In the New York Groove

10 Aug

So I’m thinking that the number of Watishistas in attendance at these pre-season matches directly affects the level of game we get to see! Once again, the boys rocked it out with a big score & a fab display of RM talent. Cris got his booty on the score sheet and it was not just once, but twice! We also got to see beauties from Di Maria, Sergio, & Callejon, along with an awesome 2nd half performance from Kaka. I know Lozil and a number of Watishistas will be hittin’ Philly up for the Celtic match tomorrow, let’s see if the boys will put on another spectacular show with the help of some Watish! magic.

Di Maria was back in action for the NY crowd and started in the 1st half along with Cristiano, Benz, Lass, Ozil, Sami, Coentrao, Pepe, Nacho, Varane, & Iker.

The boys took control of the match right away and were looking to get the party started with some early goals, efforts from Sami & Pepe were saved & deflected and efforts from Lass & Benz had gone just wide.  After 24 minutes of play, our first goal came from little Fideo, though there was nothing little about his shot! AC Milan’s Abbiati punched Ozil’s corner away only to have the ball launched right back at him & straight into the goal. Diiiiii Mariaaaaa!

About ten minutes later, we saw an equally gorgey display of talent from the AC Milan side. Nocerino’s brilliant touch and pass to Robinho set him up with the only chance of the match to put one past Iker. It was a very pretty equalizer but their scoring was left at that one goal.

What really needs to be taken away from Robinho’s goal, I’m talkin’ to all the players out there, is the fan inclusion bit in goal celebrations! I think I can speak for everyone & say that NONE of us would object to getting our hands kissed like that little girl. If you pay for awesome seats, you’ll be left with a little treat – that should be every players new motto!

Mou made fewer changes at the start of the 2nd half, this time around, Sergio, Xabi, Arbeloa, and Pipita came on for Nacho, Varane, Sami, & Benz.

It certainly didn’t take the boys long to get back into things, four minutes into the 2nd half and we had our first goal from Cris. A niiiiice ball from Lass & Crissy took it, scoring from no tiny distance! There was OOMPH & POW in that shot!

More changes came in the 60th minute when Kaka & Callejon came on for Di Maria & Ozil.

“Shiggers is sitting where??”

Cristiano’s 2nd goal came in the 65th minute and off of an awesome effort from Pipita & Kaka. Can I just say kudos to Pipa for putting his badonk to good use & using that thang as a super sideline slide cushion? Perfection man! And yay for Kaka and the way he finished off that pass for Crissy, it was lovely, as was the Criska embrace goal celebration. *sigh* Thanks to those three, we got our lead back.

Further lineup changes came in the 70th minute when Lass & Pepe came off for Pirata & Albiol. Nuri came in for Coentrao four minutes later and five minutes after that, Cristiano came off for Morata & was met with a standing O…..and returned the kindness by stripping on the bench. Gracias!

Kaka’s corner in the 81st minute created the set up for our next goal, this time to be scored by Sergio with a very NAICE header. That ball was untouchable as it bounced up off the ground and the score was brought to 4-1.

When things were winding down & the game was coming to a close in the 80th minute, Jesus came in for Iker, things were not completely wound down because our boys had one more goal left in them!

Nothing like a super last minute score. Callejon rounded things off nicely and we finished with smashing five goals to one, not bad, not bad! I can’t wait to see what goodies the match tomorrow brings! Maybe a hat trick for Cris? HALA MADRID!


Pics & Gifs via GFSports, MGEF, Pipitashaircuts, & Cristianoo77dd.


Post Match Comments



“We are trying to coordinate the training sessions and the matches thinking that matches are a complement to training. If players get too tired that would be bad news. People are in good form and it is unfortunate that the internationals will go away on Saturday and return on Thursday. In Los Angeles with have worked on overall teamwork and we have systems that we have been working on for two years. The group is strong, united and motivated. If we continue like we are then we’ll be in good shape to start the championship.”

“It is their drive, not something that I’ve imposed. I agree with them and it is the nature of a great club that always wants to do better and win more. We try to win every match without ruling out any competition, although the Champions League is on a higher plane. Every game is important and even friendlies in the US are important for meeting our fans, for our preparation and to promote soccer.”

“Last season we lost the Super Cup and won the record breaking league. I do not think that it influences the season. We will try to win it, like Barcelona, but we all know that we play four competitions and this is the least important. More important is the match against Valencia and it is unfortunate that on Saturday the players leave with their national teams and cannot be with us in a critical week. Spain play in Costa Rica, Germany against Argentina … the clubs are the most important.”

“Today many of them had a great game.” On Cristiano –  “He is part of the show and is training well.” On Kaka –  “I am happy with how he played. The most important thing is that he is happy and most important thing in football is that the player plays. He is a great player at a high level. If he stays, it would be perfect for me and if not we notice the difference.”

On the setting of the game – “Exciting and amazing. It is a historical stadium with a magical atmosphere. The crowd were wonderful and enthusiastic. They have had fun and have supported Real Madrid.”

“Barcelona did not win the championship, we do not know what they are going to do. We won more points than them in the strongest league. The final of the Europa League was played between two Spanish teams and that says that it’s tough, technical, and very strong league. That is the best league.”


“I’m happy. These are preparation games and is good for us to get victories, but we are just starting, picking up pace. There is still a week until the start the season and hope to get there at our best. We still have a preparatory match. We’re doing well, we are more or less the same as previous years and we have the same coach and that is good.”

On Milan – “A great team, veryprestigious. We took things very seriously.” “The stadium had a great atmosphere and the crowd encouraged us a lot.”

“This is like the first day I arrived. There is competition from the beginning and its good not to relax.”

“We’ve just started but hopefully in June we will have that Cup.”


“The team has good touch and we are getting better. The league starts in ten days and there is no time for much else. We want to keep getting more pitch time and to start to the season in good form.”

“The last two years we’ve reached the semi-finals, we are very close and it is one of our major objectives. We’ll try, but there are many teams that will fight for the Champions League. This is what we all want all Real Madrid but we know it will be difficult”.

“Playing on the Yankees’ field of the has been a wonderful experience and it seemed like the crowd enjoyed it. It’s a different stage to which we are accustomed to and we have shown that soccer, as they call it here, has some sort of pull.”


“I am very happy. Anything to get more pitch time is important. Milan are a great team but in the second half we played very well and we managed to score four goals. We’re very satisfied.”

” You’re in the match, but do not notice that it is a baseball field. The truth is that it was a good experience to see the support of the fans and playing in this legendary stadium.”


“We want to keep improving because it will be a long season. These victories and goals are good to gain confidence. What we all want is to start the season in the best way. We are working well together and we want to start the league on form.”

On Kaka – “For me his is one of the best players in the world, and all the best players have to be at Real Madrid. Whether he will or will not is a decision he has to take himself, but I think he will stay”.







5 Responses to “In the New York Groove”

  1. Anonymous August 11, 2012 at 3:55 am #

    Seriously, I LOVE our new kit. A lot.

    • Allison August 11, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

      Me too. Very classic.

  2. MissLadya August 11, 2012 at 4:46 am #

    Ack. Whenever I see one of the boys wearing a cap backwards I just want to either slap it off their heads or forcefully turn it around. Just looks … silly. Luckily for Cris I’m currently too distracted by that gif of daddy Iker helping to put the captain’s band on kid Sergio. Awwww!
    [insert mandatory fawning over Bambi here–Ha! See what I did there? See it? See it??]

    • MissLadya August 11, 2012 at 4:50 am #

      And why don’t they have their names on the back of their shirts? Would be more helpful when playing in front of an away crowd, wouldn’t it?

      • headbandsandheartbreak August 11, 2012 at 9:13 am #

        They don’t do that preseason because squad and numbers can change (summer transfer season).

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