UPDATED: Walkin’ & Talkin’ with Mata & Pedro

7 Jun

Two itty bitties were chosen to talk to the press today, it makes me wonder how the boys get paired up, is it a size thing? A random thing? I wish it were a bromance thing, then Nando would be up there instead of Pedro. They could make googly eyes at each other & maybe hold hands under the table…think about it VdB.

I think what I’ve come to love most about daily pressers are the walking photos & how stalkerish the photogs are willing to get! It’s all fun & normal until someone starts climbing shit, then things get creepy.

I love the confused looks on their faces! It reminds me of those pics of, I think it was Xabi, during the WC that were taken from either up in a tree or behind a tree. There’s a fine line between being dedicated & having a serious problem, I know because I lean towards the latter. 😉

UPDATE: More walking piccies!

“OMG Sergio is going to wish Nando a ‘Buenos Dias’ first, I’m never doing a morning presser again.”

Juan Mata:

“It was not an easy day to wake up to. To the world of football and sport, Manolo Preciado was a very dear person, someone always seemed endearing and from here we send a big hug to his family and appreciate all he has done. It is difficult to digest, from the Spanish NT we send all our support to his people and may he rest in peace.”

“Whenever I remember talking to him he was smiling, very happy and passed on that passion, joy and character to football, I find it hard to talk about him in the past and is a very hard thing. “

On the lack of scoring without Villa – “Without Villa the team misses goals of his numbers, but I think Torres, Llorente and Negredo are also very skilled at making important goals. Without David we miss out on more things, not only goals. However, it is true that this selection has a second line with a goal and may be a way to make more goals. “

On the fatigue of post season – “The season has been challenging for many, many competitions and minutes on the legs for several of the players, but we are prepared to perform at our best. The vision and desire are larger than the physical exhaustion and I don’t think it’s a problem. “

On his place in the team – “I have not spoken with Del Bosque. My goal is to play the most minutes and games as possible. There are a lot of competition but we can only play eleven. My goal will be to help the most in all facets, be on top and always keep us all together to support us. We all want the same thing: winning the European Championship. “

“Torres has had a difficult season and I think he deserves to be here. He is one of the best center forwards and has shown it in friendly matches. He will be a very important piece to our team in the EURO and achieve important goals. Torres has returned to his level with the confidence he has in himself and the capabilities he has. I always tried to tell him he’s a great player and he would be important for Chelsea and the Selection. He is very strong and this year has had this desire to be here. I learned a lot from him at the level of trust in oneself and football level. “

On their next opponent, Italy – “It is a very compact team, they have experienced players from the goal up front. Players that give a lot of balance, talented players … its a team that is always very competitive and it takes a lot to win.”

He also said that even with the amount of minutes he’s played this season, he still wants to go to the Olympics.


On Preciado’s death – “We want to convey our sincere condolences for the tragic news. We send lots of encouragement and strength to his family, he was a great coach and great person. “

On the lateral position he was working on during the first training in Poland – “The coach in these games and in the trainings had to use me to the side and I don’t think Alba is worried about it because he is a great level. It also suits me this position to pick up pace. “

On the pressure of being labeled a favorite in the tournament – “I think the pressure we have always had, to have the best players in the world. We are top favorites for the titles we have achieved and how we have achieved, but there are great teams like Italy, with very experienced players. The path of the Euro will be very long and go step by step. We know it’s difficult and hope to make a great Championship and finally take the title. “

“David Villa is very important in the team, a very dangerous player in the area. The ones here are training hard and the second line are international players with a lot of presence, Silva, Mata, Navas … try to get among the number of goals that David got.”

On his season in Barcelona & if he thought he was out of the Euros – “Obviously, at times I was out, I had injuries and I struggled to get into the computer. Luckily, I finished the day with confidence and the final of the Copa del Rey found me very well. Now I will work here to be the highest level and at the best rate. I feel good in form and rhythm. The coach decides if I can bring to the team and will be working one hundred percent by the time he decides to pay. “

“Mata! Mata! Were you the one behind Sergio’s hairdon’t?”

“Don’t let him ask anymore questions.”



5 Responses to “UPDATED: Walkin’ & Talkin’ with Mata & Pedro”

  1. headbandsandheartbreak June 7, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    OMG! Those pictures are freaky! Totally paparazzi shots.

    • maisoun June 7, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

      Right?? At least Mata hides the awkwardness with that adorable smile of his!

  2. Kiki June 7, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    How many times does Mata say goal?

  3. black widow June 7, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    juanin is adorable. those paparazzi, however, are not. vile creatures.

  4. Ally June 8, 2012 at 4:09 am #

    Is Mata trying to do the Pirata thing in one of those photos or does he have a headache?

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