La Roja Workin’ For The Weekend

6 Jun

We’re only two days away now!! AHHHHHH!!! La Roja got to holding their first training session in Poland today, with equal parts working hard & hardly working…just how we likey. Or maybe you don’t care about training right now & all you care about is how Sergio’s hair is holding up. Well I can assure you its lookin’……it’s lookin’ um….well it’s lookin’.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, we’ll get Sergio to style it a different way.”

Sergio could always get styling tips from Fernanda Fawcett Llorente…

*sigh* I’m still not over it.

Yesterday he was reminding me of a macaroni penguin…still kinda does….but today he’s a bit more Calvin, don’t ya think?

“Juannnnn….Sergioooo….who’s going to help me up first?”

I think a happy Nando is the best Nando for the team and us right now, so whatever those boys are doing…keep it up!

Ok maybe this is the best I’ve seen his hair yet, but you know, I’m still crying.

Javi Martinez & Arbeloa were the two to speak to the press today and boy did they made a fiiiiiine duo. Arbie even spoke a little English!


How do you live with the competition from teammate Juanfran on the side?

Good; Well, I guess like all of us here, we have all come to help and how important the group. We all want to play and enjoy but I have a healthy competition with Juanfran and with other partners.

In the 2010 World Cup Selection Tournament began with a defeat. Is it important to start with a win to avoid the disappointment of two years ago?

Nobody likes losing a tournament start since a loss leaves you room to maneuver and the need to win the next two games. Looking to the trust, it is always important to start winning and that we will try. Nobody thinks to start losing

How do they live the presence of Croatia and Ireland? Do you see Spain and Italy as top candidates to qualify?

Croatia and Ireland are two great teams with great players. We will be tough matches, the Irish and Croatians are strong players, seasoned and physical.

Can you talk about the essence of Carles Puyol as a group leader?

It is an absence that has hurt us all because we all know the qualities as a footballer Carles. Strong, fast, quick and is always well placed, gives you ability to play high up, has much experience and is well known by all. The character has within it is out and we miss him but hopefully notice his absence as possible.

Javi Martinez

Do you think it’s better to face Italy now or should do it later?

The draw was so not worth thinking about if it was better to fight them later. We want to be champions of Europe, we want the title and have to deal with all selections to win. The draw has played well, we must face it and go for touch from the first game.

What do you think of the debate that was generated around the forward position?

We have people who are perfectly capable of taking the place of nine, with reference front, but we also have the option to play without a reference man. For example David Silva could play up there, as a false front, because he arrives and scores.

Do you feel  orphaned with the absence of Puyol and Villa?

They are two very important players are vital to the achievement of the last title team, but we are fortunate to have some players that can do the same or better than them. The well will supply.

How do you feel after the end of season you’ve had in your club?

At the time of losing the finals were very complicated, but that’s how football is, we now have the opportunity to get up, track, and get another title. These experiences help you to keep fighting and keep fighting to achieve new goals and not stop working until you can win titles.

How do you feel being a player who can play in different positions in the field?

Until this year I had always played in midfield, but following the arrival of Bielsa I  started to fill positions in the defense, I struggled a bit but I’ve been finding more and better and I finished the season well. I am available to the coach to play both positions and the midfield defense.




4 Responses to “La Roja Workin’ For The Weekend”

  1. sweethearthalo June 6, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    Is it my paranoia or just idk what, but don’t you think the Barca boys are always on the other side than the rest is? I mean, maybe I’m just to pre-occupied by Xavi’s words but still … it doesn’t feel right to me.
    Arbie is a super, super, super fine man. As well as a smiling Nando is. What do they do to him in the the National Team? As you said it- whatever this is, keep it on 😀

    • maisoun June 6, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

      I think all of the boys naturally just fall back into their usual cliques, same with the bromances picking up right where they left off last time they were on NT duty 😉 I TRY not to worry about any problems between any of the boys.

  2. black widow June 6, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    arbeloa speaking english … *thud* those years in liverpool served him well! 🙂 🙂 god, carlota is a lucky woman …

    as for the bromancing, i’d be lying if i said i didn’t notice the barca boys kind of stuck together, but i think that’s natural. we don’t notice it as much with the RM boys because sergio is here, there, and everywhere bromancin’, arbeloa and albiol are still in that weird reconcilation phase where they aren’t glued to each other’s sides 24/7 any more and iker, being captain, makes an effort to speak and see and hang out with everyone. so in the absence of tight RM cliques, barca cliques seem more pronounced, or at least that’s the way i see it. 🙂

  3. Allison June 6, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    God help me, when Alvaro speaks English my knees buckle!

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