May The Face Be With You

6 Aug

Poor Sami, he really knows what it means to take one for the team. Wins sometimes come at a price & unfortunately, Sami’s face was payin’ up last night. He looked to be alright after the hit…I speak from experience when I say it probably hurt his pride more than anything! It’s ok, he’s got an awesome goal story to tell that just happens to come along with hilarious footage, thanks YouTube. Can we all just thank the Lawd that the goal didn’t mess up his pretty? Thank you footy gods!

Opening up the scoring this time was none other than our classiest Madridista, Xabi scored off of one of his long distance rockets and put us up one in the 14th minute. There ain’t nothing understated about that man when he’s on the pitch, POW with that goal!

What are clean sheets again? Somebody remind me because I don’t remember the last time we kept one! Cristian Suarez equalized for his side 10 minutes after Xabi’s goal. I know, I know it’s just the pre-season and someone, or maybe all of us have, once said that it isn’t a Real Madrid match without a remontada…Realmontadas are what we like to see!

The first change was made after Suarez’s goal when Mou put Alex in for Jese.

Just like he did in the friendly against LA Galaxy, Mou had a whole new lineup prepared for the second half. Adan, Nuri Sahin, Sergio, Morata, Benz, Callejon, Sami, Kaka, Nacho, Pepe, and Lass all came on to finish the match.

If stills of his anger don’t worry you enough, here are some cringe worthy gifs!

Finally our Realmontada in the 72nd minute! Benz started the pinball action off with his shot from inside the area, PING!, which Sanchez saved, PING!, which then flew into Sami’s face, PING!, which then shot into the goal, PING! PING! PING! I think the biggest downer about Sami getting smacked upside the face, other than his pain, was that Ozi wasn’t on the pitch to soothe his bebe 😦

Heat waves were made for Pre-seasons, here’s some SHIRT OFF for y’all.


And that’s how we got our win, with a rocket launch and an ouchie. Bring on AC Milan, where the boys will venture into Lozil territory! Ozil may arrive at the stadium with the team but it cannot be guaranteed that he’ll leave with them. 😉 I’m not sure how fast NYC responds to Amber Alerts, but Lozil….girl, take advantage of Ozi’s funsized-ness, nab that little German, & make off with him!

Pics & Gifs via xiaoyao0620, alinnyderis, higuaingonzalo, scorres, benzipita.


Post Match Comments


“It was a different game to the one that we played the other day against Los Angeles Galaxy. They’re a team that has already started the league competition and came play their game. It challenged us more than the last match, but the important thing is to keep building. It was a demanding match and with more physical contact.”

” We still have matches and training to come, and also before the Super Cup we have a league match. This team continues to grow and has the ambition to win. With the quality we have and the group of people out there, this ambition gives us the strength for future and try to be champions in whichever competitions we enter.”

On Morata – “This last season his progress has been very good. He is a player who earning what he has with hard work and got him into the first team. He is here in very good circumstances and will certainly have his opportunities. He has very good potential. In the three weeks training with us he has been shown that he is ready to be playing with us.”

“The important thing at this point is to play. Nuri is playing wing-back and is doing well. He is the first to want to play anywhere and get experience. The important thing is that there are no injuries and those who play help the team. We only have Fabio on the left side and he is playing very well. Nuri also ready. We are happy with everyone: those who started early and those who joined later. It was a game to add to the overall pre-season workload and we are satisfied with the whole team’s work.”


” The coach gave 45 minutes to each player and that’s good. Pre-season is about us all getting pitch time.”

“It was very hot and it was tough. We are not used to it.”

“On a personal level I felt good. It was difficult, because it was very hot. But I felt good.”


“Very hard match , against a strong team that came more preparedAlthough they came more prepared than us, in the end we won and that’s important.”

“I am very pleased with my progress. I’ve been working three years with the coach, I’m working hard to someday join the first team, but now I’m in the Castilla and I’m happy. I’m playing in that position, both here and in the Castilla and the truth is that, although it may be tough, I’m happy.”




2 Responses to “May The Face Be With You”

  1. Caro August 7, 2012 at 3:25 am #

    I’m sorry… I was following up to the point where Xabi Alonso pictures were posted and then something about clean sheets (not for long…) and… I… that man is a life ruiner who has ruined me for all other men.

  2. MissLadya August 7, 2012 at 5:00 am #

    Sami’s face-shot just gets funnier and funnier, especially in slow-mo. Poor thing’s not really getting involved, just turning on the spot, watching where the ball’s going, and then WHAM! And, again, I bemoan the fact that Ozil had been subbed off. Y u break up our boys, Mou???

    Xabi is … well, damn … What a shot. What a man.

    Am starting to feel a bit bad for Cris, though. It’s understandible that he’s rusty at the moment (most of our boys are, for that matter) but he really hasn’t given the crowd much of a show so far. You could see when he came off the field in both times that he was disappointed with his performance. He’s also had a few none-too-graceful falls. To be fair, most of the crowd probably don’t even watch “soccer” on a regular basis and are only interested in his high-profile status, and the ridiculous amount of hype placed on him by the media over there is only raising expectations to staggering levels,. Hope he will manage at least one good run before the team heads back home.

    In conclusion: Sami needs to take his shirt off more often 🙂

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