Celebration Part IV: Luncheon And Comments

14 May

Back on the EBB and off to the Santiago Bernabeu for a celebratory lunch at Puerta 57 for the team, coaching staff and Board of Directors. Whew! Busy day!

I’ll have one of each for lunch. Ta!

Double As at the same table, pretending to ignore each other. It would probably work if Arbeloa wasn’t gazing so soulfully in Albiol’s direction while Raul “checks his phone”

Sergio looks a bit fed up with the rift, doesn’t he? He should just put a captainly foot down and tell them to get back to bromancing.

RealMadrid.com also had some translated comments from the players and FloPeezy.

“We have to thank the fans because they always support us. We will rest now before starting preparing for next season to win the tenth European Cup title for this club and make our people happy.”

“I’m very happy for winning a record league title. I’m also happy for our fans. We hope to return next year with many titles in order to see them again.”

“It is a real pleasure to be here again with all of you. This league title belongs to you Madridistas and citizens of Madrid. We want to thank everyone who’s come here to the Government of Madrid headquarters and to everyone who has supported us during this intense season. I also want to thank my teammates for a job well done. Being here means we did well and that our hard work paid off. Thank you all. Hala Madrid!”

“Thank you for being there all year. This league title is a reward to our work throughout the season. We hope to win many more titles to be here again with you all. Being here makes us very happy because it means we did a very good job and we hope to return next season.”

Cristiano Ronaldo
“It is very important that we took 100 points. We’re very happy about that. This team has a bright future ahead because these players are mostly 23 or 24 years old. I’m sure this squad will bring much joy to the fans.”

“I know I have the fans’ affection. I always give my all for this club. I do my best and give it my heart. Every day at Real Madrid is like a dream for me and I hope to enjoy myself many more times in the future.”

“I want to thank people for their great support to help us take a league title that was very hard to win. It is a real pleasure to be here. Hala Madrid!”

“Let’s hope it isn’t the last time we come here.”

“We’re very happy to be at the Government of Madrid headquarters. This is a good sign. It’s important to achieve somehting unprecedented; it’s beautiful.”

“We suffered to win this championship. The league is the hardest comeptition of them all and I am very proud to have won it. We hope to win more titles next year.”

“This is my first league title and I hope it isn’t the last to return next year.”

“This team is already part of this club’s legend. Its numbers will be impossible to forget and it has honoured our history.”

“We won this title in our 110th anniversary and we’re sure to have done it with the values that have been handed down to us by past generations.”

“Talent, devotion, sense of sacrifice and the defence of this club have formed a formidable squad that has won this league title with a magnificent coach who is in the hearts of all Madridistas.”

“It is a pleasure to be here after 38 exhausting league matches. We’ve fulfilled the promise we made to return last year. This club was born to win and we never get tired of it. We will continue to work to meet with you here again as soon as possible and we want to enlarge the legend of this club.”

“We’ve won 32 league titles in 110 years, and this was the toughest of them all. We’ve scored a record number of goals and also took a record number of points. The style of this team and its coaching staff is based on talent and hard work. These professionals have made history at the club. We’re convinced this drive to improve will allow us to give back to society what it gives us every day. That’s why we work so hard. We want to share moments of joy with all Madridistas.”


“Our numbers are incredible and these kids will be remembered as the players who took 100 points. Winning titles is part of Real Madrid’s history.”

“We have to start working again because this club doesn’t allow you to rest after winning a title. It wants its tenth European Cup.”

“It would be important in my career to make Real Madrid history. We have a lot to do even after winning the league title. Results always come when you work without obsessing about things. Celebrations end today and I’m already thinking about the future.”

“Any team would have settled for winning the title with 90 points and 80 goals at the start of the campaign, but we earned incredible numbers… We’ve established new records. It would be important for the team to win the Champions League after reaching the semifinals two years in a row and most of my players have never won the title. We will win next year or in two years time.”

– Lozil

7 Responses to “Celebration Part IV: Luncheon And Comments”

  1. sweethearthalo May 14, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Look how busy Esteban & Xabi are, their hipsterness doesn’t care about broken bromances. I bet they exchange their experiences from the last concerts & exhibitions in Madrid and plan their next field trip :p
    Hamit scared the shit out of me, as he always does. I don’t want to sound mean, but is it possible to send him over to Turkey this summer?

  2. Akemi May 14, 2012 at 1:22 pm #


    I love how their table is Portugese-Brazilian-Argentinean

    And oh, you hipsters, you make me swoon.

  3. callmebri2 May 14, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    Wait! I super guilty of just getting a quick fix and only paying attention to the pics….so I’m totally un-abreast of the “rift” between Alvaro & Rail. So someone please tell me what happened. 😦

    • headbandsandheartbreak May 14, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

      Well, who can blame you with all the pretty pictures? 😉 We don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden Albiol & Arbeloa stopped being joined at the hip after years of being attached. Arbeloa was hanging with Calleti for awhile then Pipita & Albiol got really close all of a sudden. They seemed to be as far away from each other as humanly possible for awhile, but now we’re seeing them in pictures again, near each other and sometimes even with each other. They’re also tweeting each other sporadically. They were together so much before that it was REALLY obvious when they stopped hanging out. We mused that it might have been over Raul’s refusal to get his haircut for awhile, but the hair looks good and they’re still not together. We are in mourning. 😦

      • callmebri2 May 14, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

        Again 😦 , thanks I did notice. Ahh such a beautiful bromance I hope they make up passionately!

  4. black widow May 15, 2012 at 12:01 am #

    “Double As at the same table, pretending to ignore each other. It would probably work if Arbeloa wasn’t gazing so soulfully in Albiol’s direction while Raul “checks his phone”

    i’m dying here, only because i have done exactly that with an ex after we broke up! jajajajajaja!

    speaking of bromances, check out kaka next to CR7! me gusta! i hope he doesn’t go anywhere, either. i know CR7 has moved on to portuguese bromances with the likes of fabio and pepe and marcelo, but there’s got to be a spot in his heart for kaka still, no?

    i wonder if iker ever secretly gets fed up sitting at the ‘grown up’ table and having to behave all the time, and wishes he could sit with his friends instead. although, knowing what i do of his personality, i would think maybe not — he’s so observant of protocol and responsibility and doing what is right and proper and expected. 🙂

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