¡Dalé equipo! Vamos La Roja!

8 Oct

Another match, another win for LA ROJAAAAAA!!!! Prague was good to the boys- 2 goals, no fights, & a clean sheet…maybe a couple injuries, but we’ll get to that along with all the pics. Check out that grip Arbeloa has on Albiol’s thigh…Zipi make Zape happy huh?

Lineup pictures never get old do they? To me they dont! Pan & Zoom all you want cameramen, and take your time!

Oh Hi Sexy Care bear!!

I dont think Sergio should make his Sexio face at the heavens…there be some pretty flustered angels flying about 😛

Cant post lineup shots without Iker present! Ah a profile shot, lovely.

Match starts, the whistle is blown! Sexy Care bear didnt keep us waiting for too long, by the 7th minute we already had our first goal. Ugh, they worked their Tiki-Taka magic beautifully! I was just in love with the passing, gorgeous. Xavi to Sergio to Silva, back to Xavi & to Mataaaaa!!! GOALLLLL!!!

Mata was happy, the team was happy, SERNANDO was happy. Nothing like using a goal celebration as an excuse to get close 😉 Or as close as they could get since they had to hug around a few people…

And then Arbeloa had to go & crash the party! I hope no one got tea-bagged…or do I?…sorry its been a long day.

Front view.

Side view.

Of course I had to go and get you guys a back view!

See, its all in Nando’s face. He is NOT happy that his almost moment got interrupted, tsk, tsk, tsk. It’s ok, it was the opening goal! You gotta celebrate those, there’s time for some Serrrrnando later on 😉

About 10 minutes later, Mata almost had another chance to score but was called “offsigh.” BUT in the 23rd minute our man Mr. Class SCORED!! I loved Xabi’s goal, it was just…perfect, so him.

Nando took a bit of a trip before the ball got to Xabi but eh, the ball made it to the back of the net & that’s all that matters! I like his “OH!” face though.

Feast your eyes on both goals, because thats all we got for the rest of the match.

Oh and guess who stripped at half time!!! Well you dont see a lot but we did see was worth it, all sweaty & luscious…say it with me YUMMMMMM. This is how Im going to choose to meditate now, instead of ohm its just gonna be pics like these & a whole lot of YUMMMMM. Oh that’s Nando by the way.

It wasnt a very eventful 2nd half except for one thing but we’ll get to that…Silva & Busquets made effort on goal, Mata was called “offsigh” again, Villa missed by a mile a couple of times, and Javi missed a BIG chance on goal! That was pretty much it..I really wanted a 3rd goal but it just didnt happen.

Firstly, in the 46th minute Puyol came on for Sergio. Its been a while since we’ve seen Puyi, he’s healthy & back with the NT. At first I just thought it was a routine switch, but apparently Sergio was feeling some pain in his thigh. Hopefully its not a pain he brings back with him from International break…he’s continuing with the NT until the Scotland game though so that’s a good sign.

Another good sign? Mr. Fernando Torres skipped his way to the bench after he was subbed out. Who wouldnt be excited to sit next to Sese for the rest of the match? “Yo Seseeee! Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me bebeee!” <–I know at least one person will get that movie reference (& if she doesnt comment I will ruin her newly Keratin treated hair) but if someone else gets it, they’ll be my movie soul mate! Ok back to the game.

Minute 70, the most awful moment of the game! Xabi didnt get De Jonged, he got Hubschmaned! It really was a horrible foul, spikes to his leg, flipping in the air..shit looked painful. Hubschman got red carded, as was deserved. Check out this close up, makes me wince every time.

The RFEF tweeted after the game that Xabi had “lacerations & a big bruise on the interior side of his left leg, which came from the studs of Hubschman’s boots.” [translation by MGEF] Im hoping and praying that Xabi heals quick, we want him back next week in one piece! Ugh.

Post match comments:


“He suffered bad bruising and a cut. He also has some stud marks, but I’m sure there will be no lasting damage.” [on Xabi’s injury]

“We played extremely well against the Czech Republic. The idea is to use all the players we have called for these two games against the Czechs and Scotland.”

“We have a number of quality players to enable us to have different combinations.”

“Our players have been involved in a lot of games and it is normal that some of them are tired. That is why rotating the team against Scotland is an option for us.”

“I saw Fernando in good form with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to be part of our team. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the right pass for him in the game but I was happy with his performance. He did what I asked of him and showed a lot of patience.” [on Fernando Torres]

“With Juan Mata and David Silva, we managed to create danger in the midfield, while Fernando was trying to push the Czech Republic defenders deep, so we can stretch the space in the attacking positions to move the ball.”

“The Czechs — especially in the first half — gave me the impression that they were a bit self-conscious against us.”

“When we played them in Granada, they gave us a lot of problems but we were the dominating team in Prague.”

Juan Mata:

“We beat the Czech Republic despite already having our ticket to the finals in our pockets, and the fact that they were playing for their place in the play-offs. We always try to play football to the best of our ability and scoring early helped us a great deal.

“The coach does not allow us to slacken off. I said a few days ago that we would play our final two group games as competitively as ever, and we proved it against the Czechs.

“It was very important for me to be able to play. There is huge competition­ to take part in every one of Spain’s international matches.”

“Xabi’s pass was worth half a goal in itself – he always provides plenty of assists.”

“I was very happy with the match, what with playing the full 90 minutes and getting a goal as well.”


So it looks like we’re going to see a completely new lineup on Tuesday when Spain takes on Scotland. Xabi & Xavi will be rested, VdB is debating whether to rest Iker, Sergio may be rested along with Torres [insert Sernando joke here] & Silva too. Villa may see the bench while Fernando Lloretne gets to start and Jordi Alba may get his debut with the senior team, I love a good debut so I hope he gets to play on Tuesday.
If Spain beats Scotland, then they’ll extend their unbeaten streak in qualifying matches to 22 games. VIVA ESPANA! Now let’s end with a shot of Iker and Xabi’s crotch.
[Credits: Bluenicole, GFSports]

6 Responses to “¡Dalé equipo! Vamos La Roja!”

  1. emily October 8, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    The goal that came after Nando’s fall down was made possible by his second effort at a back heel pass that kept the ball moving in to Silva, who then laced it through to Xabi. It was quite thrilling to watch. I would like to show the play to my daughter’s team before their next match. I took so many games notes about specific pass plays and player movements that I filled up my paper. You can’t teach that level of commitment and ability, tho.
    Those boys conducted a clinic out there. Would really like to have seen Javi score. That would make Una happy.

  2. jelena October 9, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    i’m just sooo afraid that this was the last time we saw nando in la roja squad. spanish papers had nothing nice to say really and, reading through comments, i got the feeling spaniards think his time on the squad is long overdue and that he has nothing to offer to spain, actually never had. so sad and soo afraid :((

    • Maisoun October 9, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

      I dont think this is the last we’ll see of Fernando, del Bosque only had good things to say about him & he’s the one who decides who is called up. I wouldnt worry too much.

  3. Zee October 9, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    lmao goofy movie!!!! And u cant mess up the hair lol its been 72 hours and I finally get to wash it! Was there a better shot of nando with his shirt off??? I want to see a frontal 😉

    • Maisoun October 9, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

      what is this?? are my eyes playing a trick on me?! No, sorry there was no frontal, or full frontal but I can photoshop one for you 😉

      • Zee October 10, 2011 at 3:32 pm #

        its sad how happy photoshop has made me lol

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