Stretchin’ in Pamplona

31 Mar

The weekend hungover photographer apparently went along for the trip as the weird angles are in play again. The team stretched in the garden of their hotel. I love Google Translate because this is how they phrased it: “Real Madrid took place in the gardens at the rear of the Hotel Muga Beloso session of face lifts.” Ah! Now it all makes sense – that’s how they keep looking so good!

Karim is all like “WTF, dude?” I don’t blame him at all. The photographer is all up in his bidness. We do get a nice peek at Marcelo’s lower back, though.

Aston Villa captain Stiliyan “Stan” Petrov was in the stands today for his team’s match vs. Chelsea and took a minute to wave to the fans. We’re wishing Stan all the best in his fight against leukemia.

A hearty mazel tov to Nando who scored today in the match (a nice birthday present for Sese). Extra congrats to Marcos Alonso Mend0za of Bolton who scored his first goal in the EPL today! His grandpa was Marcos Alonso Imaz (better known as Marquitos) who was a  legendary Real Madrid player. Marquitos passed away earlier this month, but I’m sure he would be so proud of his grandbaby.

– Lozil

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