Sese Update

10 Nov

So what was Sergio up to in the days leading up to international duty? Well, he helped promote the Davis Cup Final in Seville for starters, while wearing a denim jacket and a dishcloth tied around his neck. Sigh. He still looks cute, doesn’t he?

Real Madrid also announced that they that will be opening a school called La Escuela de Integración Social ‘Sergio Ramos’  in Sergio’s hometown of Camas. Aw! That’s a nice tribute. Nando has a stadium and now Sergio will have a school. Pretty heady stuff to have a school named after you at age 26.  And last, but not least, there was yet another Sergio/Lara sighting and the big news is that Lara has bangs now. Not exactly sure how I feel about the bangs, but clearly she’s doing something right if she’s getting to go out with Sergio Ramos so what do I know?

Pix courtesy of GFSports, and Ballerazzi.

– Lozil

2 Responses to “Sese Update”

  1. HermosaChica November 10, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    I didn’t notice the dishcloth until you mentioned it, I was too busy being asphyxiated by that butt-ugly jacket!

    Mmm don’t like the bangs either. But I’m sure she’s getting hair tips from Sergio, and if I were in her place and he told me to walk around in bleached dreadlocks, I’d fucking do it!

  2. Maisoun November 11, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    I swear to fckn God if she convinces him to get bangs!!!! @$*#%*#&!@%&^$

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