Mou gets to talkin’

1 May

Mou spoke to the press this morning before training and he got quite chatty, he spoke of preparing for Bilbao, winning La Liga (HOLLA!), the Ballon d’Or, Karanka, Zizou, and many more Mouy things. He looked pretty cute in his gold striped sweatshirt too, which I need to make mine, everyone’s got this pre-win glow about them that I’m certainly enjoying!

“I like to play in Bilbao. The stadium has a crowd that is passionate about football and that fervently supports its team. They are harsh on opponents. People who love football and the atmosphere of great games like to play there, and my team does. We’ve recently played in similar stadiums, like Camp Nou, the Calderon and the Reyno de Navarra. Athletic Bilbao play very well, but so do we. We will try to win in order to be champions, but they will do their best to defeat us and prevent us from winning the title at their stadium.”

“Other sides have faced Athletic when the latter have used few regular starters, but we won’t have that luck. All their main players rested in the previous game and they consider tomorrow’s clash to be important. We won’t be able to count on Di Maria because he is suspended, but this is normal because it is unusual for players not to have bookings at this stage of the season. Athletic have a solid squad and quality players.”

“We haven’t won yet, so the fact that I’ve won all three major European league championships is still hypothetical. We know we’re close and that we’ll achieve it soon, either tomorrow, on Saturday or later on. We are confident in ourselves and we’ll experience great joy when we win the title. I don’t think this will be my last La Liga title and I think we’ll have a chance to celebrate other things in the future, but one of my personal goals indeed was to win the three major European league championships. I will be very happy if I manage to do so, and I’m sure I will.

“My team doesn’t look to break records, but rather to win a competition as important as La Liga after a period in which our greatest rival has won it three consecutive times. We want to win this championship and records are always interesting and give the team greater merit, but the title is the main objective. Last season we could afford to focus on records because we weren’t playing to win the title in the last three games, but whenever there is a collective objective you have to make it your priority.”

It isn’t true that Zidane will leave the club. This club has a policy not to publicly deny all false reports. We are all responsible for the season we’re having; everyone’s done their part, be it players or equipment managers. Everyone tries to bring what they can to the table. As first team coach, and the power my responsibility gives me, I am delighted to continue with those who are working with me and I am grateful to all the players for their contributions and for all they are giving. We love them all, and the same goes for my coaching staff. I would like to say I arrived here with a family of four and now we’re a family of five because Karanka is now part of it too. Karanka’s future will be very simple the day I leave Real Madrid. He should remain if he wants because this is his home, but if he doesn’t he will continue to work with me.”

We have to win the league title because, if we don’t, this season will be dubbed as ‘the one in which we came close’. The title will allow us to say we’ve had a great season and it will have even greater value because we will have surpassed a Barcelona side people deem worthy and deserving of much praise. This team has great room for improvement because it is very young and we will have enough time to prepare for next season and be even better once the championship ends.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s main objective is to win the league title and his second objective is to win the Ballon d’Or. The latter isn’t won by the top scorer, but by the player who wins a great collective title. You cannot win the Ballon d’Or if you don’t win the league title or the Champions League. I don’t think Bayern Munchen or Chelsea have anyone better, so I think he’ll win the Ballon d’Or if he wins the league title.

“Guardiola has decided to leave Barcelona. When we coaches are dismissed we are deserving of solidarity and praise. Guardiola’s has been a personal decision and he knows what will make him happier. The important thing is that he’s happy with his decision. I’ve been coaching for 12 years and I will miss football in June, when there will be no more games to play. I wish he enjoys his time because that’s the most important thing in life. My decision to stay on as Real Madrid’s coach has nothing to do with who coaches other teams. That was my challenge when I got here and Real Madrid and Barcelona go their own separate ways. I believe Barcelona have capable executives and, if they believe Vilanova is the ideal replacement for Guardiola, we respect their decision. He will be our opponent in La Liga next season. We cannot wish him luck because they are our most immediate opponent.”





3 Responses to “Mou gets to talkin’”

  1. M May 1, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    “We cannot wish him luck because they are our most immediate opponent.” – LOL MOU DON’T YOU DARE CHANGE OK!!!

    • Jess May 1, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

      I thought the sameee thing!

  2. Cindy May 1, 2012 at 7:20 pm #

    Hahahah omg I love Mou. He cannot wish him luck.

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