Nando on the Highs & Lows, the Blues & the Reds

24 May

Nando gave a long and detailed interview today, for his official site, on all things Torres. The first half is about this past season & future at Chelsea, while the second half is (I think the more interesting part) about the Euros & International duty. Enjoy the words & thoughts of the blonder half of one of our fave bromances!

I’ve included what I found to be the most interesting bits, but you can find the full interview here.

– In the two finals -F.A. Cup and Champions League- we have seen a Chelsea with identical schemas but very different attitude. From the team that came daring and to win offensively in Wembley to the ultra-defensive in Barcelona or Munich, What identity do you believe that shows better the spirit of the team?

The team spirit is always to compete. We learned to adapt to the stage and the opponent, appreciate their strengths and weaknesses and our limitations. We were able to apply the best tactics and the best attitude to win every time. No one can say that we did wrong.

– This Chelsea has shown that when it wants, can score any team, as evidenced at Camp Nou and at Allianz Arena. Do you think that potential to score has been sacrificed in favor of a strategy centered on containing defensive?

The strategy of the team has been to win the rounds. The results say that sacrificing our offensive potential to focus on our defense potential has been the right decision after studying and analyzing each opponent. There are moments when we can take the pace of the game while in others we can´t.

– How is life inside a Champions League final? Is it similar to those that you have lived with the national team at Euro and World Championships?

You cannot compare, they are different. Personally, Munich is the one I suffered more: to watch it from outside, to enter the field with all lost, living the last part the way it was … When Drogba scored the final penalty I felt an unbelievable emotion. My childhood dream came true. I could never forget it.

– Why aren´t you happy at Chelsea?

At Chelsea I am very happy and I never said the opposite. I still have a lot to do in this club, meet personal goals, confidence to return and love to thank. It has been a difficult year, I didn´t play much and my mind was like a roller coaster. I felt bad, very bad and I would not like to feel that way again. But I have never surrendered and I never will.

– How is your relationship with Di Matteo?

It is smooth, honest and clear. We dialogue a lot, but I hope to convince him that I can be the player he expects, someone indispensable, not anyone. I will keep working for it and, as always respecting his decisions. He helped me at a critical time and I am very grateful to him. He has proved he knew what he was doing.

– You have always received the support of the owners of the club, do you perceive that it remains?

My goal was to talk to them at the end of the season, I needed to know what plans they had for me. We’ve talked and now I have no doubt what they expect of Fernando Torres. I just want to start already next season.

– The ‘blue’ fans have shown an unconditional loyalty to your person, the titles are for them?

All you get in this club is for them. They have given me the strength when I was lacking it, they have excited me when I was sunk, they have shown why I have to be proud of being a Chelsea player. I have nothing but gratitude for them. Heartfelt thanks. My desire is to come back with more celebrations.

– Never been so long without scoring, what happened?

It was a mental block, I felt really bad. I felt very well inside the field this season because I have become a more complete player, but the ball did not fall inside and I felt I was never in the correct position. I watched many videos to study the movements of other strikers, including mine from my stage at Atletico and Liverpool. It helped me a lot because I lost the fear of being in the area. At this point, I also want to thank Steve Holland, assistant coach, for the work he did with me to help me.

– Do you really think on surrendering?

There were times where I lost hope and that never happened to me before. It’s the worst feeling in the world when you love your profession. I became the player I hate. Luckily is part of the past. Now all I have in mind to fulfill dreams.

– You will face Atletico in the European Super Cup. What a dilemma? You, avoiding to grow the history of your soul team.

Emotionally I count the days left for that game. I will win no matter what. I expect to play and not happen as in other occasions. It will be strange, but pretty at the same time.

– What do you expect personally from this Euro?

Just think on winning it.

– Have you ever feared to be out of the list?

Yes. I saw myself out. I never received a call with such enthusiasm.

– Is there still hunger for titles in this group that has won it all?

I have no doubt that we want to continue making history.

– Euro-World Cup-Euro in a row is a dream, Is Spain favorite?

Spain has won the role of been favorite and we have to accept it but this is worthless because you have to prove in the field. Three titles in a row is something no one has done before. If we can achieve to do it we will be a world reference because people will talking about this generation for many years.

– Italy, Germany, England, Holland, France, Portugal … Do you see this more difficult than the one on Euro 2008?

It will be very hard, I don´t know if more or less hard, but there are very powerful teams. The group is complicated and dangerous and the further crossings even more. We hope that others will worry about Spain and not the other way around.

– At Poland-Ukraine it will be eight years since your first major championship with the top national team in the European Championship at Portugal, with four wins and four disappointments where and why was the turning point done?

Germany World Cup was a key moment. We failed, yes, but we created a style, a belief and a team spirit that is still alive. Then of course the victory in Vienna showed us it was for real and in South Africa was the culmination. Hopefully Kiev will be the first time to win three straight, do better than anyone, be the team to beat for future generations.

– You recovered from an injury against the clock to attend the World Cup at South Africa, what do you feel now receiving the news of the absence of David Villa?

I can only send my support, my love, my esteem and personal admiration. What he has decided is well determined. He deserved more than anyone to be in Poland because he has proved to be essential for this team. We will miss him for sure. And if the absence of Puyol is confirmed, then they´ll be two very important absences for us.


Pics via  justalittleblue07 & forevertorres9.



5 Responses to “Nando on the Highs & Lows, the Blues & the Reds”

  1. Kristine May 24, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    Hey girlies, I sent you an email. Did you see that Elle from MGEF posted a Ticketmaster page witReal Madrid vs Celtic FC in Philly??? Whats up with that?

    • headbandsandheartbreak May 24, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

      Just saw this – went to the page and it’s been yanked from the database!

      • Kristine May 24, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

        It must have been fake. I went to the Ticketmaster site and it wasnt there

  2. manie May 24, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Whoever Fernando’s media advisors are need to have a better understanding of the media. The “I’m so unhappy, I’m not playing” followed by “I’m really happy at CFC” the day after Drogba says he will be moving on…not playing well to us lay folk.

    • Kate May 25, 2012 at 3:51 am #

      He never said he was unhappy at Chelsea. His exact quote in the Balague interview was:

      “I´ve had to spend the final on the bench. It was a huge disappointment when I saw the line-up, perhaps the biggest disappointment in my life. I thought I would play in this game and I couldn´t imagine not doing so. But in the end I could participate and offer the team something. I´m really happy”

      He just said he was uncomfortable because he wanted a bigger role in the important games. Drogba’s possible departure was known for quite a while anyway. It’s not a new development.

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