Updated: Moscow Presser

20 Feb

The Mister gave a press conference today along with Fábio Coentrão. It’s so good to see Fauxnando getting some love and hopefully, playing time. He was all over the place earlier in the season, but hasn’t exactly played a major role lately. Mou doesn’t feature a player in the press conference unless they’re going to play in the match, so it’s pretty much assured he will be playing tomorrow.

From RealMadrid.com

Mourinho: “We won’t kid around against CSKA; we will give our all in the match”

“We’ll have to be stronger than the adverse conditions we’ll face”
by Fernando Porrero / Translation by Michael J. O’Donnell

Jose Mourinho analysed tomorrow’s match against CSKA Moscow in a press conference given in the Russian capital.

“Fabio and I wish to congratulate the basketball team for winning the Copa del Rey after so long. They broke a negative streak in the championship just like we did. We send them our best.”

“CSKA’s squad have been together for a long time and that makes them very dangerous. They should be respected. We will not kid around against them and we will give our all in the match.”

“We’ll have to be stronger than the adverse conditions we’ll face. The grass and the temperature will be tough to deal with. These are new conditions for us, but mentality and ambition are stronger than all those factors.”

“CSKA have a similar team to the one I faced with Inter Milan. They’ve lost Vagner, but they have Doumbia and Musa. They are a strong side financially and a strong opponent.”

“I will not say who’s going to play because my men don’t even know yet. We’ve analysed CSKA, but we haven’t analysed our own strategy yet. We’ll miss Lass, but we have Xabi, Kaka, Granero, Sahin and Khedira with us. We’ll try to earn a good result to reach the quarterfinals. The tie is won in two games.”

“This match is too important to make changes to the team or reserve players. We have a solid squad and changes are made according to the characteristics of a game rather than quality. I’ve chosen the men I think will do better tomorrow against a team that has good tactics and is used to playing in the cold.”

“My first match in the Champions League was ten years ago against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. I like this championship because it’s based on knock-out stages. The best teams play it; they all like to be here. We’ll take one step at a time and think about reaching the quarterfinals before we contemplate any other scenario.”

“I don’t like to talk about individual players, but Benzema is working well for the team. His game has improved, he scores goals and works for the team both in attack and defence. He is becoming one of the great European players. I don’t want to talk about the Ballon d’Or. I just think about the team. We have a chance to win one title this season and that’s the general idea. That’s what we’re all focusing on. We don’t care about individual efforts.”

“My men have a great psychological attitude in every championship. Their mentality is very good and professional, giving serious performances in every match. I’m sure we’ll win an important title this season by working this way, but we have to focus on one game at a time.”

 Yep. I’m praying too, Mou. I hope our poor boys don’t freeze their fine arses off and that we come home victors. This is going to be a tough side. Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow have never met each other in European competition before.

Lovely Fabio also spoke and since we never get to see any pictures of him, I’m giving them all to you!

From RealMadrid.com

Coentrao: “We’ll have to forget about the cold and play to win”

“I don’t think the temperature will be the only thing that’ll complicate things for us; I’m more concerned about CSKA Moscow’s quality”
by Alberto Navarro (Moscow) / Translation by Michael J. O’Donnell

Fabio Coentrao addressed the media the day prior to facing CSKA Moscow.

“We’ll have to play, forget about the cold and work to win. I don’t think the temperature will be the only thing that’ll complicate things for us; I’m more concerned about CSKA Moscow’s quality.”

“We are a quality side and we have the best players in the world. All teams are favourites from now on in the championship, and so are we.”

“I want to play and I work hard every day for that. We’ve got a quality side regardless of who plays. I’m ready for anything and the coach decides who plays. I want to play in any position to help the team win and be successful.”

“I hope CSKA Moscow lose for the first time against a Spanish team tomorrow.”

Well, that’s a bit blunt, boo, but yeah, me too! As for the weather, I know it’s cold as hell there, but it’s been cold in Spain recently too and it’s got to be much better playing in cold than playing in 101 degree Farenheit like they did in Philly. That said, that kind of cold is hard to breathe in and can probably play havoc with the muscles. Lots of Under Armor in evidence tomorrow methinks. Wish the poor bebes could at least wear snoods. Training post next!

Updated: Now with extra added video clips!

– Lozil


6 Responses to “Updated: Moscow Presser”

  1. Sasha Twen February 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    Hahaha! Does taking Fábio to a presser count as obfuscation of tactics? The fact that he’s likely to play doesn’t tell you anything, as he might play *in any position*, no? 🙂

  2. Dia February 20, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    Anybody know when/where this game can be seen in the US?

  3. Allison February 20, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Did you see Alvaro’s Facebook comment today? “Yeah, it’s a little cold but no spooning!” 😀 At least I’m assuming “cuchara” means spooning like we mean spooning because that’s what I want him to mean!

    • jellyace February 21, 2012 at 9:16 am #

      Oh, that’s what he meant. The Googlish translated it as “no spoon.”

      It may be freezing in Moscow, but the boys look hot in this presser poster. Only thing, where is Cristiano?

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