak July 21, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

      The Argentines have 2 weeks off from the Copa before they will rejoin the team. I definitely thought there was a lot of unnecessary roughness. I’m not sure that Sami has a “niggle” If he has truly fractured the fifth metatarsal, that can mean surgery and having the foot immobilzed in one of those boots for 6-8 weeks minimum. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this wasn’t the case. I’m hoping against hope that he will be able to play on Saturday. I was so looking forward to seeing him play. ::sob::

  3. Maisoun July 21, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    “Xabi’s niggle.” doesnt make me think of an injury…..

  4. SierraGutierrez July 22, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    Too right 1:00 am-ers shouldn’t complain! 😉 The game (for me!) started at 4 and everything wrapped up around 6. So 6:30 I went to bed, and 8:30 I had to get up again! :/
    After pulling an all-nighter the night before, I’m suprised I was even coherent!

    On another note; God the Mexicans play some brutal football don’t they!? :O
    I think Cris just got fed up really, same for poor Fabio, cuz he ended up with a yellow. (I think, the stream was pretty crappy, coulda been the Mexican! :L)

    Even Kaka ended up playing a pretty rough game, and I mean, come on! This is the dude who cried (cried!) the one time he got a red! ( bless him :’) ! )

    But I think Cris redeemed himself, and the rest did well to just keep their cool and not just lash out like “So you wanna play dirty, huh!?”

    In conclusion; glad we one, and know that next time this futbol fan needs a wrestling fix, I can just watch a Chivas game! 😉

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