Draw me something pretty next time, or dont draw at all.

22 Sep

Oooh boys you’re not making it easy for me! To write game posts on a loss & a draw in the same week…’tis tough, ’tis tough. Im also starting to believe that there’s a correlation between Real Madrid’s performance & the sexiness of their published game photos. I mean if I can screen cap the goods then the photogs should be able to capture those moments in hi-def too right? Damn it photogs, stop withholding the goods WE DONT NEED TO BE PUNISHED TWICE! *sigh* not to worry, I’ve found some yummies for ya!

Racing, Racing, Racing, this game didnt race by fast enough. Do you think the outcome had something to do with how close “Santander” is to “SATANder”? Seriously, they’re one letter away from Demonic FC. Have they been cursing us all week?…Arm yourselves Watishistas & get ready for a holy picspam.

We needed his game face...not his 'me you fuck fuck' face

Who is he thinking of??..or what is he thinking of? hmmm….

Cold shower in a bottle

Oh he was just Koo Koo for Kaka Puffs, I get it, I get it.

Oh! Before we get any further, when did Karl Lagerfeld become a footy coach?? Im a little afraid (could he be our demonio?) but welcome to La Liga Karl-zebub.

Some legs & thighs for your enjoyment…

A nice booty bump from Pipita…

Honey got a booty like POW POW POW

A couple times during the match, I was a little afraid for…Cris Jr’s safety. Tziolis is a little too grabby here.

CR Hammer - You cant touch this

And later, when I was sure Cris Jr. really took a beating, it turns out the boys just wanted to play Leap Frog.

I dont know who enjoyed themselves more, top or bottom? Who do you think had a better time? 😉 Apparently this was the game to be playing  because Benz also grabbed himself a Racing boy to play Leap Frog with!

Poor Ozi, he just wanted to leap, leap away & didnt give himself a chance to find a frog.

"Mesut you cant play alone!! Wait!!"

Mou wasnt happy with all that nonsense….

"You're dead to me, BANG!"

"But first Im going to smack you"

…he’s more of a Mouberry Mulberry Bush kind of a guy.

"Here we go round the Mouberry Bush, the Mouberry Bush, the Mouberry Bush. Here we go round the Mouberry Bush, on a cold and frosty morning!"

Soooooo….after 90 min we were left with…




and this..


Post-Match Comments:

Miguel Pardeza: “We were always in Racing’s half of the pitch, but they were organised. Real Madrid are forced to win in every pitch because they are subjected to the highest demands.”

“The key to the game was that we didn’t find spaces in which to create chances on goal. Our players tried till the end and, despite having good ideas, we lacked the ideal conditions for them to come to fruition. Taking only one point in two games obviously wasn’t in our plans.”

“This team is forced to win in every venue, but this sport is filled with uncertainty and our opponents also make good use of their talents. They don’t just concede the game.”

Arbeloa:“We didn’t do our best in our last two games. We faced tight defences and were impatient. We must improve on this.”

“We have to showcase our character. There is so much left in the championship that we can’t give up now. We will play a complicated match on Saturday and we have to take three points.”

Xabi Alonso: “We’re not having the best of runs, but we’ve got time to change it. The first thing we must do is win on Saturday. We are a united group of players who must all row in the same direction.”

“Our matches against Racing and Levante were different, but both opponents did well and we didn’t. We found it hard to create chances to score. Rayo are a tough opponent and we can’t afford more mistakes. Football isn’t science. Sometimes you’re fitter than others. We mustn’t lose faith; this is a long distance run and there is still a lot to be played.”

Iker Casillas: “Racing positioned themselves very well from the start and played a serious and organised game. We didn’t have many chances on goal.”

“The league is far from over. It’s still soon, but we can’t afford the luxury of dropping points because they are all vital and important. We have sufficient quality to create chances on goal and play football, but we must also acknowledge the merits of Levante and Racing. We must look to the future and fix the things we did wrong.”

“It’s worrying that we haven’t either of our last two games. It’s hard to swallow, but we must now move on and think about our next match. Our image tonight did not befit of a team like Real Madrid.”

Mou: “We had complete control over the game, especially in the first half. We played in our opponent’s half of the pitch after half-time and we didn’t have that many chances on goal. This is due to Racing, who defended fiercely and played their game well looking to take one point.”

“As a team we didn’t do our best and some of our players performed under par, but we tried to win and ended the game the way we played it: with two defenders, with someone playing in the middle and with two forwards. Kaka was a free agent and Xabi Alonso worked very hard in midfield. We had complete control over the last 30 minutes of the match.”

“We didn’t have the necessary dynamics. They were always broken by the passiveness of those who can’t affort the pace of the game to be altered. The pace was broken by simulation, by injuries, by the stretcher coming onto the pitch… We’re responsible for this because we failed to put a stop to it.”

“Our concentration was better tonight than it was on Sunday and I have a different overall feeling about the game. We dropped four points away from home last season in our first few games. Our main reference in terms of fighting for the title are Barcelona and if they win tonight they’ll only have a 3-point cushion over us, not a 30-point lead.”

“It’s less worrysome to draw a match in which you’re the only side that tries to play and win. We’ve dropped five points in two away games and that is worrysome. We will try to win and score goals on Saturday. We’ve scored one goal in our last three games and we must return to normality by scoring and winning on Saturday.”

Let’s not get too down though, hopefully we see a complete turn around on Saturday when we take on Rayo Vallecano. 3 points, 3 points, 3 points! I leave you with the yumminess that is Xabi Alonso & Benz Booty. HALA MADRID!



6 Responses to “Draw me something pretty next time, or dont draw at all.”

  1. conflictedinspain September 22, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    The only positive I took away from this match was the fact that Ozil wore his black headband again instead of the white one. I was even disappointed in their kits… Black jerseys with white shorts? Just added to the disorganization on the pitch. What happened to “pre-season Real Madrid”?

  2. Jenny September 22, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Our defensive midfield disaster is simply becoming more and more disastrous and obvious. After the Levante game, I had to be reminded that Alonso had been playing, he was that poor.

    After this game I did remember him – but only because he kept risking getting sent off – and because although he was in space for most of the game his passes were so crappy. He’s plainly been cursed, or was involved in the theft of a Pharoah’s pyramid or something.

    At any rate, I expect a huge improvement once we have Khedira back on Saturday. Watching Madrid is like watching the Argentine National team. Good defensive midfield (in theory) good attack (in theory) zero link-up between the two.

  3. Maddi September 22, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    At least Valencia did a great job as well! Good old Jailbait…

  4. Kristine September 22, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    Ugh. Where are our boys? come back to us.

  5. Andrea September 22, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    I’m blaming the draw on the fashion disaster on the field – black jersey, white short, black socks. Clearly this is the only reason to explain why our uber talented team performed like they did.

  6. Tania September 22, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    This post just made me feel a lot better *sigh* Cristiano’s sex face
    But our boys really need to get their shit together

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