UPDATED:Chattin’ it up with the Sevillano Savior & Victor V.

20 Jun

Hmmm…me thinks that Jesus should stick to saving & skip out on the pressers, all that could be got out of him was that the team is “confident…confident and happy….confident we’re going to win….” So today we learned that  La Roja is what? CONFIDENT! Victor V. was much more interesting, defending VdB & even praising Benzy.

UPDATE: These eyes are worth an update.


Since France has been doing a campaign, for months, against the Spanish athletes, is it time for revenge?

We are outside of this, what came out was certainly not nice, but we focus on Saturday’s game and go, we are very confident in ourselves and in the coach and only we have to focus on what happens on the game grounds.

Is France the strongest opponent that you could you face?

All competitors who are in Euro can be difficult, we are doing things right, we were top of the group and we have confidence in ourselves and think only of ourselves.

How do you assess the statements of Vicente Del Bosque in which he spoke about not celebrating the pass to the quarter-finals after the game against Croatia?

We were very pleased with what we got, we all had the illusion of moving to the next round and finally succeeded. We are very happy to be in the quarterfinals.

What game tactics do you expect from France?

They’ll come out to play the game. Defensively they are very strong, they are very close throughout the match and the counters are very dangerous because they have very quick players.

Does the fact of not having played well in recent games generate extra pressure?

We are very quiet, we are very confident and really want to go far. We must continue with confidence to face every game and that is the way forward.

Do you feel like the 12th player?

I feel very confident with myself and all my colleagues and I go out I always try to do our best. There have been goals with a number nine and without a number nine, the most important thing is the group, the collective and the union is in this locker room.

Italy and Croatia have changed their style of play against Spain, do you think that France will vary the way they play against you?

They have their style and are very attentive to us as we will have to be very focused during the game. This team has a style and a very defined and marked way, meeting face to face and which you will see on Saturday.

Do you feel more pressure towards the game against France?

No, we are calm. We are very confident in the group because things have gone well so far. We maintain the right level because it is to do something important.

How do you remember the game against France in the World Cup in Germany 2006?

It was a match played, but we changed a lot since then. We really want to address the meeting on Saturday and qualify for semifinals and still maintain the illusion of winning the title.


“I do not understand the criticism targeted at the coach, nor do I share it.”

“In football, things can go better or worse, but the results are there. I think the coach has got everything right since he took charge of the national team.

“He is calm and seeing how we are working to prepare for the matches. He wants to protect the group and make sure we keep doing things well and secure the results like we did at World Cup 2010.”

“They have the ambition to have the ball, but to compare them to Barca, that is something I would not do.”

On Benzema – “He is one of the most dangerous strikers in the world, that is why he plays where he plays and he does what he does. We will have to be very wary of him, Franck Ribery and Samir Nasri, of course.”

On Guardiola being linked to Bayern Munich – “I would be surprised if he takes up another challenge now, since he said he wanted to take a year-long sabbatical from football. He would fit in well at any club. No matter where he goes, I would like to wish him the best of luck, unless I have to face his club on the pitch. Bayern are one of the greatest clubs in Europe, and he would fit in at any club.”

Have you seen France play? Would you like to see Abidal at the match?

He is continuing with his program of controls and recovery but I hope he can attend the game, and it would be a great joy to see him in the stands. Regarding the France’s game, I think so, especially midfield up, they’re a team that likes to go much with many players and they have a great talent up to create problems. France has always been very well prepared physically, especially in midfield, and leverage to press continuously.

How do you take your role in the Spanish team?

I always said since I came to the selection, I knew my role. I’ve always been a professional, I owe it to my teammates, a coach who trusts me and that’s my role for the good of all.

Puyol is about to reach a hundred games. Would you like to see this fulfilled in the Camp Nou?

Any field can receive the selection. Today, it is fortunate to see us playing and certainly, any stadium that is ready to host a game of the selection would be nice. I hope that Puyol meets a hundred games and many more that do not stop there.

A word to your partner Abidal …

Any words of encouragement and positivity to him and his family. The important thing is to continue the program so that one day he could play games with us. He provides very positive things to a group as a person and footballer. It’s a shame that he could not play this game and certainly in time will be with us again.



3 Responses to “UPDATED:Chattin’ it up with the Sevillano Savior & Victor V.”

  1. Allison June 20, 2012 at 4:30 pm #

    Pretty, pretty, prettiness.

  2. maddy June 21, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    iniesta is just the cutest!

  3. mygypsyspirit June 22, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    Jesus’ eyes… They’re just….
    And I just have to say, Victor’s eyelashes are to DIE for! Life is unfair. *sigh*

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