Post Clasico Comments

23 Apr


“These three points are important for us in the championship and they make us confident. Scoring against Barcelona hadn’t been enough in previous matches and they opened up their game looking for a winner after they netted the equaliser. The coach mentioned they would do this during half-time and we capitalised on it.”

“There are still games left in the championship and this victory is the product of the job we’re doing. There are still points at stake and we are two games away from winning the competition. We have to take another step forward at the Bernabeu on Sunday.”

“We knew what we did well and wrong in the Clasico of the first leg. We learned from that and we must now look to our next Champions League match.”

“The players sent a message to the fans in this game. Madridismo is delighted with the team and with the work it is carrying out. The squad is happy because the match and the three points at stake were important. We have to think about our clash with Bayern in the Champions League.”

“Every match is different and important. Nobody believed we would defeat Barcelona. We know the Bernabeu will be packed on Wednesday and we have to focus on turning the aggregate score around.”

“Ozil dispelled all doubts regarding the shape he’s in. Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player and must continue performing like this. We are accustomed to seeing him give great performances. He scored the goal that gave us the Copa del Rey title last year. He is the best player in the world.”


“We return home with three points taken against one of the best teams in the world. We believe we deserved to win. There are four games left and we still need six points to win mathematically. Realistically sepaking, the difference in points was marginal in these last few weeks of the championship.”

“We shouldn’t think about the past. You gradually learn how to hurt Barcelona and our latest clashes showed the difference between both sides was minimal. They also deserve credit and the results have always been well deserved. We shouldn’t dwell on it. You feel somewhat relieved when you defeat a direct opponent like Barcelona.”

“I would be lying if I told you we celebrated the victory like any other, but we’re calm because we haven’t won the title yet.”

“Nothing strange happened tonight. There weren’t any dubious efforts or challenges, and that’s good for football. Madridistas had fun with their team tonight.”


“We’ve taken a gigantic step in La Liga by defeating Barcelona. There are still points in play and we must show respect for our opponents, but winning here is taking an important step in the championship.”

“We behaved like a true team. Cristiano did an excellent job, but all of us played well from start to finish. It was a very important match and we earned a difficult victory.”

“We worked well from throughout the game, but we suffered after they scored the equaliser. We nevertheless reacted and won.”


“My goal was important because it gave us three points, but the victory is what really matters. I’ve scored in my last three games at this stadium, but what matters is the team and it gave an exhibition performance tonight. I wish to congratulate my teammates because they gave a very good performance. They deserve this.”

“Four games remain. The seven point lead leaves us in a comfortable position, but we have to realise the other games are also important. We’re in good form, happy and driven. We know the responsibility that comes with our next games. I am very happy.”

“We’re very happy about wining at Camp Nou and breaking a record. We’re having a spectacular season and we must keep it up on Wednesday in the Champions League. Bayern Munchen have a great squad, but we’ll face them at our stadium with our crowd. This victory makes us confident and we’re excited about getting a good result on Wednesday.”

“I wish team and fans to reach the final together. I expect the fans to be with us from start to finish on Wednesday. We need the Bernabeu to be the first player on the pitch. We are all looking forward to winning on Wednesday.”


“I’m happy because I scored an historic goal, but the victory is what really counts. I think the entire team did a good job and we must keep it up to the end.”

“It is very important for the team to win at Camp Nou and today is a perfect day for us. We gave a serious performance for 90 minutes. We worked hard and covered a lot of gorund.”

“Our match against Bayern Munchen will be another final, but we’ll do our best to win and reach the final. This victory over Barcelona makes us confident.”


“We are very happy. We played well in a very complicated game. The important thing is we won and played very well. This is very important for us and I’m very happy.”

“We have a very important game against Bayern Munchen next week and we’ll have to do our best to reach the final. Then we’ll have to play four more games in La Liga and we’ll have to try to win them in order to have a chance to take two titles this year.”


“This is a major step, but it isn’t definitive. This is far from over and we have ot continue. We have to finish off the great step we just took.”

“We gave a great performance. We controlled the game and hardly suffered. We controlled it perfectly. We have another important match on Wednesday.”


“We aren’t champions yet, but we’ve taken a major step. We celebrated effusively because it was an important match for us and our supporters. We played well and gave a solid performance.”

“We didn’t have a psychological block or anything of the sort about playing here. We deserved more than we got in recent games and today we did.”

“It was a clean match and the referee didn’t influence the outcome. It was a football game in which we were superior to a great opponent.”


3 Responses to “Post Clasico Comments”

  1. Izan April 23, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    Agree with Granero…

  2. jellyace April 24, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Mou was so placid during the match…I wonder if Karanka gave him some Prozac and then super glued him to the bench.

    • maisoun April 24, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

      I think Karanka should always take over when it’s Clasico time, it seems to be better for everyone. I don’t want Mou to keep his cool all the time though, I’d miss the little outbursts too much 😉

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