Sevilla, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya.

30 Apr

Ahhh, the sweet taste of victory in the morning! Too early, I say. 😉 How was it for all of you that had to get up at a crazy hour? I know some of you loved the kick off time since it beats the hell out of watching matches at 2 & 5am, I tip my hat to you dedicated/sleep deprived Madridistas. My alarm went off and it took me longer than I expected to figure out what that funny music was & why it wasn’t stopping. See what the AM does to Maisougio brain? It makes meh crazy! Well it was worth getting up for because the boys pulled off the win, looked fab in the process, and now we have lots of pretty pics to look at.

Here are our little pretties arriving at the Bernabeu! They looked even prettier while warming up on the pitch, especially Ponyboy.

The boys wore shirts in support of Canales, who broke his anterior cruciate ligament in his knee (don’t know what it is but it sounds awful). Jailbait is out for another six months, how can you not feel for the kid? It’s beyond sweet that our team makes these kinds of gestures, but I find it so sad that we’ve seen so many ‘Animo’ shirts lately. 😦

Besos y abrazos make it all better.

Smiles from this guy ain't bad either!

The match started off QUICK! Fazio scored for his side after just 3 minutes of play. I, of course, missed the goal and started to freak out. At 6 am, you gotta be patience with me & give a girl some time to set up a stream! Anyway, the goal was disallowed because of Negredo’s foul on Pepe in the box.

Oh and since we won & all, it’s perfectly fine for me to gush about Negredo right? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez man, he is just the right kind of beefy. Ya sexy, man-beef-tree…don’t worry, I don’t know what that means either but me like him.

You know it was too early for me when every time I heard 'Coke', I was sure I heard 'Cocaine'...

Can't get to a bullfight? Be the bull.

The real – REAL – opener was scored in the 18th minute by….CRISTIANO! What a goal it was, you gotta love the way he did that run…pause…control..shoot. Work it, boy!

Fave moment of the whole match? Quite possibly!

Our fabulous man in red was workin’ it too, doing his fabulous thang in the sunlight. Hala Iker!! Hala Clean Sheets!

I think the sunlight brought out everyone’s fabulosity. Ozi received a yellow card for a handball & I swear I was just waiting for some Z-shaped  finger snapping & a hair flip!

"Puta, por favor!"

Too fabulous to give a fuck.

Benz had a couple solid chances to score before the end of the first half, but missed them. People got super negative as a result of his misses and my timeline was getting ugly. I remember reading “Let’s bring in Altintop, he’s probably the only one that can score right now.” Ok, first of all, shut up. Secondly, we score by creating chances, we’re not going to score off of every freaking chance – that’s why scores aren’t 13-10! Ugh sorry, rant over.Well, Benz made up for it in the 2nd half and I was glad he shut up all the haters!

Four minutes later, he was at it again! BAM with a header this time, off a cross from Sergio, which led to one of my fave ways to celebrate a goal…man holding. Men holding other men, it just makes my heart sing.

"Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh!"

Callejon & Sami came on for Di Maria & El Pirata in the 61st minute and our third sub was Albiol coming on for Xabi in the 76th minute.  Di Maria will miss out on the Bilbao match, on Wednesday, due to accumulating his 5th yellow card.

"Hey Cris.."

"Hey Ozi."

"OJ & Playstation at my house after we get outta here?"

So that was it! The match wasn’t the spanking I hoped for, but it was a nice 3-0 smack. Clean sheets are awesomeee so I was doubly happy about that,and I was triply happy about all the stripping that took place after the final whistle was blown! Behold!



Wednesday is most likely trophy day! Get yourselves ready!! HALA MADRID!!!



4 Responses to “Sevilla, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya.”

  1. Rose April 30, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    Since we won and all, I’ll let you have Alvaro Negredo, and I can have Javi Varas 😉

    • maisoun April 30, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

      Ahh he’s a yummy one too! Their good looking team always gets me excited for the RM/Sevilla matches….as long as we beat them, I don’t feel guilty for drooling 😉

  2. sweethearthalo May 1, 2012 at 4:33 am #

    The descriptions of the pics made me laugh so hard 😀

    • maisoun May 1, 2012 at 10:12 am #

      Haha I’m glad you liked them! Captions are my favorite part to write up 🙂

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