Bits & Bobs: Karim Goes Blonde, Xabi, Iker, Sergio, Kaka, Sernando, Irina, Lena, Marcelo, Bebes!, Wazza Up With That?

19 Jun

Don’t even ask me what on earth Karim is doing! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw these gifs on GF Sports. Someone mention it looks like he’s rocking Fabio Coentrao’s hair! LOL!

Oy vey. Karim, stick to shaving your head. Please. Someone who needs no fashion advice is Xabi Alonso. Here’s the behind the scenes from the Boss cologne campaign.

Xabi continued to up his hipster quotient. He posted a link  on Twitter to Of Montreal’s Wraith Pinned To The Mist. Take that, El Pirata!

Iker and Sergio both got into a bit of a social media friendly posting pictures of their friends at the Euros, their teammates and oddly, a truck painted in homage to Sese!

Vintage Iker/Xavi

Karim posted another one of his pre-match chunking deuces self-portraits today, this one with Franck Ribery along for the ride.

Another person posting on Twitter was Kaka. He posted this shot of a Florida skywriter praising the Lord. Or Jesus Navas. Depends on the day, methinks!

Before I forget, there was some Sernando (and Double A!) action as you can see from the team picture that Iker posted above.

Ah, I love both those bromances so much. I’m hoping that the Double As are getting back to normal. They seem to be hanging out a bit more, that’s for sure!

Irina was on the cover of Russian Cosmopolitan and watishista Tali kindly did a translation and shared it with us.

She was born in Baimak, a city in the republic of Bashkorstan, in a poor family. In a very short time Irina Shaihislamovna (the world knows her as Shayk) became one of the most wanted top models. Not only that, she also conquered the heart of Reals superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. We talked with her about how she manages to do it all.

About the lifestyle

Cosmo: Ira, how do you relax? 

IS: I barely have free time. Shootings in Vegas and Mexico, Oscars in LA, it’s all one to one. In New York there’s a crazy time schedule anyway: per day there’re 5-6 meetings with designers, stylists, agents, with other important people. The morning begins with telephone calls, after that there’s work to do; I go to sleep very late. I enjoy it to work without weekends, I feel useful and vivid then. I can’t be without work, but when I’ve some free time I sleep, read or meet friends.

Cosmo: We’ve heard that you like to write. Any plans to publish your works?

IS: At the moment all I write are planners.

Cosmo: How would your life look like if you haven’t become a model?

IS: It’s hard to say. My dad died when I was 14, since then my mom had two jobs. For me it was important to do everything to make my relatives proud. All I do I do for them.

Cosmo: You also do a lot for people you don’t know. For example you’re a part of the organization “Pomogi” ( What does it do? 

IS: For me it was a great honour to be a part of such an important and needed organization. “Pomogi” does auctions, buys expensive medicaments; it makes treatments for children possible.

Cosmo: Would you share your plans for the next half year?

IS: I plan to do cover shootings for magazines in the entire world, do a tour with Intimissimi- I work with this brand for 5 years now.

Cosmo: Many celebrities have their own cosmetics and clothes lines. Do you plan anything like this?

IS: A few years ago I participated in a line for swimsuits, but now it’s more interesting for me to be a model.

Cosmo: In case you’ll ever disappear out of our view, where can we find you?

IS: In the spa- I’ll have a message, trying to relax. Or in the near of my relatives, but I don’t think I’ll get lost in the global sense. In case I’ll have problems, I’ll solve them on my own- I’m a strong person.

About the beauty

Cosmo: Is there anything in your appearance what you don’t like?

IS: Of course, I’m far from perfection. Anyways, I’m someone who is sure that you can only achieve something and make your life better if you try hard. I’ll never agree to do a plastic surgery. Sports and loadings, that’s the healthy way to beauty!

Cosmo: Do you prefer in-or outdoor sports?

IS: I live in the near of Hudson and in summer I don’t miss a chance to go out for a run along the river. In the winter I’m going to the gym or my trainer comes to me. When I need to build up stress, we do boxing, otherwise Pilates.

Cosmo:  How big are the loadings?

IS: Sometimes I feel like I could have done more, I’m very critical about myself, I doubt there’ll be ever the moment when I’ll be completely happy about my body. I eat all I want, my schedule doesn’t allow me to eat normal, I’ve flights non-stop, but still, I try to take care about my health and do some sports.

Cosmo: What music do you listen to while exercising?

IS: I like hip-hop and R&B. When I exercise I’ve Kanye West on, Jay-Z, Chris Brown. Top five: 
You The Boss, She Will and Mirror by Lil Waine, Runaway by Kanye West, Mr. Wrong by Mary J. Blige.

Cosmo: It was written that at home you make some specials masks … can you write down the recipes?

IS: Instead of buying peelings I mix up salt or sugar with honey and rub it in the needed places. Another possibility is to use grinded coffee beans for the same purpose. As masks I use cut strawberries or other berries.

Cosmo: Are you often using makeup?

IS: No, not at all. I have never used makeup just for going out. I ignore even lip gloss.

Cosmo: But you take care of your face, right?

IS: I clean it 3 times per day. I only chose natural products, no chemicals. If I don’t get enough sleep, I moisturize it with an ice cube or I do a mask out of this cube- it has a great refreshing effect.

Cosmo: Do you use de-toxics?

IS: Yes, my de-toxic is green tea. I also love fresh vegetables.

About fashion and styling

Cosmo: Do you have favourite restaurants or clubs?

IS: In New York there are good restaurants on every corner. My favourites are Nobu and Cipriani. I don’t go to clubs.

Cosmo: Are you doing internet shopping?

IS: No. I want to look at the stuff I’m buying, I need to feel every single piece. I love shops with vintage clothes the most.

Cosmo: What are the basics of style for you?

IS: I like it to mix up different brands, I love jewellery. I prefer laconic and finished outfits. I never wear many layers of clothes, it often looks cheap.

Cosmo: When you need to be self-confident, what are you wearing?

IS: My self-esteem doesn’t depend on what I wear. Even in sports trousers I feel self-confident.

About love

Cosmo: What do you prefer: An evening with your girls or a romantic evening with your boyfriend?

IS: I like both.

Cosmo: What does the word “love” mean to you?

IS: In first place it’s love for your parents and relatives. This is, I think, the reason of life.

Lena was at Germany’s match on June 9th, wearing Sami’s jersey and hanging out with his dad. She looks fabulous as ever.

Marcelo is having a ball with his webstagram account, letting us in on his day to day life (the dentist? Really?) but the ones that make us melt are his shots with his “love”, son Enzo.

Here’s wee Enzo offering the camera an olive. So adorable! Speaking of bebes, many more have been in evidence lately. Kaka’s Luca turned 4 today (already?!) celebrating with a Disney cake.

Luca Reina was cheering on his papi the other day. I can’t believe how big he’s getting either! Seems like he was just born yesterday. He looks just like his daddy.

Cheering on her daddy, Italy left back Federico Balzaretti, was tiny Julia in her Azzurri shirt. Her mama is the beautiful Eleonora Abbagnato, prima ballerina of the Opera de Paris.

I was missing Guti so I checked out his Twitter. He posted this compilation of pictures of him and Raul last month, but I somehow missed it. It’s making me all verklempt.

Wayne Rooney’s hair continues to confuse, horrify and slightly enrage me. Wazza however, could care less, since he scored the goal in today’s match. And finally, Chelsea employees managed to drop the Champions League Cup! Bandwagon jumpers!

Photos/gifs courtesy of Daylife, GF Sports and Sernando LJ.

– Lozil

7 Responses to “Bits & Bobs: Karim Goes Blonde, Xabi, Iker, Sergio, Kaka, Sernando, Irina, Lena, Marcelo, Bebes!, Wazza Up With That?”

  1. sweethearthalo June 20, 2012 at 5:29 am #

    There was also an adorable pic of Carlota and Alba cheering for their man 😉
    I get so used to the bromance again, what will I do when the Euros come to an end? *sigh*

  2. jellyace June 20, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

    I know I asked for a pic of Karim with hair, but this was not what I had in mind!

    We do know that Torres wanted to sit beside Sergio for the team photo. But with an empty seat on either side of The Ramos, Torres had a decision to make. Maybe he didn’t quite like the smell of the other Fernando, and so he ended up between Sergio and Arbeloa!

    Thank you, Tali, for translating the article on Irina. I learned many things about her and that made me appreciate her much more.

    • sweethearthalo June 20, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

      No problem 🙂 She seems to be so humble and I love it how she never speaks about her relationship to Cristiano. Sigh, the two are just too cute.

  3. kfunk22 June 21, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    my god, benzema looks better in that wig than rooney does with his hair plugs.

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