A Friendly 2-0

28 May

On Saturday, we said hello to the many new faces of La Roja and yesterday we said goodbye to most of them. All the newbies got some play time and took the spots of either the injured or those still on club duty, which is why it was no surprise that it took some time to figure out how the team was going to work and get the job of winning done. They succeeded in the end, with the subs at halftime making the major difference. With two more friendlies to go, the boys have got two weeks to get the Spanish machine running perfectly!

Hey Nando, what kind of ‘all access’ are we talkin’?

“How are we going to keep our love on the down low?”

Tormata chilled on the bench (while discussing some very important matters) before the start of the game,  lookin’ like some pretty fine cheerleaders. They eventually made their way up into the stands as the match got underway, so as not to be a distraction to the other boys of course.

The Saint’s got a holy bogey?

Starting out with a very different defense, being Pique-less, Puyol-less, Arbeloa on the bench…ess, we got to see how things were handled by The Ramos, Juanfran, Jordi Alba, and Albiol. I didn’t notice Juanfran too much but I do like Jordi Alba, he’s a little one with lots of energy, good energy. Maybe it’s just me, but these defense changes had me missing Capdevila! When the Euro list was posted, some of you commented that it takes talent & locker room personality to make the cut for Spain. Capdevila sure was both of those things….*sigh* why do they have to get old?

Hello my pretty.

“Defend well, hair still in place, bueno.”

“Down Sergio, no mas thumbs up.”

We had our defense, check. Serbia wasn’t really bringing the heat anyways, when they did they were offside, so there wasn’t much to worry about. We had our midfield more than covered, check. With Xabi & Cazorla in the middle, they allowed the team to dominate & keep possession..which we know means nothing when nothing is happening up front. That’s where the problem lied, we lacked finish. Negredo could make his way in front of the goal but couldn’t put anything away and Soldado would find himself in perfect position but with nothing to pop in. Ooh it made me anxious for a Villa miracle and for Llorente to join the team!

My fave moment of the first half was Xabi’s long shot from wayyyyy inside his own half, that would have made for an absolute stunner of a goal! He launched his shot after noticing Serbia’s keeper was way outside of his box and ended up only a few feet off of the goal. Only Xabi, I tell ya, only Xabi! What an opener that would have been.

Sorry, no. We still only have eyes for our boys on the pitch.

Halftime brought game changes and debuts for the newbies, Silva came on for Negredo, Adrian for Soldado, Benat for Xabi, and Alvaro Dominguez for Sergio. Monreal came on for Jordi Alba and Javi Garcia came on for Soriano, later in the 64th and 69th minutes.

Finally we got somewhere with the triple effort from Benat, Navas, & Adrian! Way to score on your debut! Benat sent his shot from midfield to Navas, who awesomely crossed it over to Adrian for the header. Look how the little ones work together!

Ten minutes later, Ivanovic looked to have brought down Adrian in the box. I didn’t see a touch, but Spain was awarded the penalty.I think it may have been one too many blades of grass that brought Adrian down… It was up to Cazorla to take the penalty and with his strike he made the score 2-0.

Little People Big Game

And that was that! A shifty 1st half, a better finish in the 2nd, and two goals. I think Wednesday’s friendly will be better…I leave you with a smile from the beautiful Javi Garcia!

Photos via GFSports, mrs-casillas, idratherbehome, & amistosa.


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  1. Andrea May 28, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    Wait a second…is that Xabi bitchface?!

    Love 😀

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