One Less Trophy to Destroy…

27 Jan

…but PUTA MADREEEEE it hurts so bad!!!! Why? Why? I wanna know whyyyy football was a bitch to us!! *sigh* I don’t want to hear any of that “It wasn’t meant to be.” crap, I know why we didn’t win but I’m tired of talking about it. I’d rather talk about how freaking proud I am of the boys. The team put on a mighty display of courage & will to win, they told us they wouldn’t go down without a fight & they weren’t lying. I think it’s pretty clear which team has got the most heart and in the closeness of the tie, there are many things the team & us fans can take away from the match. We’re fighters (sometimes literally) and even though we didn’t win this one, we ain’t losers! So look out, CL & Liga trophies…we’re coming for ya. We will rock you, sock you, pick you up & drop you. 😉

You can’t put up a good fight without some good stretching. Enjoy the manty lined glutes & slick hams.

I don’t know who decided to photo bomb Sergio’s pic with their bum, butt I’m grateful they did…so is Xabi.

*Hip Thrust*

And so is Fabio.

*Lickity Lick*

A moment of silence was observed for Juan Carlos, ex-Barca midfielder & captain, who passed away on Monday at the age of 67. R.I.P

WHISTLE BLOWN!! We took off. Fifteen seconds in & Pipita was taking on Pinto, one on one. The opener was almost scored but Pipa was frustratingly off target.

Continuing to put the pressure on Barca, Cris made his way into Barca’s box with help from Kaka. Efforts from Alves & Pinto denied Cristiano’s strike, ugh.

In the 18th minute, we saw another opportunity that could’ve ended in a goal for us. Pepe was in the box & his header was uh..stopped by Busquets’ arm. No penalty given, cool stuff ref!

Now Ozi, fucking magic man that he is, had an amazing shot on goal in the 25th minute. The damn thing just pin balled between the crossbar & goal line! If only the goal line was just a tiny bit thinner, that ball woulda been in. His shot just has to be seen again, here it is.

It wasn’t until we were deep into the 1st half that we saw the first goals, goals I have no comments for besides that they were scored by Pedro & Dani Alves.

But the first half couldn’t end without just a little more frustration! Iker got himself a yellow card for trying to separate Madridistas from Blaugranas. Not so mellow with those yellows.

Coming back from halftime, a lot of people may have thought it was all over since we were down 2 goals but for Real Madrid…it was game on. They proved once again that a comeback is never impossible.

The boys’ comeback began with Sergio scoring with a mighty header (power of the hair y’all) even though it was disallowed, hitting net got the boys wanting more & it was just a matter of time to score goals that counted. Oh & ya, Alves going down so easily was bullshit. Sure he was tugged, but was it belly flop to the ground worthy? No. Cris received a yellow card for protesting the ref’s call.

The time came for Mou to make some changes – Pirata had come on for Lass in the 52nd minute and in the 61st minute, Benz & Callejon came on for Kaka & Pipita.

Oh 68th minute, how we begged & pleaded for you! Cris put some, much needed, hope back into all of us with his fab goal.

Thanks to the #10 who assists like no other.

Four minutes later and I was losing it. Fist in the air, tears in my eyes, Benz had scored our second goal! Assisted by the awesome Callejon! I dont think I could ever have enough sons to name them after my fave players…I need some pets…anyways, I was LOVING the moment.

Eeeeeeeeee! I was in love with Benz after that goal. Actually I was in love with all the boys at that point, they all continued to look for a third goal but never got one. One of the boys found a red card though..

It’s Friday and like Jimmy Fallon, I want to say Thank you…Sergio, for wiping your gorgeous face with your shirt so we can get a glimpse of those amazing abs when we’re feeling down. And Thank you…Iker, for making us love you even more after your “ you can go out and party with Barca!” <333

Ahh well that was the kind of match that left me thinking “if only this..” or “if only that..” but instead of tiring myself out (my emotions cant take it) I’m going to focus on how profoundly proud I am of our team & to be a Madridista. They put up a damn good fight & aside from winning, that’s all we wanted from the team. I. Love. Real. Madrid.


Post Match Comments:


“You sometimes score a goal without trying much for one and we happened to fail to score from four or five of our chances. We looked for more depth in attack through Karim and Callejon, with Cristiano Ronaldo playing inside.”

“It was easy to talk to my men during half-time. I had few things to change. Half-times are short when your team isn’t playing well; those ten minutes don’t seem enough. I only needed one minute today because my team played very well in the first half. I told them to keep it up.”

“I’ve played here with Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. Playing here isn’t new to me; I’ve done it before. We were excited and motivated to try to win. We knew it would be hard because we were behind on the aggregate score. I’ve heard someone in the dressing room saying it is impossible to win here.”

“Maybe Pep Guardiola congratulated us after winning last year’s final because it was a clean match without any havoc. If you like I’ll congratulate him for winning last week’s match. I have no problem doing so. They deserved to win that game.”



“We had a great sense of sacrifice and feel proud because we proved we are a united group of players and played better than Barcelona. I defend my team and we’ll make Madridistas proud. The fans must feel proud of the players. We’ll fight to earn that.”


“We should be satisfied. We should have won because we were better. I think we were unlucky, but we did a very good job.”


“We’re happy with our performance tonight. We didn’t win because we weren’t lucky with our chances. We could have easily won because we were better. We played better and had more chances to score than Barcelona.”

“We’ve managed to get rid of our psychological anxiety and fear to lose against Barcelona. It’s hard to be strengthened after being eliminated, but we realise we can defeat them and we’re looking forward ot our next meeting.”

“We would like referees to be fairer. The ref hurt us in small details. Some fouls and bookings we saw hurt us, and you can’t end the match when a foul has been made in midfield.”


Ahhh now, who’s looking forward to tomorrow? The team will take on Zaragoza at home. I’ll be needing a win before I head off to my bday dinner, so make it happen boys! HALA MADRID!!!



7 Responses to “One Less Trophy to Destroy…”

  1. Tania January 28, 2012 at 1:34 am #

    I really wanted this one but oh well we will get them next time you can count on that 🙂 I didn’t see the match but my Cule family was darn happy it was over before Madrid could score another goal 🙂
    I wa totally thinking the same as you all my kids are going to have like 3 names it’ll be like Cristiano Marcelo Pepe and Iker Mesut Sammi. I’m totally pulling a Harry Potter and not let my husband pick any of our kid’s names 🙂

    • maisoun January 28, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

      With names like those, it’ll always put a smile on your face whenever you call or yell at the kiddies haha I think Ozil would be such a cute first name & of course a little Iker would be adorable!

  2. Pamela January 28, 2012 at 9:08 am #

    I already names my dog Iker, I got him about a year ago and my friends all asked me why did you name him Iker? i thought you were a madridista, and I said: I Love my dog and that is why I named him Iker, If I didn’t like him I would have named him alves or busquets 😉
    My other dog is names Lukas (as in podolski) 😀 I got him around the WC and if I had gotten it my way than one of my 4 dogs would be names Mesut or Özil 🙂 but my dad refused to let me hehe…
    Anyways HALA MADRID!!! I expect an big win today!

    • maisoun January 28, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

      Awww how cute! Madridista puppies!! I love it 😀

      I had a series of sculptures I made last year & named them Sergio, Khedira, Cristiano, and Mesut based on their colors & patterns! Haha I’m a dork.

  3. Dia January 28, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    As the Barca coach said last year after their loss to RM, the Copa Del Rey isn’t as important as winning La Liga and the Champions League. We’re leading in La Liga……….

  4. sf January 28, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    Ohhhh I love our boys SO MUCH! They proved that they have character and heart, and they’re fighters til the end! Win or lose, Hala Madrid!

    P.S. Did Cris exchange shirts with Puyol? I spy shirtless Puyol clutching a white shirt.

  5. Elisha Buckley January 29, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    I’m sad we lost, but I’m glad that a lot of my friends watched the match and finally saw Barca for what they are. We were the better side and we KNOW that now, like what Arbie said about the psychological anxiety. If given another 10 mins we would have won that game, and without wrong decisions, we already had. I just hope we keep up this confidence and destroy them next time round!!

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