Mou Takes His Special Oneness to Turkey

24 May

Mou spoke at a Leadership Conference in Istanbul today, he looks mighty cute with those headphones doesn’t he? Vacay Mou looks wonderfully cheery, I think Pipa would say he is “happy man, happy man.”

“One of the keys to success is having Mouberries. I am the only one who has them, therefore I am the Special One.”

“You’ve noticed them, haven’t you?”

Here is some of what Mou had to share at the conference:

Question : How is the morale of yours when you lose ?

Jose Mourinho : Not bad, when I am with my family afterwards. I’m a man of balance, I say to myself that was not something I wished and then I’ll get over it ..I focus on winning the next one..

Q : What’s your opinion on our players [ the Turkish players at Real Madrid ]

JM : They just could not start the season well, while their teammates had been at the training grounds, they went from one surgery to another. There are more Turks than Spaniards at Real at the moment and all of them are good guys, we’ll see the coming season will be good for them.

Q : Your reactions at the field draw a lot of attention ?

JM : I am a socially shy person. I belong to Football, my place is there. Do I have two personalities ? Yes, I do. But this is not being insincerity changed by emotions. I am a trainer, my reactions rely on situations.Good or bad..Barcelona games..My job is to get the best performance out of my players and emotions is no part of it only reactions. I feed on the games atmosphere. I will not be influenced by a roaring crowd of 90000 against you. There are many ways to be a good leader. It would be wrong to say ‘ my leadership is the best ‘. I am a good listener I care what my staff says.

Q : 2003 you have been offered the managing seat at Fenerbahce Istanbul. Why did you make the error of not accepting it ? ( the question was asked by Acun Ilıcalı, a prominent Turkish Tv producer and host and a Fenerbahce fan )

JM : I was young then….Fenerbahce was the first team coming up with an offer to me then, I had to pass the offer, I was with Porto back then and we just had won the UEFA cup, I wanted to stay there…and I stayed at Porto and we won the Champions League next year.

Q : How does a leader approaches his players, does he listen to what they say ?

JM : Every single of my players are valuable to me. I listen to them all, but I make the final decisions and am responsible for that decision.

Q : How do you make the squad selections? By feelings, by numbers and stats or according to recent performances ?

JM : Numbers show what you want them to show you. Everybody is a football expert, a pundit nowadays. But the truth is far from it, they do know nothing about football. What counts is decision making and an analytical observation at the toughest moment. The Munich-Chelsea game for instance ..Statistics are reducing the unknown..I prepare my team with assistance from statistics, but once the game kicks off I alter the plans.. a good knowledge of the game, logic and sentimentality replace the previous tactics.

The man is always working! He needs some family vacay time, take the kiddies to the beach, but please! For the love of God, don’t wear a speedo! Some Special One secrets must be kept a secret & tucked away under swim trunks.

Pics via Mourinha77


4 Responses to “Mou Takes His Special Oneness to Turkey”

  1. number1barcachick May 24, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

    what is going on with these men why do they look so good i mean what are they putting in the water in europe?

    • drea May 24, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

      I know, right? A lot of them seem to age really well over there. Mister looks quite handsome here.

  2. jellyace May 25, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Gwarsh…now it’s Mou rockin’ the Princess Leia ear bun look.

  3. Suse May 25, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    Wonderfully hilarious captions 😉 I’m still laughing at “You’ve noticed them, haven’t you?”

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