Last Pre-Super Copa Training/Bits & Bobs

22 Aug

Ugh. I’m not ready for a Clasico. I’m just not. Too soon, universe, too soon.  But it’s coming anyhow. At least our boys are preparing.

The Real Madrid website also had two fantastic shots on the main page today. One of Mesut and the other of a suited Mou.

The Mister gave his pre-Super Copa presser today as well. He expressed his opinions about the potential transfers from our team and the match vs. Barca


Mourinho: “We’ve played well in all our last games in Barcelona and they’ve been even matches”
by Alberto Navarro

“Everyone wants to win the Spanish Super Cup but it doesn’t influence how the season progresses”, added the Real Madrid coach

José Mourinho appeared before the media in the press room at Ciudad Real Madrid. The Whites coach, who confirmed that Albiol would be in the starting line-up in the Camp Nou and that Pepe would not, spoke of the first match of the Super Cup against Barcelona and analysed the previous occasions in which his team has played in the Catalonian capital: “We’ve played well in our last games in Barcelona and they’ve been even matches. Last year’s victory came as a consequence of many similar matches. We’ve played well each time we’ve been there recently and we’ve always achieved results at the limit: draws, losses by very little… winning the last match was almost normal considering the way we’ve played in our last games there”.

The Real Madrid coach made reference to the influence the first title of the year will have on the rest of the season: “I don’t think it will make any difference. And if it does in some way, and if I could choose, I’d choose to lose the Super Cup now and win the Liga like last year. If it’s a motivating factor to win the Liga, I’d sign up for that. I think it’s the least important competition of the four that we play and it’s completely inconsequential in terms of the season. It’s a competition that we want to win and our opponent does too. Among rival clubs, even if it’s a summer tournament such as that played in Italy, you always want to win. It’s a competition that everyone wants to win, but it doesn’t influence how the season progresses”.

Questioned about the possibility that his team is physically tired, the Portuguese coach was emphatic: “There’s no point feeling bad or looking for excuses. We’ve known the situation for a long time and we expected that almost all our players would get through to the semi-finals and the final of the European Cup. We knew that the preseason would be short and that the national sides would have friendlies… they’re not ideal conditions but let’s not make a drama out of it”.

Concerning Pepe’s health and the possibility of him participating in the opening line-up that will compete against Barcelona, Mourinho stated: “Pepe’s not going to play. He’d like to, but we’d rather he didn’t. It isn’t humane to risk a player for a football match, regardless of what match it is. We have no doubt, neither the medical department nor the coach, that he won’t play. He’s progressing very well and we both think and have a good feeling that on Sunday he’ll be completely in the clear. Albiol will play”.

In reference to the matches played by the national sides and how they affect his players, the Portuguese coach revealed: “We’re open to receiving and having the best relationship possible with all the national side coaches. Last week we were with France’s new coach because we have players in common. We’ve never had preferential treatment from anyone and we don’t expect it. Experience has taught us that they’re not going to help us in that sense. We know that these matches exist in the season calendar and the Federations have the freedom to decide where they play and the coaches to decide who they call up”.

The Real Madrid coach was also asked about Sahin, Kaká and Carvalho. About the Turkish player, he said: “I want him to play. I like the option of the Premier League because it can give him playing characteristics that he doesn’t have and the Premier League is perfect for giving players particular characteristics. But it’s not true that I want him to go to one team or another. I only hope that his transfer is confirmed as soon as possible for his sake”. Regarding the Brazilian player he commented: “It’s a different situation because in Nuri’s case we have proposals on the table and the player is analysing them, but we don’t have any official proposals for Kaká so it isn’t a similar situation or one that can be compared. He didn’t play against Valencia and we used up a substitution with Pepe’s injury”. In terms of Carvalho and a possible offer from England he said: “I can’t confirm anything and, in addition, I don’t know if the information is correct or not because sometimes the information isn’t correct. They already signed a centre back”.

Lastly, Mourinho spoke of Barcelona, his rival tomorrow: “It’s a team with practically all the same players from last season and their style, which could change because Vilanova will have to have some way of differentiating himself. Barcelona is the same team that we’ve seen in recent years, a quality team with great players. It doesn’t seem very different to me from last season’s team”.

And now for a few little bits and bobs from the team. First up, Marcelo but wither Enzo?! We’ve gone a couple of days without a cute picture of him.

Sergio posted a few shots as well. The first two are the wrapped and unwrapped version of a gift from a fan named Dani.

He also posted a picture with Leo Millares because he’s getting MORE work done on the latest wretched tattoo. He promises that he’ll show us the complete thing after a few more “tweaks.” So what’s he going to add? A bottle of hair gel? A mall diagram (complete with “You Are Here” and a Cinnabon)? I’m trying to think of meaningful items.

Sigh. Calleti posted a picture with Marta saying he was at home after practice. Too cute, these two.

And Guti & Romina? Well, they’re in Milan again. They were just there in January and I posed in the same place (or so it seems). He seems to enjoy Milan. Might I suggest signing with AC Milan? They need some players and he needs a freaking job. Win-win, IMHO.

GFSports had a bunch of pix of Iker today, looking like he’s in the grocery store. He doesn’t look too happy about his choice of TP, that’s for sure. Does anyone know if these are pap pix or something from a commercial shoot? (I’m guessing by the appearance of Iker’s beloved murse that these are pap pix).

Cristiano posted this message on Twitter about an hour ago: “Here we are again… today false news were published about my vacations based on a picture that was taken some years ago in the US. Unfortunately some press don’t investigate their sources and go ahead publishing lies joining people that are not in the photo and confusing dates.”

I didn’t know what he was referring to, but finally found a link to some info over on Futbolita. Sigh. I’m not going to go dragging through Portuguese tabloids to find the picture in question but if anyone knows more about the sitch, feel free to spill in the comments section.

– Lozil

8 Responses to “Last Pre-Super Copa Training/Bits & Bobs”

  1. tasha August 22, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    im so sleepy here in south africa its 23:00 i waited up so i could see ur post n plus i hav homework 2 do (yeah the joys of being in high school). so exited 4 the supacopa 2 start getting goosebumps *fingers crossed* hopfully we dont draw again or worse lose. im a gooner as well as a maridista n i was hopin last weekend that is that 1 of my teams would win but noo i probably jinx it any heres hopin 4 a win hala madrid(hope i didnt jinx it). iker n his murse sara should do me a fave n BURN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! do it now.

  2. HermosaChica August 22, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    I seriously cannot stop laughing at the thought of a mall diagram tattooed on him. It’s no secret that if there was a map on Sergio’s body, I’d be heading south permanently. 😉
    But I do sincerely hope he gets the green jeans tatooed on there somewhere. They’re just too symbolic!

    Ah, I love Marta and Jose! But mind you, I sure wouldn’t return a sidedish of Callejon if it was ever offered *cough* like that would ever happen..

    Murse-Addict Iker in (what appears to be) a pineapple t-shirt, holding toilet/kitchen paper? *sigh* This should anger and disappoint me, but he’s too damn endearing! :’)

  3. suzanne August 23, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    though i loath another clasico 2 weeks in a row and then in october…errrr stress, i do love that it’s on espn3. sunday’s streaming left much to be desired as i cannot get the new channel that la liga is on. so i completely missed the 2nd half bc i got too frustrated.
    is it wrong to hope dani alves gets sucker punched? yes? ok then, i just hope he looks foolish on the pitch. i wish he would keep his mouth closed about us.


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