A Remontada on Crack!

21 Sep

Now, I do love a good comeback, but I really don’t need matches like that one fueling my bipolar tendencies!!! My heart and nails can’t take the roller coaster ride. Wait…does the fluctuations in heart rate count as Cardio? Because, I’m all for that then! Bring on the remontadas and save me a workout. 😉 I think after Sevilla, we desperately needed this win and not even for points’ sake. What kind of confidence would the boys have going into the Rayo game, after two back to back losses in two different championships? The last 20 minutes of those 90 were all fight and that’s the way we like to see Real win! HALA MADRID!!

What’s San Salmon looking at?

Oh just Sergio. Heaven help the man, he turned his jersey into a sweater.

Agustin Herrerin and Silvino look like they’re on the Make Sure Mou Behaves Commission.

I love the green jackets! They really do enhance the pretty of our team, especially for Xabi. Of course he’d be able to rock the complimentary colors with a red beard and green jacket. *Sigh*

The bench was extra pretty on Tuesday, because Sergio’s booty was planted on it. I tell ya, there’s something about that blue lighting, it makes everyone look fine. Step under that lighting & you’re getting an ogling from me, it’s automatic. I won’t even discriminate against a mouberry….kidding…maybe.

Lock eyes with The Ramos and BAM!

What’s this? A little flirting via Germañol? Ich gusta.

So it’s lewd gestures that get Ozi to smile that way? Well, whatever it takes, because that smile is adorable. Kaka, look away, you should know better. Tsk, tsk , tsk.

It’s all Bambi and Pony until…..what is KAKA doing??! Literally, sneaking behind Sergio’s back to get to Ozi!

This. Worries. Me.

We know who you are, no need to namedrop.

Silva goes for gold.

“Protect my gold from Silva.”

Putting your front into it, isn’t how goals are scored. You gotta put your back into it, Pipa!


“What he said!”

In the 68th minute, Dzeko opened up the scoring & put fear in our hearts, all at the same time. Less than ten minutes later, balance restored, Enzo boy’s daddy put faith in our hearts and Madridista chants in the air. Goalllllll Sunshine boy!!!

After all of the first half misses, who knew it would be Marcelo to turn things around & get on the score sheet??

Ponies that keep their mane, play.

Ponies that defile the mane, sidelines. Kidding! But grow it back, please?

Again with the fear in our hearts, this time it was Kolarov to put it there with his goal in the 85th minute. But once again……BENZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Two minutes later, Benz slipped one right past Joe Hart, equalizing for the second time.

“Stwong Kitty.”

And because there was no more time to go back and forth with Man City (I wish there was a Man City near me) Cris knew there was only time for a winner! A freaking 90th minute winner. How he does it, I don’t care. Just keep doing it! Some of the best pics & gifs came out of that goal too, the image of Cris & Mou’s double knee slide will be burned into my brain for the rest of the season.

What to say, besides, well done to the camera person?

Meanwhile, just a few feet away…

I love this crazy man.

Moose-knuckle. The male version of Camel toe.

“His cojones are THIS big!”

How’s that for calling it close?? Remontada FTW!

“Don’t even think I’m going to strip after all that.”

“No energia to remove under armour.” …Liar.

“I’m not bad luck, am I Papi?”

And the cherry on top of our win? El Pirata’s tweet. So bittersweet 😥


Post Match Comments


“I’m proud of my team whatever the result was. I felt that things were not going in the right direction. Real Madrid can lose matches like tonight, fighting like animals, but not playing like in Getafe and Seville. It was important to get that feeling that when they want to, they can.”

“In Seville we had players who did not win a ball in ninety minutes. We did not win a rebound as a team and we just ended up tired after the match. Today was the opposite. The team was solid, compact, recovered balls and were committed as a team to play aggressively. We dominated and we won. City did not get a shot on goal in the first 45 minutes.”

“The team suffered. Conceding a goal and keeping going. Scoring and keeping going … that is Real Madrid. That’s honourable. I am nobody in the history of Real Madrid. I have just arrived, but as a coach I have the right to say that the Real Madrid wants to see this commitment. They want more quality and so do I. We had it in the past and we will have it again. It is difficult to play better than we played today. There was a tremendous commitment from the team and everyone is happy. Not only to rediscover last year’s DNA but also to win a big match. We have three points and we have taken an important step towards qualifying from a tough group.”

“The group is very difficult and I do not think we can do what we did last season with 18 points. Every point will be difficult. Manchester were thinking of getting a draw. They were very defensive in the first half. I was prepared for that type of play. Then Mancini changed things. They scored the goal and the game opened. Khedira started moving and I finished with Modric and Alonso. The result meant that decisions had to be made. It was a very nice match for football fans.”

“Ramos did not play because the coach thought it best that he did not to play. We’re talking about a player in the starting eleven, a great, but I want to make clear that I have no problems with him whatsoever. It’s a purely football decision. I thought that Varane and Pepe were better together to play today.”

On celebrating Cristiano’s goal – “The celebration doesn’t matter, the match matters. People who love football enjoyed the match all over the world”. He re-emphasised his team’s commitment tonight: “There were some people leaving the stadium at 2-1. I felt everyone very committed. I had the feeling that we could lose and sad for those people. Tomorrow they would be being influenced by journalists. But in the end my feeling has been that they understood the team’s commitment, because you can lose but you have to fight to the end. This is Real Madrid.”

“We played well against Barcelona at home. We won the Super Cup by leaving everything out on the field and then happened what happened. Fifteen days for an international break, but I mean to say that you can lose matches playing like that. Not like we did in Seville and Getafe. Now all I worry about is the here and now. A team like Real Madrid cannot say that we won the Cup and that we are no longer interested winning or in the league …”

“Real Madrid wants to win the historic tenth and we will fight for it. We have to go for all of the titles that we can. We’ll end up with them all or with the Super Cup, but you have to give everything in every match. Football is great when you leave everything on the field.”

“I expected criticism from all around the world. That Ramos was left out, that the creative players had been left out, that Higuaín does not have a goal scoring history in the Champions League, that Coentrão was more in better form that Marcelo … I was prepared. I have a hacker who was ready before the match had started.”


“This is Real Madrid. When you play like this you can lose, but we won and that’s what is important. We won because we showed quality and character. I hope this match will help us to start play better during in the season.”

“It is better than I hoped. Everything has been amazing since I arrived. I’m enjoying every moment.”

“It was an incredible match. I think everyone who watched this match will have really enjoyed it. High quality, great players on the field and in the end we’re very happy because we won the match. We showed character to come back and I’m very happy.”

“The atmosphere was incredible and when you win like that it is better. We want to thank the supporters for being there to support for the whole match and we want it to stay that way all season. The atmosphere was very good. The crowd were incredible.”


“In a group like this it would have been very painful to lose and we’re happy. The group will be well balanced until the last match. They scored the second goal but the Bernabéu crowd believed that we could win and pushed us and encouraged us and we’re thankful. The win is theirs too. City are a great team but if we play well then we’re better. We had control of the match for ninety minutes and they didn’t create many chances.”

“It is normal that the coach was not happy, and neither were we, we got out of this together, as always. The coach wants us to fight against every team, not just today or against Barcelona. We did it last year and what we want to do well on Sunday against Rayo. The relationship could not be better between the coach and the players, I mean that sincerely, everything is great at the moment.”

“Sergio Ramos is the vice captain, one of the best centre backs in the world and they are decisions that the coach has makes. Others have not played too, like Özil and Benzema, but they are still very important for us.”


“I felt very good and happy for the team’s victory. I hadn’t played much so far, but I am relaxed about it because I know the coach has confidence in me. The end of the match was tough and to win 3-2 in a difficult match is very good.”

“We are very happy, it was a very difficult match and we’re very happy. It was important to get the first three points for a good start in the Champions League. If we are able to play a good match like this we must continue to do so in the league.”


“It was a very good match in which we played very well. The team showed commitment and kept it going to the end, we knew it was possible to score. We leave with a feeling of accomplishment, we played well from start to finish and we could have scored more goals.”

“The second half was perfect, with both teams playing very well. I celebrate everything that there is to celebrate. The match was very important and I’m happy for the win. It was a crazy game, the team played well and we deserved to win.”

“What you have to work harder for you can later enjoy more. We suffered, but the team always believed that we could win and that’s what happened. We had a completely different attitude.”

“Mourinho has spoken to us and something had to change. The team played very well. We scored three goals, created more opportunities and we deserved to win. The important thing was to win and start well this competition. We started the season poorly in the league. The Champions League started today and we did well.”


We’re less than two weeks away from the next CL match, when Real will travel to take on Ajax, but first up is Rayo this weekend. HALA MADRID & BRING US POINTS!!! And goals, and bums shots, and manty lines.

Pics & Gifs via gfsports, ramseyholic, idratherbehome, megustaelfutbol, xiaoyao0620, charming-m, johnyramos, gladysc, & icantfeelmyarms.


18 Responses to “A Remontada on Crack!”

  1. Kait September 21, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    That game. Uff. I think I lost ten years. I kept switching between utter depression and sheer joy. It was glorious. And even though it was hella stressful. . .that’s the kind of game this fan lives for.

  2. Anonymous September 21, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    What a gift! thanks to Real Madrid and many thanks to you for keeping us happy with news, pics, gifs and witty comments:-) amouria

  3. Danielle September 21, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    I’ve never seen Sergio look better. Maybe he needs to be kept on the bench more often. I was pleased Benz scored, he’s been looking a bit down lately, bless him.

    • number1barcachick September 21, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

      ikr i swear sergio just keeps getting better and better what is he doing can someone please tell me

      • jellyace September 21, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

        I could not believe that we won such a heart-stopper of a match — without Sergio Ramos. How?!? The boys were amazing. I hope they keep it up.

  4. Svfya September 21, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Thank you so much for your brilliant captions/comments! I was in tears from laughter, which is so much better than the essay writing blues I had before.

    It was the first RM game for me, since they only show English Premier League and Champions League where I live 😦 , so I was super annoyed that Sergio wasn’t playing!!
    Oh well, still an amazing game and I loved Mou’s goal celebration 😀

  5. MissLadya September 21, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    I’ve come up with a stress-free way of viewing matches: I don’t. I wait till it’s over, peak at the final score, and if I like what I see I go download the game. Sure, kinda makes me a crap fan, but I rather spare myself the heart-attacks and strokes, and live another ten years to enjoy my boys, then spend 90 minutes at a time shrieking and throwing empty chocolate wrappers at my TV and then biting the dust at the ripe old age of 40. Self-preservation, people.

    As for the pics:

    1. The one of Sami before the match looked like he’d just spotted someone mooning him in the top row XD
    2. FINALLY a proper squad shot! It’s no secret that I am heavily Bambi-bias, but good lord that boy has the most awkward not-quite-squating-but-neither-standing-straight pose ever and it totally ruins the symmetry of the two rows! One of only two pros of Ozil starting the game on the bench. The other being …
    3. Awwwww, Kaka had some company! Was pissed at first to learn that Mesut would be benched, but it was also cute watching him, Sergio and Kaka chilling back there.
    4. Am still convinced Sergio cut his hair because he lost a bet. It’s the ONLY acceptable explanation as to why he dared hack off that beautiful mane! Wouldn’t mind if Mesut cut his hair (love it how it is now, but it also looked good during World Cup 2010; just as long as he doesn’t go all the way back to that hideous mullet/blotchy highlight/dye phase) but I can’t imagine Sami any other way. I already find it off-putting when he randomly shaves off his goatee.
    5. Joe Hart is DAMN good! I don’t follow English football/EPL–In fact, I make it a point to avoid English football matches at all cost, because, while I love the English, their unwavering chest-thumping assumption that they are football personified grates on my nerves. Thank God for South Africa 2010! Even they couldn’t excuse that woeful performance. (Here’s hoping Holland will follow suit as well.) So, with the exception of the big names like Rooney and Lampard and Gerard and Terry (and recently the Ox ^_^), I don’t know a lot of these players, but damn Hart has the making of being another legendary keeper. Van der Sar will forever be my #1 (with Iker in second and Neuer third), but one day I might have to add Hart to the list.
    6. I love Mou. Yes, he can be arrogant. Yes, he can be douchey. Sometimes he makes me literally facepalm. Sometimes I like to pretend he isn’t even a part of the team (You made a powerfully bitchy enemy–albeit briefly–when you threw Sami under the bus for being red-carded that one time, Mou … ). Sometimes I’m just like, “Whatever, Mou. You keep yapping and keep the press happy. Am just gonna stare at the boys, if it’s all the same to you.” But then he does something like that slide and all I can do is smile and clap my hands because the silvery bastard is just too damn entertaining.

    And yes, this was a ridiculously long comment, but my Friday night plans have been unexpectedly cancelled and I now find myself at home with a microwave pizza, beer and my Staffie snoring on the couch next to me while I slum it in my housecoat: I really do have nothing better to do XD

    • MissLadya September 21, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

      (Oh, forgot one)

      7. When Cris scored that amazing last minute goal (literally) and was laying on the grass soaking in his awesomeness, one of my commentators quipped, “So, what do you think? Tomorrow’s headlines: ‘Grief-stricken Ronaldo collapsed on pitch’?” LOL (It wasn’t a dig at Ronaldo himself; they were mocking how the media had blown the whole thing so ridiculously out of proportion.)

    • M September 22, 2012 at 10:46 am #

      I love this comment and everything that you said here. I’d try to not watch a match… but I couldn’t. The stress, the tears, the praying… it’s all part of the experience for me. I will die the slow death of a footy fan though.

  6. Katie Ann September 21, 2012 at 4:33 pm #

    Ohhh that game. It basically killed me about a dozen times over… So glad we won.

    LOL at the Silva “going for the gold” captions. LOL at Mou sliding after the goal. And, gaaaah, how much do I want the green anthem jacket (preferably with a player inside it…)

  7. manie September 21, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    What I love most about Mou’s celebration is that it took (or tried to) take so much pressure off the team. Like, “LOOK AT ME I’M CRAZY” vs. Cristiano is no longer tristiano, Real Madrid still let a goal in on a dead ball situation, conversion was hard to come by until there was a goal, etc. But still. EPIC.

  8. number1barcachick September 21, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    firstly thank you for the Sergio pics albeit i didn’t move off them for a half hour but thank you 😀 and also what kind of lewd gesture was he making ? but yes that game man im still a die hard barca chick but i was on edge and cussing but this is what u pay to see moments like da last 20 min 🙂

    • maisoun September 21, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

      Forgive my dirty mind, I *assumed* he was up to no good, given his history of wanting to make people laugh with his hand gestures.

      • jellyace September 21, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

        You think that means he’s just excited to see me?

  9. CinematiqueChic September 21, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    That was epic and amazing in a heart attack inducing way. So happy for Marcelo’s goal, and when Cris scored I totally broke down. Sergio might look good sitting there but I’d way rather see him on the pitch please and thanks. Also, so glad you pointed out his “sweater.” It was so cute!!

  10. black widow September 21, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    that match. THAT MATCH! christ on a cracker, my heart! epic, indeed, but they do like to do things the hard way, don’t they?

    (and jesus, as a brit, why doesn’t hart play like that when he plays for country?)

  11. Phédre September 22, 2012 at 3:26 am #

    I swear this game nearly killed me! I thought the first half was was almost going to be the end of me. The boys played so so good but just couldn’t score. But then the second half was even more insane! I just sat there screaming behind my laptop while my BF was looking at me with a weird look on his face. He was watching AC Miland vs Anderlecht wich looked like it was broadcasted in slowmotion compared to RM vs MC!

    And then Sese looking even hotter as usual, if that’s even possible, on the bench. I still have mixed feelings about that. I’m not freaking out like the whole internet and start believing that he is leaving Real, but it did make me worry a bit. I must admit that my first reaction was that he did or say something bad and was punished for it. Then Mou’s interview cured that, but got me worried for another reason. If it was a pure technical decision does that mean that Mou thinks Varane fits better in the team? I know Ramos did not show his best level in Sevilla, but he was definitely not as bad as Di Maria or Higuain. Or maybe Mou just knows how to push his buttons. Sese said he really wants to win the CL, he feels like he has unfinished bussines with it. And we know failure is not in his book. So maybe this is just what he needs to get his act together. Whatever the reason was, it’s got me really curious about tomorrows line-up!

    OK, I’ll stop rambling about Ramos now. I think it’s already quite obvious he’s my absolute favorite. I’m liking him more than I should …

  12. Bombay Talkies (@BombayTalkies) September 22, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    What a match! I was at an appointment near the Bernabeu so I decided on my way back just to go check out the crowds before I headed to a bar to watch–I ended up at the entrance for the Palco de Honor and ran into both Rafael Nadal (gorrrrrrrgeous in person) and got to shake hands with Florentino Perez. After that our win was just icing on the cake. Next match I’m stalking the player’s entrance like it’s my job lol

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