Bits & Bobs: Guti Clears Up Some Misinformation And More

20 Jul

The media has been saying that Guti retired for a couple of weeks now. However, I refused to believe it until I heard it from the man himself. Well, today he set the record straight after Punto Pelota posted a story saying that River Plate had made him an offer and because of Romina being from Argentina that a move might be in the cards. Guti don’t play that shit. He quickly got on Twitter and said that A) He hadn’t retired, he was just waiting for something interesting to come along B) he wasn’t going to play for River and that he didn’t want to play in Argentina, but thanked them for their interest and C) his favored destinations would be the US, Qatar or Dubai. End of story.

As ever, I extend my offer to show Guti around NYC if he would like to sign with the Red Bulls. It would be like my dream come true. I’d even get season tickets for that action.

Meanwhile, Guti’s lady Romina looked great in Ibiza. I think I want her work schedule. It seems rather flexible, doesn’t it?

Xabi Alonso posted a shot of his first swim of the day. Cruelly, he did not include himself in swim trunks.

Here’s a left over shot from his family fun day with the kids. Just adorable!

Sami is somewhere on a beach. He just posted this shot and said “Lunchtime” Sure as hell beats my tuna sandwich at my desk today, that’s for sure.

Marcelo posted a couple of quick shots on Webstagram with his Olympic teammates.

Guess who is back to training? Good to see you Guaje! Looking fine indeed. I’ve missed your bitchface. I’m sure we’ll see it soon enough. I can’t wait.

And finally, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the shootings in Aurora, CO along with their families and friends.

I was particularly moved by the story of Jessica Redfield who was a blogger here on WordPress. She covered hockey and was an aspiring sportscaster, writing for a number of sports publications. She was a girl much like many of us – she loved sports and knew her shit solidly. She was a passionate fan of hockey and worked hard to promote the sport. She was also very active in the You Can Play Project. In a sad twist, she escaped the mall shooting at Toronto’s Eaton Centre in June, which she wrote about on her personal blog only to have this happen to her.  She was tweeting with her friend Sporting News Hockey reporter Jesse Spector while waiting for the movie to start. Jesse wrote a beautiful tribute to her today as did the United States of Hockey blog.

When you read about someone who reminds you of yourself, it brings the tragedy even closer. It’s not something that happened far away to “other people” – it makes you realize that every person that was murdered had friends, family, hopes, dreams and plans for their future. Most of them probably led lives very similar to our own. They just went to see a damn movie, one that many of us have excitedly planned to see this weekend and lost their lives. It becomes personal and immediate to us all. And so we mourn their loss as if they were our own and rage against how unfair this was. What a tragedy, this needless waste of life.  And as always,  we think of how fragile and precious a thing life really is. If you are the praying sort, send one  up to the deity of your choice today and if you’re not, then just direct some good energy/thoughts.

Take good care of yourselves.

– Lozil

4 Responses to “Bits & Bobs: Guti Clears Up Some Misinformation And More”

  1. Manie July 20, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    So well-said.

    And if guti comes to nyrb, I might have to do the same and buy season tickets/hang around to catch him in his latest choice of green/red/purple jeans

  2. jellyace July 20, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    The killing of hockey blogger Jessica Redfield in Aurora, CO, is as shocking as it is senseless. I join the rest of the hockey community, and the families and friends of those who were killed, in mourning the loss of their lives, their futures, their dreams.

  3. sweethearthalo July 21, 2012 at 1:24 pm #

    This is actually scary. Just after I read this post I went to the kitchen to watch news and the first thing I heard was Jessica’s name and they also showed the post of ther blog. This got me goose bumps. So many lives wasted, without any sense. You said it right, they died with all their dreams and futures. I read today that there was a guy who went there to celebrate his birthday … well, this was his last birthday.

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