Brazil Vs. Argentina Digital Program And Marcelo/David Luiz

8 Jun

The fine folks at the upcoming Howler footy magazine were commissioned to produce a free digital program for tomorrow’s match between Brazil/Argentina and it’s a doozy! But I’ll let them tell you about it in their own words.

Dear friends and supporters of Howler,

We’re really excited to share something we’ve been cooking up these past few weeks. It’s called Turnstile, and it’s our take on a digital reinvention of the classic match program.

About six weeks ago, as we were preparing to launch our Kickstarter campaign, we got a call from a representative of a sports management company called Kentaro. Mark and I had met him at MLS Cup back in November. Now, on the phone, he explained that Kentaro manages the Brazilian national team’s summer tour. Would Howler, he asked us, want to make a mini-edition about the Brazil-Argentina match that will be taking place tomorrow at the Meadowlands in New Jersey?

It didn’t take us long to say yes. We figured this would the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the kinds of writing and art we’d been working on for Howler, and it would come out just as we were trying to spread the word about the magazine. It was also a unique editorial challenge: How to make a satisfying, short magazine focused on a single match, in just six weeks’ time?

We decided to make it for the iPad, because Grace and Robert were already familiar with Adobe’s digital publishing platform (and the considerable burden of laying out the pages, embedding the video, and actually publishing the app fell to them). We’re very proud of how the project turned out. While it’s not the same thing as a digital edition of Howler, it is the best possible way to introduce readers to the kinds of art, design, and writing you’ll find in issue one later this summer.

There are several ways to get Turnstile: You can download Turnstile, for free, in iTunes. If the iPad format isn’t handy, you can get the same content in a hi-res PDF (the embedded videos are functional as long as you’re viewing it in Adobe Acrobat). That’s a large file (121mb), so we’re making it available without the embedded video here. Finally, we’ll be putting some of the stories up on our new tumblr, here.

I’ve already downloaded it and it’s a beauty. Highly recommended. Making me even more excited for the launch of the magazine.

Marcelo posted a few new pictures on his webstagram including a view from his hotel room and a touristy snap in Times Square. He and David Luiz took turns posing with Thiago Silva. Popular guy today, is young Thiago.

– Lozil

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