Campeones de Europa!

5 Jul

Ah now y’all have seen the La Roja bebes, you’ve seen the boys get drunk on the bus, and you’ve seen Pepe’s show, well now we’re back to where it all began – the fab Euro 2012 final match! For me, throughout the tournament, La Roja just wasn’t wowing me. They struggled a bit to play their best or what we’re used to seeing, but I guess they were saving their juices for the final because they completely shined their brightest for those 90 min. They managed to dominate without boring us with non-stop passing, don’t get me wrong, they’re phenomenal at keeping possession but the attack is where all the excitement is, and they definitely brought it with the attack against Italy. No Euro Final has ever been won with a score of 4-o, Spain was the first to do it and each of their four goals was amazing. It was La Roja’s night to kick ass, win another title, and keep making history.

One of my favorite pre-match moments was watching Gigi Buffon belt out the lyrics to the Italian National Anthem, it made me wish I would’ve caught more Italian matches just to see him sing.

I’m a bit sad that we won’t get to see awesome fan pics like these anymore, now that the Euros are over 😦 I love that little crazy La Roja supporting family!

Did Mr. Green pack a snack?

La Roja was pressing hard on Italy early on, with efforts from Xavi & Iniesta. The little guys had it going on but it eventually would be another little dude to score the opener…SILVAAAA!!!

“Oh I love it at this length.”

What a pass from Cesc right before he slid out of bounds, and with that the rest was left to Silva’s forehead. Woot for early leads!

Pique made an oopsie.

A challenge on Silva, by Balzaretti, led to a Xavi free kick, which led to….our second goal of the night! The fabulous Jordi Alba scored his first senior international goal and it was a beauty. That little guy is a fast one.

“It says here I should congratulate you.”

I didn’t expect a 2-0 scoreline at halftime, but I was beyond happy with it. La Roja played an awesome first half & they were looking great going into the 2nd.

Di Natale came in for Cassano at the start of the 2nd half, he scored Italy’s only goal in their first round meeting and he was looking dangerous, once again, in front of Iker.

In the 57th minute, Thiago Motta was put into the game & just four minutes later, suffered a hamstring injury. With Italy having used up all their subs & Motta needing to be stretchered off, Italy was down to ten men for the remainder of the match. Sadly, it’s being said that Motta will be out for a month..get well soon!

Pedro came on for Silva in the 59th minute & Nando for Cesc in the 75th minute.

With just 9 minutes of being on the pitch, our number 9, with a perfect run, put one away becoming the first player to ever score in two consecutive Euro finals! NANDOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now, I knew I would be excited if he scored, but when you’re watching the game with someone who calls herself “the next Olalla” you’re sure to be outdone in the cheering & screaming department!

 Oh, but our blonde giant wasn’t done giving out goodies just yet..

Juan Mata came on for Iniesta in the 87th minute, getting his first minutes of the tournament…you know how I feel about other people who didn’t get to enjoy any minutes. After just ONE minute of play, sexy carebear goes and scores our fourth and final goal of the night! But more importantly, who set him up for the goal? Why it was Nando of course! All hail Tormata! Nando’s three goals of the tournament and his assist to Mata earned him the Adidas Golden Boot, who woulda thought?

With three minutes of added time, it was almost time to party, but not before Nando almost assisted a 5th goal!

From a Nando pass, Sergio almost back flicked the ball past Gigi and his effort was received by a collective ‘OOOOOF!’ of appreciation, the ladies were pleased and we’ve never been more in sync.

Finally the whistle was blown and La Roja had done it again! With accomplishments like becoming the first European side to win three consecutive major titles; VdB became only the 2nd coach to win the World Cup and the Euros; Spain equaled Germany’s record of three Euro wins; they became the first team to score four goals in a Euro final; and Iker equaled Edwin van der Sar’s record for clean sheets at the Euros, earning nine.

CAMPEONES! CAMPEONES! OE! OE! OE! Stay tuned for more celebration & trophy pics.


4 Responses to “Campeones de Europa!”

  1. shan July 5, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    1) Jordi Alba is just so stinkin’ cute. Seeing his exhuberating joy in his celebration was almost too much to handle.
    2) I’m always rooting for Torres to score and always hopes it silences his critics a little more. He had a great 15 minutes. Very glad to see him get la Bota de Oro. However, surprised the pichichi was only with 3 goles. seemingly very low this year.
    3) And the Juan Mata gol was just an added bonus. Love that boy. He’s super sweet and this adorably polite kid that you can’t help but want to see very successful in everything he does. and joder he’s doing it! -A World Cup, a sub-21 Euro Cup, Champions League, a Euro Cup with the senior national team… and possibly an Olympic medal?! He’s a force to be reckoned with 🙂

  2. ivetz July 5, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

    I’m still on a high… 🙂

  3. Allison July 6, 2012 at 12:00 am #

    That really was a beautiful game. Football at its highest level.

  4. jellyace July 6, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Some guys are lefties, others are righties. Mr. Green is overjoyed to be ambidextrous!

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