Trophies Aren’t Safe With Us Anyways

28 Jul

Vacation still on the brain? Me thinks so with that 5-2 scoreline. Mou said this would be a tough match, I guess I just don’t like it when he’s so…right, but hey it’s just the pre-season. Aint no thang but a Eusebio Cup. At least we didn’t go down without any goals at all, WOOT for Callejunny Bunny for scoring a brace! We can also WOOT about how awesome the boys are going to look this season in those fab kits. See? There’s always some good to be taken away, even when we lose, Los Blancos work it!

Shielding us from Mouberries is good Pre-season behavior, Mou!…Silvino apparently wasn’t so lucky.


Javi Garcia, the sexy beast, opened up the scoring after just 4 minutes. There really was no need in being frustrated that we were down a goal, since our boys are used to coming from behind and…sorry, lost my train of thought. 😉 Anyways, we did come from behind and SCORED! Callejon got the team going by scoring his first goal in the 18th minute.

It wasn’t enough for Callejon to equalize for his team, boy came back with another goal to put us in the lead two minutes later, this time with a booty boost from Pipita.

“Pipa, put your back into it!”


Garay not being nice to the booty.

“Oh God, don’t let Koo Koo Kaka kill me for this!”

“Bless you Carlos, I forgive you….this time.”

Well it was all good and fun having the lead for dos minutos until Axel Witsel (love his name) came, scored, and spoiled our little pre-season party, boo! Actually , we spoiled our own party with repeated mistakes & free kicks being given away… The downside of the 2nd half was that though there was an abundance of excitement & goal scoring, none of it was geared towards us.

Mou made some changes in the 2nd half, though they didn’t help score-wise, they were: Benz & Coentrao for Kaka & Ivan Gonzalez in the 62nd minute, Morata for the injured Callejon in the 72nd minute, Denis for Di Maria in the 78th minute, Alex Fernandez for Pipita in the 81st minute, and Lucas & Mosquera for Pirata & Juanfran in the 88th minute.

Upon entering the game, Fabio received a standing O from his former home crowd.

I wish there was someone to capture my *Oh shit, this is going to hurt.* moments in life. I’d have some pretty awesome photo albums.

Benfica finished off the last 3o-ish minutes with three more goals to seal their win. Enzo Perez scored his first goal in the 53rd minute, followed by Carlos Martins’ goal five minutes later, and once again, Enzo Perez scored the final goal in the 85th minute.

So we didn’t win the Eusebio Cup, but there’s still more pre-season to play and with all the boys back together today, we should see good things happen in LA…I can continue rhyming if you all like. 😉


Post Match Comments


“It was difficult because they were experienced players and their forwards exploited to our defence. Benfica were focused. It is normal. Benfica are good in term of fitness and have shown that today. I hope to win trophies and hopefully win the Champions League, but no title is won in summer. It was a pleasure to participate in this tribute.”

“There are no miracles. What do you expect? We have had very little training and we played today against a team that was playing his sixth game of the pre-season. We came here because there is a contract saying that we have to play and if we didn’t play there would have been a penalty. For me it was a special pleasure to play this game, for the guys from Castilla some great experience and for the first team tremendous and important physical test. Tomorrow there will be twelve hour flight to Los Angeles and I imagine they will be sleeping all twelve because of tiredness. I have many year years in football and have won 19 titles but have never won any in the pre-season. ”

“I saw that Kaká was tired, like everyone else. They have had few training sessions and have many minutes or matches in their legs. He’s done some good physical training, which is what this game was for us. But it is not an easy situation for him from the psychological point of view. He knows I respect him and that if he stays we will try to get the best out of him. He is a reliable and honest. Until 31st August everything is possible and tomorrow he will travel and as long as he is a Real Madrid player we will try to get the best out of him.”

On Coentrao – “He is a fantastic professional and is a Benifica fan at heart.”

On the Canteranos – “The boys are very good mentally and are always available. They love to be working with us and use this experience to apply it to their team. It’s a very good experience and at the same time it is important to demonstrate that they are prepared to play in the first team and that they see, as has happened with Morata, there is a way to get there. I am grateful for their enthusiasm and from tomorrow they go back to their normal life except for Nacho, Álex and Jesé. Hope they have a great season and enjoy it they are with the first team”.


“It’s a great privilege to be here and help the team and whenever the coach wants, I will be here. It has been great and on behalf of everyone I want to say thank you”.


“It is an honour for any academy player to be with the first team. Mourinho added the details of getting us in to train with the first team train and every day with them we learn from the best coach and best team in the world”.

“It was a good pitch, a good crowd and good team. They were sharper because they’ve had seven games and this was only our second. We have tried to do our best and although we have not managed to win was a good test for us. ”



3 Responses to “Trophies Aren’t Safe With Us Anyways”

  1. Allison July 28, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    El Pirata is looking skinny. Someone get him a sandwich!

    • headbandsandheartbreak July 28, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

      I noticed this the other day as well. He’s getting gaunt. 😦

      • jellyace July 29, 2012 at 11:34 am #

        I wonder if he did a summer detox cleanse.

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