Animo Madridistas

27 Apr


Dear Madridistas, are you tired? Weepy? Not feeling like smiling at anyone? Have you consumed three times your daily calorie amount? If you’ve answered yes to any or more than one of these questions, you are suffering from Post Partido Depression and I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I’m right there with ya peeps, today sucked. Tomorrow may suck too but we’ve got to buck up, cheer up..well maybe not cheer up, but cheer on our boys for the remainder of the season. With only three matches left, we can take comfort in the fact that vacay pics are coming soon…I swear they better be good! But in all seriousness, congrats to Bayern for making it to the finals and an even bigger congrats to our boys! Coming this far in the competition is no easy feat, we fought the whole way through & faced worthy opponents. We have nothing to be ashamed of and we can be extremely proud of our team for all they have done & accomplished – in all competitions this season. The fact that they’ve done well doesn’t lessen the hurt of the loss, but we still have to support our team. We keep doing what we do and before we know it, we’ll be celebrating as La Liga Champions and praying for the safety of our beloved trophy 😉

With the aggregate score of 1-2, it was obvious we had to score & do it quick to get things in our favor. I was pretty damn proud of our boys & especially Cris for putting us in the lead within the first 13 min.

We scored our first goal through an awarded penalty, from Alaba’s handball on Di Maria’s shot in the box. Cris converted the penalty, successfully tying the score.

Never once did either team slow up the fight, Bayern was vicious in pursuing our goal but we had Iker to protect us marrrrvelously.

Cristiano made his way, as he does, into Bayern’s box in the 14th minute to put away his 2nd goal. Holla for our Germans who rocked it out & set Cris up, BEAUTIFULLY. Oh how I wish it all could’ve ended here!!! *sigh* It was especially beautiful to see they boys celebrate this goal & taking the lead. I had almost forgotten this moment happened, given the way the match ended…

Our lead didn’t last very long, as Gomez was awarded a penalty for being taken down in our box & Robben converted the penalty. The score was tied once again.

Coming back from halftime, the boys looked to break the tie with another goal but never found it, despite big effort & close chances from Benz. Bayern never succeeded at breaking the tie either, both teams were holding all to well.

Everyone was calling for subs to be made (I could’ve used a sub, as no match should go without snacks) and Mou answered by putting Kaka in for Di Maria in the 75th minute.

As it became apparent that we were going to have to try & settle the score in extra time, I absolutely, positively, felt like I was going to puke. Ah but I managed to pull myself together because 1) my computer is my friend and doesn’t deserve to be barfed on. 2) I didn’t want to stank up my creative space. Stinky blogging is no bueno!….no seriously, I was freaking the hell out.

Definitely my favorite pic of the bunch.

Mou saved our last two subs for extra time, Pipita came on for Benz in the 105th minute & Pirata came on for Ozil in the 111th.

Pirates shouldn't dive, they just shouldn't.

As it became apparent that we were going to have to settle the score in a penalty shootout….sound familiar? Ya, it got ugly again. Rocking back & forth, praying, kneading my face, rinse, repeat, that was me. The shootout was extremely tough to watch, I won’t be watching a replay EVER. The pics aren’t so easy to look at either so if you wanna skip through those, this is how it went:

Alaba – Goal   Cristiano – Saved    Gomez – Goal    Kaka – Saved   Kroos – Saved    Xabi – Goal   Lahm – Saved   Sergio – Miss   Schweinsteiger – Goal

I’m not going to talk about coulda, woulda, shoulda’s with the penalties, what happened happened.

When we thought it was all over, how AMAYSING was Iker to come back & make two saves for us?!?

And that was that, Schweinsteiger scored the winning penalty.

Our team received a standing ovation from the Bernabeu, as they deserved. We may have lost this one, but I’m still a proud Madridista on this glum Thursday now Friday, and I’ll continue to be so. HALA MADRID!!!


Post Match Comments:

Mou: (you’ve already seen his comments, but it wont hurt to read them once more!)

“I think it’s difficult for any team to reach the semifinals two straight campaigns and it’s also difficult for a coach to reach them six times in eight years. We deserved to win because both games were tight. It is more difficult to play this match when you’re still in the fight to win the league title than when you’re not. I remember the semifinals I lost with Chelsea against Liverpool. They faced Fulham in the previous clash with their reserve players, while we used our main men in our weekend clash and ended up suffering from that.”

“It’s our fault because we would have used different players in our previous game if we weren’t fighting to win the league title. My men gave a fantastic performance. It is difficult to overcome a 2-1 result. They knew they couldn’t make any mistakes and felt great pressure. They were also exhausted in the penalty shootout. Together, both sides missed five penalties. Only those who shoot miss. I don’t miss because I don’t shoot them. Those who miss have balls and aren’t selfish. They do their best for the team. I am incredibly proud of my men.”

“Everyone makes mistakes. Superhumans only exist in the movies. These men are the best at their level, but people criticise them when they miss a shot. These critics are like people who get exhausted by climbing two flights of stairs and badly need a lift. My men ran like animals despite the pressure and missed in the final stretch, but what do you expect them to do? Would you rather see them die or see Bayern drawing the match? They played to the limit. I’m not here to make excuses, especially for our opponent. Teams that win two or three titles in one season achieve something incredible, but it is very difficult to reach the semifinals in two consecutive campaigns.”

“The final will be disputed between the fifth team in the Premier League and the runners-up in the Bundesliga, and both used their reserve players this weekend, while Real Madrid and Barcelona faced each other in the most important match of the season in the Spanish league. People listened to me when I said the calendar had to be adjusted in these circumstances in Italy, and it made me happy. I don’t have that power or enjoy such respect for my opinions here in Spain. We’ve started the most important month of the season with mid-week games and it’s resulted in yesterday’s and tonight’s results. Bayern won and were luckier than us.”

“The squad feels proud. The players know they have nothing to be sorry for. I’ve told them to go home to their wives and girlfriends and not hide because they have nothing to be ashamed about. I will absolutely try to win this title again with this team. I want to win with these players. It was important for the club and for us to win the Copa del Rey last season. We need six points to win the league and it would be fantastic to do so. This team has great room for improvement and so does the club. Clubs have to adapt to the times. If they believe I can continue to add to the team by staying on, and my players believe so too, then I feel I will stay.”

“I feel the pressure of knowing my players are subjected to great pressure. I currently enjoy the joy of others more than my own, and the same goes during bad times. That’s why this hurts. These players have worked very hard. There are four games left in the season and we have to take the six points we need like we’ve done till now: on our own. We worked hard and fought mightily. We will have had a good season if we win the league title and it will allow my men to feel they’ve done a good job. We will be here fighting for the Champions League again next season.”

“The final will be a good match and I would like Chelsea to win, but I have great respect for Bayern Munchen. Chelsea were heroic yesterday and I know some people believe they are the lords of the game and therefore entitled to criticise Chelsea or Inter Milan’s victory two years ago. I know the Blues behaved like heroes. Chelsea deserve it and Bayern are there too.”



“We played well and had chances to score. Bayern Munchen are a good team and we wish to congratulate them and wish them luck. It was a vibrant match. Penalty shootouts are like the lottery and we lost due to bad luck. That’s all there is to it.”

“We have to thank everyone here for their support. It’s been a harsh blow and it’s hard to get back on our feet after tonight, but we must carry on and focus on what remains of the season. We should have fought harder to keep the 2-0 score, but we can’t ask more of the team than it did tonight.”



“We would have liked to reach the final, but this will not tarnish the great season the team has had and that we want to seal with the league title. Bayern were a great side. I’m proud of the team and of the season we’re having.”

“We are truly grateful to the fans for their support. The atmosphere at the stadium gave me goosebumps.”

“We tried everything but we knew we faced the likes of Robben, Ribery and Gomez. The match went through many different phases after our second goal. We can’t attack all the time. Penalty shootouts are unpredictable. Those who miss are those who shoot. I don’t think any player can be reproached anything.”

“We must move on. This hurts because we saw the final very near… It’s a real shame to be eliminated in a penalty shootout. It is something you never want. We must hold our heads up. I wasn’t lucky to score my penalty, but I was confident and I would try it again tomorrow for the team. You feel great pressure, but I’ve always withstood it well.”



“This match could have given us a ticket to the final and we started well. It’s a shame we didn’t keep the favourable result longer. We were a little tired in extra time and we lost in the penalty shootout. Bayern Munchen are a good side and we lacked a little more control when we were winning 2-0.”

“We came close, but we have a young and driven team. We had a good chance because we played at home, but we also faced a great opponent. Both sides slowed down in extra time because we were tired.”

“You can practice a penalty shootout, but it never resembles the real thing. We were all convinced of scoring our shots and we shouldn’t find reasons to why we missed. The match was intense and both teams knew what was at stake. It was a shame and we must move on from this as soon as possible.”



“We gave a very serious performance in the opening minutes but we didn’t manage to seal it. It’s sad, but we hold our heads up because we’re having a great season. We fought, ran and did everything to win.”

“We had a great chance and we’re all sad. We’re a team and when one fails we all fail. We gave a great performance and, as warriors, gave our all to win. We worked very hard and needed just a little more. We didn’t reach the final but we feel we’re a great side nonetheless. Penalties are like the lottery and you miss them when luck is not on your side. Those who shot them can be proud.”

“I am very grateful for the fans’ support. They helped throughout the entire match.”



“We were unlucky in the penalty shootout, but the entire team made a great effort after facing Barcelona on Saturday. We faced up to the challenge, but we’re sad because we deserved to play the final. The team and its fans are sad, but these things happen in football.”

“We have to take three poinst against Sevilla and we must only think about La Liga now. We have a very young and quality team. We’ll try again next year and I hope luck is on our side then.

“We’re grateful to the fans for their support throughout 120 minutes.”



“The team tried everything to reach the final and we’re proud of our players. We faced a team with great character that managed to recover quickly from conceding two goals in the first half. We also improved but were unable to break their defensive line. The match continued to unfold and we cannot forget the schedule we’ve had lately and how tired the team was. Exhaustion was noticeable on both sides. Penalty shootouts are unpredictable and won by the most inspired side.”

“The team is having an exceptional season. Our numbers in La Liga are incredible and we’ve reached very far in the Champions League, which is expected of us. We cannot ask our players to do more.”

“We faced a quality side that knows how to create ball movement. They should be congratulated because they managed to gain composure when they were losing the tie. Our players gave their all and it’s a shame. The atmosphere couldn’t have been any better, but that’s football for you.”

“Neuer is a great goalkeeper. He is very tall and covers spaces very well. He also is very intuitive. Our players took their penalties well and I think it was more to the goalkeeper’s merit to save them than to our players’ demerit to miss them.”


Sunday we take on Sevilla, I hope we give them an extra good spanking! They better, since us East Coasters have to be up at 6AM to watch it…fun stuff. HALA MADRID!!!!!!!



14 Responses to “Animo Madridistas”

  1. mygypsyspirit April 27, 2012 at 1:05 am #

    Seriously not going to pretend that I am not crying again…

    But my heart swells with pride knowing that we gave it our all. Moments happen. I think this proves that even our “superheroes” are human whether we want to admit it or not. I will never stop loving this team. Now more than ever. ¡HALA MADRID!

  2. dreamsequence April 27, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    Thanks for this. When the games go wrong, I get that post-match depression. No one in my life seems to understand, so it is nice to find that there are others like me! This time it has also resulted in snippiness, and I had to call out a friend of mine for badmouthing Cristiano’s attempt. I am fiercely protective of these boys. I also have to thank you for the cheering thought of vacation photos. Oh, what I would give to have them back in California.

  3. black widow April 27, 2012 at 1:45 am #

    yeah, today was a definite downer. for a brief moment, i had the mentality that even winning la liga wouldn’t compensate for losing the champions league, but then i shook myself HARD and smartened up.

    i can’t say anything anyone hasn’t already said before: they fought SO passionately and so valiantly and no one can fault their efforts. it broke my heart as a fan to see them lose, but even more so, it broke my heart to think of what they must have felt in that moment: the frustration, the exhaustion, the disappointment, especially after coming so far …

    i hope they can focus on winning the next two matches and then resting their starting XI for the (short) remainder of the season. they’ve more than earned it.

    hala madrid!

  4. Kait April 27, 2012 at 1:52 am #

    That game (although unfortunate the end) reminded me of the reason I fell in love with Real Madrid when I was 12. I’m pushing 24 now. But it’s games like these, that remind me why Madrid holds my heart. They fought so hard. Ozil took a hammering the entire match. Iker, well, he’s a saint. But through the fatigue, you could still see passion. We may have lost but you know what? It was a loss worthy of Real Madrid. That game was worthy of Real Madrid. And I’m proud of every single player. Including Christiano, Kaka, and Ramos. Because being a Madridista means something more than just winning or losing. So well done boys. Way to make me proud. There is always next season. Now let’s go win us a league title, shall we? Sergio needs another trophy to drop.

  5. Laurean April 27, 2012 at 2:07 am #

    I know I have said this so many times, but I think the world knows how wonderful our team is. It is phenomenal to witness how our men have come to grow and function as a unit, not just a group of men playing on a team. Mou spoke like the way a proud father speaks of his sons. I am grateful for him being with us, having the vision to mold our boys, and for helping them to create beautiful football. Ultimately that is what is comes down to, the boys played beautiful football. If they gave anything less than their all, then things would be different. But they gave everything they had, and we love them for it. Nothing will ever make me love them less. The magic of Madrid is something special, and I consider it an honour to be part of the Real Madrid family.

  6. Kiki April 27, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    I felt bad for Cristiano after his because I didn’t spot him again after. It was like he disappeared from the line up of Madrid players watching. He looked emotional. Sergio must feel bad too but it’s just how things happen sometimes. Just focus on la liga boys.

  7. M April 27, 2012 at 8:23 am #

    I just read this and I’m in tears again.

    I’m so, so proud of our boys. My heart broke for them.


  8. maisoun April 27, 2012 at 8:53 am #

    This really was a tough post to put together, way different than any other loss or draw, as you can imagine, so thank you all for your comments. Reading your words & sharing your feelings with all is healing! Watishistas are never alone! 🙂

    • Anonymous April 27, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

      I love our boys! I love Madridistas! I love watishistas! Hala Madrid! 🙂

  9. headbandsandheartbreak April 27, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    Great post, boo. For all the sad reminders it brought up, there is also so much pride in our wonderful team. And also thanks for making me laugh out loud “(I could’ve used a sub, as no match should go without snacks)” I just remember shrieking “SUBS! C’MON MOU! SUBS!” for a good chunk of the second half. 😉

  10. maddy April 27, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    dammit maisougio, why you gotta make me cry all over again.

    • maisoun April 27, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

      I’m sorry!!! I should’ve put a disclaimer at the top, huh?

  11. Elisha Buckley April 27, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    Argh the pictures of our players being sad just set me off 😦

  12. jellyace April 28, 2012 at 4:03 am #

    We played like champions, we lost like champions. Can’t be prouder of our boys.

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